26 October 2011

Collegiate strolls

Over this past weekend some friends and I squished into my car and took a road trip out to Penn State for the weekend. The drive out was a disaster; just after picking everyone up early in the morning we had a small car accident. Everyone was fine, but I was an anxious mess for the rest of the weekend. The accident wasn't my fault at all but the woman who hit me denied it and blamed me. Thank goodness for kind people because a witness who saw it stepped forward and vouched for me. He continued to stand up for me even while she was yelling at him that, "you didn't witness shit."
After a few deep breaths and some tears we continued on our way through Brooklyn and Manhattan and out across New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Autumn colors haven't arrived in New York but the moment we crossed the Delaware Water Gap it was like being in a Charles Burchfield painting surrounded by changing leaves and patches of sun dappled road ahead of us.
In State College we spent the day wandering around our old haunts from college. The highlight for me was running into two art history professors who remembered me. In a school that big, it feels really great to be remembered a few years after graduating. It was so exciting to tell my Byzantine Art professor about my trip to Turkey and plans for grad school and to thank my Renaissance Palace professor for conducting some of my favorite class discussions. Agh, I'm such a nerd!
Afterwards it was all kind of a sleepy blur of drinks, a nap, dinner and more drinks. I was still feeling really awful about my car and feeling all kinds of emotional, clingy, babyish. Car accidents just really throw me off. For all my talk and crazy things I yell in the car while I drive, car accidents make me throw up in my mouth. When I see one on the side of the road, on tv, doesn't matter it just makes me physically ill.
Here are some pictures from our afternoon stroll around campus.
Walking down West College Ave.
Apples at the Farmer's Market
We headed on to campus to the Hub where Penn State was being Occupied. While walking later someone overheard me mention it out of context and yelled to me, "If you don't like the tuition don't go here!" I just yelled back, "Too bad I graduated in '09!" It was pretty awkwardsauce, I coulda sworn the kid was only 19 or something. He'll feel differently about that tuition hike when he starts paying back his loans. On the bright side, he thought we all looked young enough to still be students which was pretty sweet.
When people ask what my favorite color is I always reference the golden yellow of leaves at Penn State. This is on the mall, walking up towards my favorite building (the library)


  1. Your college does certainly look beautiful! And of course you look young enough to be a student, I thought you were one until you mentioned your job. Your story about the witness reminds me that there are still good people in the world, and that lady who hit you will be doomed to a hell where she constantly gets whiplash.

  2. Could you do a post about your job - or the path you took to get where you are now? I remember in some of your older posts you were struggling to find a job after graduation... and I am in the same boat. It is always nice to hear how others deal with that weird after college transition!


  3. I love the first pic! Lovely autumn colours there.
    You really have a nice blog, i'm following you girl.
    If one day i go to the US, would you be my tour guide? ;)

  4. Aww, I'm glad you didn't get hurt. Car accidents are definitely not okay. :/ I'm glad you got to visit your school again. That's always fun and the leaves are so beautiful there. Lucky!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  5. oh nice post :)
    Il mondo in un secondo...

  6. Sure can. I'll work on it this weekend. And chin up! You'll find something, I promise. If you're in the NYC area feel free to email me and we can talk about jobs and stuff. xo

  7. I'm sorry, honey.  Traumatic events shake us.  Yours was a natural reaction.  I hope you don't have many such incidents in the future.

    Yesteday, I was riding down Jericho Turnpike and heard a terrible sound behind me.  A car collided into a truck.  Only minor injuries but major property-damage and lots of frayed nerves.  That sound was so sickening.

  8. Pretty girls. :)  That is my favorite color too- the golden yellow the leaves turn.  It is the most magical and happy color in the whole world.  I am so sorry about the car accident, those sorts of things really, really shake me up to.  It is a bummer that it had to happen on a weekend you were so looking forward too, and that the lady had to be such an ass about it.  I'm glad everyone is ok though, and that you still managed to enjoy yourself.

  9. Ah, that looks like such a fun time!

  10. Sweet Harvest MoonOctober 27, 2011 at 8:03 PM

    Lovely pictures! Glad you are ok!

  11. im so sorry to hear about the car accident :( but it sure looks absolutely perfect there!

    <3 steffy

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. That campus looks so pretty! All the trees are changing. Sorry to hear about the car accident. Drivers are so dumb. I'm constantly yelling at people when I'm driving. I wouldn't like to be the person who runs into my car. I'm glad you're okay!


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