05 October 2011

Outfit nostalgia on a chilly morning

Sometimes I get weird and nostalgic about clothes. Where they came from, if I've had them for a long time.
The past two outfits have included pullover sweaters from 2005. It was a very good year for sweaters because yesterday I wore another one that I bought as a senior in high school. Or rather, my mom bought it for me when I headed off to college in the fall of '05. We thought it was appropriate because it has "professor patches" on the elbows.
My Abercrombie jacket is from way back in 2003 that a friend bought for me to replace my GAP one that she left on a train. I think of how badly I wished I could be one of the girls with the shiny hair and the perfect put together outfits from Abercrombie. What the heck was I thinking? I guess that I just wanted to fit in...until I realized how lame that is.
There's also a silk scarf from Thailand that I wrapped around my neck to keep me warm on my bike ride, and I always think of the huge market in Bangkok when I wear it. Its kind of dorky, oh well.
H&M dress, GAP sweater (2005), Abercrombie jacket (I thought about it and realized its from 2003!), Thai silk scarf, Target socks, Modcloth booties, Pinzon via Urban Outfitters bag, Old Ross 3-Speed


  1. Hehe I do that with clothes too- and there are those items I don't throw away because of who gave them to me and when etc. I love this outfit, the booties look great with the socks and bare legs, I must try this! xx

  2. This is way cuter than anything you would find in Abercrombie. I was the same way in high school. I went to a private catholic school and every one had lots of money. I am so much happier the way I dress now :)

  3. Isn't that the est thing about clothes? Memories... And of course if they make you already happy for wearing them if you like them, with the memories you get a plus!

  4. ME TOO! All the "cool" girls had Abercrombie sweats under their uniforms everyday. I had an after school job and I remember buying a pair of those sweats to wear to cheerleading and feeling SO proud of myself. For all that people bash on A&F, I still have those sweatpants and wear them to bed, they were super sturdy and still comfy ;) And this jacket held up pretty well too!

  5. Your booties are gorgeous, perfect for autumn! Have you seen this DIY already? http://lefanciulle.blogspot.com/2011/09/diy-sparkly-boots.html - your boots would be perfect for it...

    Cat xxxhttp://www.takecourageblog.com/

  6. I love the boots and socks. Bare legs and mini dresses are such a good trans seasonal look. I used to feel like that about Abercrombie, I think I just really wanted to go to an American high school. Jacket still looks good though!

  7. Oh my goodness, that is such a cool DIY! They are sooo pretty!

  8. I don' think the scarf is dorky at all, it's cute and a great colour. Those boots look really comfy.

  9. Scarves from foreign countries are THE BEST! I love remembering where I got each one, what I was doing, and how far its traveled with me. :)

  10. girlnextdoorfashionOctober 5, 2011 at 4:48 PM

    ahhhh Kallie I LOVE THIS OUTFIT.
    inspiration folder fo sho.
    I think it's time for us to do a The Holiday-style swap, move countries and raid each others' wardrobes, k?

    Charlotte x

  11. I love remembering where my clothes came from too, although a lot of the clothes I wore back in high school have no room in my current wardrobe! I love your blue dress and those cool booties you're wearing in this outfit. The denim jacket looks great too!

  12. K
    this is amazing.....

    sp proud of you!

    aunt lynne


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