30 October 2011

I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment

While the strange, unexpected snow fell here (which it almost never does before Halloween) I spent Saturday curled up on the couch with biscuits and honey while I watched Teen Witch. In the evening Rich and I trekked out into the ice and snow to go to Meghan's for chili and games. While we were there my childhood favorite Halloween movie came on TV. When Sarah Jessica Parker sings the "Come Little Children," song I always get chills up my spine. Its so spooky in the movie how her sweet voice lures the children to the woods so that the witch sister's can steal their souls.
This outfit was a little bit Teen Witch, a little bit Hocus Pocus-witch, since I haven't really put together a costume this year.
vintage dress and hat, F21 sweater, Gap velvet blazer, Seychelles booties, Payless purse, crystal bullet necklace

29 October 2011

Teen Witch

I've been gathering some Halloween weekend inspiration from 1989's Teen Witch. Totally a classic around here. Re-watching it now though I was more concerned at the end that she didn't make up with her best friend, but she did make out with the guy. How 80's. Despite that, she was a rather stylish girl even before her makeover. Especially her jewelry.
source: screencap_me

28 October 2011

A dark tower on Canal Street

Here is what I wore yesterday to work. My outfit was partially inspired by the Wicked Witch of the West if her dark tower was in Manhattan and she had interns instead of flying monkeys. That is also a pretty accurate representation of my thought process early in the morning while I'm showering and deciding what to wear.
It was dismal outside and the whole day felt like a long night. I would have preferred to be at home reading spooky stories with candles lit all around, but it was made better by going to eat pappardele bolognese with butternut squash and zucchini and eggplant fries at Diva. Yum!
Betsey Johnson sweater (borrowed from mom), H&M dress and tights, Dolce Vita boots

A soundtrack for the changing leaves

Early Sunday morning in State College

(The last song is my attempt at convincing Rich that we should be Mary Tyler Moore and Buddy Holly for Halloween. Cute right?!?)

27 October 2011

Saturday night cider drinks

Saturday in State College was a day of visiting old favorite spots like the Goodwill and the vintage shop downtown. After a long refreshing nap and some egg-drop soup we poured Jameson whiskey mixed with cider from the farmer's market into our cups. Its the tastiest drink for fall nights.
Whiskey jackets for everyone
Brittany and Mike
Enjoying my drink more because its in a Star Wars Episode V:The Empire Strikes Back mug!
Porch people
Loni and I serenading one another at Cafe 210 where we danced and jumped around until some of us were asked to leave
Definitely my favorite part of the whole weekend! It was almost like college only with better clothes and drinks (the benefits of being old in a college town).


image source

Height: 5 feet + 2 inches
Hair Color: Reddish brown
Eye color: Olive green
Freckles: A sprinkle across my nose when I stay in the sun for too long, and also an "angel kiss" in the bow of my top lip
Best feature: I like my eyes best, they are an exact replica of my dad's
Worst part of your body: It was always my skin before it cleared up, but now its my bottom because its kind of big but good for when I'm clumsy and fall on it
Scars: One on my chin from figure skating, another on my eyebrow from falling down a hill, and a few on my legs from climbing trees
Tattoos: A quill on my back to ward off writer's block (it hasn't been working lately)
Piercings: Just my ears now, but I had a tiny nose stud for about 5 years
Disease: A little asthma but it doesn't slow me down
Broken bones: None that were terribly bad, just a little wrist fracture from falling off a swing
Phobia: Open closet doors in dark rooms
Obsession: Vegetable wonton soup, Swedish pop music, Post-it notes, Doctor Who
Fear: Heartbreak, forgetting special moments, making left turns in the car
Bodily party trick: Wiggling my ears
Best feeling: Making someone laugh really hard
Best physical sense: When my mom hugs me and her hands are freezing cold on my back
List Twist: Sandra
image source

26 October 2011

Collegiate strolls

Over this past weekend some friends and I squished into my car and took a road trip out to Penn State for the weekend. The drive out was a disaster; just after picking everyone up early in the morning we had a small car accident. Everyone was fine, but I was an anxious mess for the rest of the weekend. The accident wasn't my fault at all but the woman who hit me denied it and blamed me. Thank goodness for kind people because a witness who saw it stepped forward and vouched for me. He continued to stand up for me even while she was yelling at him that, "you didn't witness shit."
After a few deep breaths and some tears we continued on our way through Brooklyn and Manhattan and out across New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Autumn colors haven't arrived in New York but the moment we crossed the Delaware Water Gap it was like being in a Charles Burchfield painting surrounded by changing leaves and patches of sun dappled road ahead of us.
In State College we spent the day wandering around our old haunts from college. The highlight for me was running into two art history professors who remembered me. In a school that big, it feels really great to be remembered a few years after graduating. It was so exciting to tell my Byzantine Art professor about my trip to Turkey and plans for grad school and to thank my Renaissance Palace professor for conducting some of my favorite class discussions. Agh, I'm such a nerd!
Afterwards it was all kind of a sleepy blur of drinks, a nap, dinner and more drinks. I was still feeling really awful about my car and feeling all kinds of emotional, clingy, babyish. Car accidents just really throw me off. For all my talk and crazy things I yell in the car while I drive, car accidents make me throw up in my mouth. When I see one on the side of the road, on tv, doesn't matter it just makes me physically ill.
Here are some pictures from our afternoon stroll around campus.
Walking down West College Ave.
Apples at the Farmer's Market
We headed on to campus to the Hub where Penn State was being Occupied. While walking later someone overheard me mention it out of context and yelled to me, "If you don't like the tuition don't go here!" I just yelled back, "Too bad I graduated in '09!" It was pretty awkwardsauce, I coulda sworn the kid was only 19 or something. He'll feel differently about that tuition hike when he starts paying back his loans. On the bright side, he thought we all looked young enough to still be students which was pretty sweet.
When people ask what my favorite color is I always reference the golden yellow of leaves at Penn State. This is on the mall, walking up towards my favorite building (the library)

Pillow Boots by Cougar

A few weeks ago, with the first hint of autumn in the air, my limited edition Pillow Boots arrived from Cougar Boots. As I took them out of the box it was apparent that despite the pretty packaging this is heavy duty footwear. To be honest, before I put them on I thought they looked a little weird. Not bad weird, just not my style. But when I pulled them on my opinion did a 180 and I knew they were a good fit for me. Perfectly comfortable and mushy, and unlike a lot of all-weather boots they were light and moved with me as I walked.
Built for the snowy Canadian winters, and worn since the 1970's Cougar Boots has brought back their Pillow Boot for a new generation of playing outside in any weather. Snow is a few months off still but the caramel leather and soft red fleece lining makes a beautiful combination for fall outdoors outfits. When I was styling an outfit for the boots I was drawn to natural colors and denim, perfect for playing in the leaves in the fall and enjoying the last of the sunshine before the snow starts to fall and the boots can really show me what they can do.
Old Navy thrifted sweater, H&M blouse, BDG jeans, no-name brown socks, Pillow Boots c/o Cougar Boots,vintage felt hat

25 October 2011

Spring Shoes Giveaway Winner...

Congrats Amber!

A beer, a labyrinth and some wildlife (The Great Pumpkin pt. 2)

Backtracking quite a bit, last Sunday I took a trip out east to go pumpkin picking. Afterwards we went into Greenport for lunch at Salamander's (mm fried chicken) and then to Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.'s tasting room. I feel like I've had pictures here about 10 times on the blog. Its just that its so cozy and fun up there I can't help wanting to go back again and again.
Off to the beach to collect shells and walk the labyrinth. I can't believe less than two months ago Rich and I were here swimming and soaking up the sun!
Wild turkey!
And some deer

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