18 September 2011

Sparkling seas, the last weekend of summer

Last Saturday in Greenport I was in a state of complete relaxation. We'd been on vacation for 2 days, and I could barely remember what I did for a job. It felt so good. Waking up late, eating breakfast and watching Rich play with the remote on my camera was the perfect start. Since it was brunch-time, we had a glass of beer with our eggs too.
After eating we visited my friend Tom at his house, which is also Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast. There aren't any pictures but I plan to visit again and take some because I was speechless and how beautiful it was.
Rich at Horton's Point at the top of the 128 stairs to the beach.
Hooray! The seagull is probably thinking I'm a nut.
I <3 him and wrote it down in charcoal.

Horton's Point Lighthouse
At the beach with my super handsome boyfriend
I collected one million jingle shells to decorate my room with.
At Greenport Harbor Brewing Co, drinking my first Leaf Pile Beer of the year! We biked into town for a tasting and then went and got ready for dinner. Dinner was unfortunately awful, so I didn't do pictures again. We met up with Tom for a few drinks after that and stayed up late sitting on the water hanging out and playing with his adorable dog.


  1. What a wonderful weekend! In Spain we don't have these kind of shells, they seem chips! I really like your heart glasses! www.tinynicethings.blogspot.com

  2. These pictures are awesome, and it looks like you had so much fun on your vacation! This is such a refreshing post because as soon as September rolls around I go to fall mode, but it's nice to have a reminder that it's not quite fall yet.  What a great time of year to go on vacation!!!

  3. Ah, good long breakfasts are a sure sign of a great holiday! :) Looks like a superb day! 

  4. Lovely pictures of a great vacation, I believe!

  5. Love the way those shorts fit you, also love your bf's cheesey smile in the first pic:)

  6. cute pics!!

  7. great photos - this place looks great



  8. Ahhh.. This is the sweetest thing. <3

  9. Ahh, you're making me miss summer! And you two are so cute together! 

  10. What a happy trip.  Glad to hear!

  11. Your plaid shirt rocks.

    And, I agree with Nicole:  you're making me miss summer.  I know it's not totally gone...but this makes me crave NEXT summer already.  I think I'll bookmark this post and look at it in the dead of winter for inspiration.


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