14 September 2011

Music for summer lunch hours in the park

Here's a smattering of what I listened to this summer mostly from my desk at work. My post title is fibbing. I prefer listening to other people's conversations at lunch but I pretend I'm not by wearing headphones. It's not creepy at all. Srsly guise.
My most highly recommended songs on this list: Bluest Eyes in Texas by A Camp, She's Not There by The Zombies and Not an Animal by Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside. I mean, obviously I think you should listen to them all, but if you're pressed for time don't skip these.


  1. I love when people share what their listening too, always great to add some music to my  ipod. thanks for sharing ladies...will play this as i grade some papers.

  2. Me too! I'm so glad you recommended A Camp on your blog. I listened to it so much this summer.

  3. ummm AHHHHH THESE PHOTOS ARE SO ADORABLE. Seriously - I'm freaking out a little. They're so SUMMERY. I love it! Plus, they have this retro vibe. I don't know. I'm totally DIGGIN' IT though!

    And I lost my heart shaped sunglasses - booo! You make me want to buy new ones!



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