29 September 2011

Sweater weather, stay forever

An outfit from last Tuesday on the perfect sweater weather day. Nothing beats bare legs and a sweater. Also, here is my new spot for taking pictures inside for when the days get short and cold.
Vintage leopard dress and locket, sweater my friend gave me in 2004, H&M shoes and socks, CoverGirl Natureluxe gloss balm in Anemone

Claws out

I was going to write about my outfit, but instead I need to rant a little. I love to read Refinery29, but sometimes I forget the primary readership is college and high school students. I commented on the article about fancy nail designs that they are great and I can't wait to try some on vacation, though I don't have time on the regular for it. Someone replied in a condescending way that I should do it while I watch a movie.
Right. I don't have enough time to decorate my nails and wait for them to fully dry, so of course I have plenty of time for movie watching (please note my sarcasm). Someone else chimed in helpfully that their "BFF Mia has time!" Good for her, and I mean that.
That being said I also work all day (out the door at 7:30 in the morning and not home until 7pm) and like to cook, spend time with my boyfriend and friends, and blog, all of which I only have a limited amount of time to do after my long day of commuting+working. I would much rather spend that free time on the weekend with my friends or out doing things. Sure, I paint my nails from time to time and I wish I could do it more often but frankly, its the sitting still and waiting for it to dry that makes me feel like I'm wasting my limited free time. Multi-tasking and nail-art do not mix and I don't want to get nail polish all over my computer if I blog while waiting for them to dry. I've tried this and it ends in disaster and nail polish on my computer screen, keyboard, and somehow in my hair. Just painting them a solid color can be a daunting task that gets put off time and time again in favor of clean and neatly groomed.
Today someone paid me a great compliment, "Your work-life balance is impressive." I appreciate that more than they know because I am thoughtful of it. I work smarter, not longer in my work and personal life. I'm choosy in how and with whom I spend my time and I draw firm lines between work and not-work. There is very little bullshit, seeing my friends and family and boyfriend means a lot more to me that having fancy fingernails. Sometimes its fun and I feel pretty but only when it doesn't interfere with anything I deem more important. Plenty of people think my blog is a waste of time, but then where would this rant go?
My comment was meant to be a little cheeky, but nice nonetheless because the ideas are great. It was more in the vein of, "I'd love to do this when I've got a little free time, thanks for the tips."
The replies were meant to be obnoxious.
Sometimes the Internet makes me so annoyed. I shouldn't even waste my time thinking about this. Maybe then I'd have time for a movie and a nail-art sesh! (Yea, I'm rolling my eyes)
Part of this is coming from the fact that I'm in the middle of a big work decision and my stress level is at an all time high. Throw a neverending sinus infection on top of it and you get an incredibly irate Kallie. Blogging, reading online mags like R29 and commenting is my place to think about something else. To just immerse myself in something completely "other" from my job is a teeny break in the daily routine. The problem is the frustration I feel when people think they are being cute or helpful when they clearly know nothing about me.

27 September 2011

The Blankey Dress

When Michal was in New York we spent a chunk of our shopping day at Buffalo Exchange where I found this gorgeous Stella McCartney sweater sitting there on the rack with a $32 price tag on it. In the dressing room I said something like, "It feels like floating in clouds of butter." Michal told me I had to buy it. I'm happy I did because its like a baby blankey as a dress. The super soft, but light fabric feels like rolling myself up in my baby blankey as a little girl. Luckily its designed quite a bit better than wrapping myself up like a sausage.
After buying it Saturday I wore it on both Sunday and Monday and no less than 4 people came up to me to tell me how beautiful my sweater is. With the knitted tiers, the floppy bow, and the slightly A-line cut this is easily an item I will never have buyer's remorse about and never be uncomfortable wearing.
Stella McCartney sweater dress, BDG pants, Abercrombie denim jacket, Cooperative purse, Kork Ease Sandals
This is one of my all time favorite YouTube videos. I have a blankey, his name is Blankey (and he may or may not be in my backpack). Maybe one day I'll photograph him in all his raggedy glory. For now, content yourselves with this advertising gem.

26 September 2011

Garnett Jewelry

In July Ringo, Have A Banana hosted a giveaway of Aimee Munford's handmade double-pointed crystal necklace on her blog and I was the winner. I've had the necklace for quite awhile but I wanted to share some pictures of it with you, and a few more of Aimee's designs. When I entered the giveaway I discovered her line, Garnett Jewelry. They remind me of Ancient Mesopotamian art in the pieces of lapis lazuli, and the gold and onyx triangle necklace. Almost every one of her designs is something I'm drawn to. This beautiful smoky purple crystal on a silver chain is a wonderful addition to my jewelry collection.

21 September 2011

Got a handful of gold and a pocketful of dreams

Michal and I did some major thrifting damage all over Brooklyn on Saturday. We had brunch at Jimmy's Diner and then Ida took us to all her favorite thrift spots. The day was successful in having a great time with the girls, but also scoring some awesome fall clothes. Michal and I accidentally drove into Manhattan trying to get to the J/M/Z because the L wasn't running. I must have taken a wrong turn, but we found the train running alongside us halfway across the Wiliamsburg Bridge. I'm not big on bridges to begin with, but I'd never driven into Manhattan. I'm glad I had Callie there to experience it with me, we were both laughing, I was cursing like a maniac. Can't wait til she comes to visit again, or perhaps we'll have to meet in Boston!
Here's what I looked like for a girls day out. I listened to The Turtles Me About You all day on repeat, it probably influenced my outfit decision.
Vintage top, BDG pants, Halogen purse, Kork Ease sandals

Wildly inappropriate blogger meetup of K(C)allie squared

Last Friday night after taking blog pictures the C(K)allie squared hit up Rattle N Hum bar for the kickoff of craft brew week for some local Barrier Brewing beers. I'm sure the pictures will speak for themselves. Michal as you know her (North Country Girl) and I have quite a bit in common aside from our blogging, like that she goes by Callie, pronounced the same as my name, Kallie. Another similarity brought to you by my extensive Facebook stalking of her pics of us (since they aren't on her blog yet, ahem...) is that we have the same nose. This obviously puts her in the category as my long lost twin, or blogging bestie.Same thing. She's also incredibly stylish, hilarious, and fit in so well with my friends it was like we'd all known each other for years. Her pictures are way better than mine too, probably because she didn't take a nap after dinner in the booth. In my defense we waited 3 hours for a table while drinking and not eating!
Callie and LK
Chris and Brianna stopped by. Hilarious picture of B and I making fun of fashion week here.
At the table, yelling about something with the ladies.
I <3 Callie.

20 September 2011

The Valerie Dress

Anytime I wear this dress my Grandma Val says to me, "Hey, I know that dress!" She should considering it was hers, then it was my mom's, and now its mine.Three generations of the Valerie Dress.
The first time I wore it was at my high school graduation in 2005.Our school colors were red and black and I was dying to wear something red but also vintage. It was about 98 degrees in the gym and there I was in a wool dress under my cap and gown. When I took off the gown my grandma was stunned that I had chosen that dress for the event.
As soon as the weather even hints at fall I pull this to the front of the closet or hang it on my bedroom door and get ready to wear it. When I read the weather report for last Friday I knew this was the perfect dress for the days activities, including work and happy hour with Michal from North Country Girl. She took my picture on 33rd and Madison near Rattle N Hum where we went to for far longer than happy hour. I'm actually holding her camera in the photos!
The Valerie Dress vintage, Jeffrey Campell oxfords, H&M trench, Goody headband

19 September 2011

I fell into you now you're gracefully falling away

This will be my last post with the summer tag.
It's a little sad, but when we headed west toward New York when vacation was over it was a drive straight into fall. By the time we reached home the light outside was autumnal, my mom was making soup in the kitchen, the windows were closed and I had my sweater buttoned up.
What a summer I've had. There was the whole incident where I hated my blog and needed a break and to tell you the truth of it, almost quit. Then I designed a new banner and jumped right back in. I had my one year anniversary at my job. Travelled around with Rich to Boston and to the North Fork. A million and five barbecues, middle of the night bike rides and a hurricane party.
As for clothes...well I pretty much gave up this summer and wore whatever I could find that was comfortable in the heat. Last summer I tried to be fashionable, but this year I just opted for soft cotton dresses, rompers, shorts and sandals every day in endless combinations.
Last weekend it was 85 degrees and it felt like summer would never end.
American Apparel shorts, BDG blouse via Buffalo Exchange, vintage belt, UO sunnies

18 September 2011

Sparkling seas, the last weekend of summer

Last Saturday in Greenport I was in a state of complete relaxation. We'd been on vacation for 2 days, and I could barely remember what I did for a job. It felt so good. Waking up late, eating breakfast and watching Rich play with the remote on my camera was the perfect start. Since it was brunch-time, we had a glass of beer with our eggs too.
After eating we visited my friend Tom at his house, which is also Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast. There aren't any pictures but I plan to visit again and take some because I was speechless and how beautiful it was.
Rich at Horton's Point at the top of the 128 stairs to the beach.
Hooray! The seagull is probably thinking I'm a nut.
I <3 him and wrote it down in charcoal.

Horton's Point Lighthouse
At the beach with my super handsome boyfriend
I collected one million jingle shells to decorate my room with.
At Greenport Harbor Brewing Co, drinking my first Leaf Pile Beer of the year! We biked into town for a tasting and then went and got ready for dinner. Dinner was unfortunately awful, so I didn't do pictures again. We met up with Tom for a few drinks after that and stayed up late sitting on the water hanging out and playing with his adorable dog.

17 September 2011

Start wearing purple, wearing purple

I can't believe I'm posting these pictures, ah well...here is my bathing suit. Living on the water means that you spend a lot of time in the water and build up an impressive collection of bathing suits. I have at least ten, but they are mainly from Target, Old Navy and PacSun sales in December. Why? Because salt water will basically guarantee that they lose their shape and color pretty quick if you don't rotate them.
This summer I wanted something a little different. I'm not going to the beach six times a week anymore and it felt like time for something a little more flattering. Immediately I thought of JCrew. Every summer I would sit and look at the pictures on the website and think, it was just too much for something I'm going to ruin by the end of summer. Finally I took the plunge and I'm so happy I did. This is by far the most flattering, comfortable bathing suit I have ever owned.
On our trip out east this is easily the outfit I spent the most time in. It makes me feel glamorous and playful, and not totally exposed. In my opinion, that is the mark of a perfect bathing suit.
JCrew bathing suit, vintage scarf, UO sunnies
*Post title: Gogol Bordello, Start Wearing Purple

16 September 2011

"At the summer house I'm curving like the ocean towards you"

On the first full day of vacation I woke up to steaming summer heat and sunshine, and we had originally anticipated rain for most of the trip. It was a celebratory good-weather breakfast of scrambled eggs and strawberries made in our little kitchen and devoured out on the porch.
If you ever wondered what I look like without makeup, first thing in the morning, here it is you creeper peeper.
If you are ever on the North Fork and in need of an affordable place to stay I cannot recommend the Sunset Motel more highly. We rented a studio with a mini-kitchen and our own private screened in porch. While bed-and-breakfast's are lovely, they are quite a bit out of our price range. This was everything we could need, plus a little extra because of the amazing and aptly named views.
Looking down the hill toward the sound there is a precious, private yellow cottage that is available for large groups to stay in. I was completely enchanted with it, so maybe next time we'll come with friends.
Here's the quintessential North Shore beach complete with crystal clear water and smooth pebbles.
It reminded me of Kellerman's from Dirty Dancing when I looked up the hill.
I wandered around taking pictures of the motel and some outfit shots and we hopped on our bikes and took a ride into town for some thrifting and snapping pictures of the gorgeous houses (but more on that later!). After breaking a sweat we drove over to Southold to the beach that Rich grew up visiting and spent the rest of the day swimming and exploring the shoreline.
The water was so perfectly clear, this feather could be floating in air instead of the water!
I found a blue-claw crab! Too bad a bird probably got to it first.
There was some bright red coral, but we left it alone because it was still alive in the shallow water.
The sunburn was starting to sting when we headed back, and in perfect time to catch the sunset.
We had wine and then went to a nice steak dinner in a quiet beachside neighborhood. I left my camera alone because it was just nicer to relax and enjoy the evening.

*The post title comes from a Gold Motel song, "Summer House" which is on this mix
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