01 August 2011

Things to do in the summer, when the days are long

That was a very relaxing break, but I was so busy enjoying the summer I'm not sure I ever stopped moving. Here's a small list to give you a glimpse of how I spent most of my free time on the weekends. It might inspire you to have adventures, or write down the ones you've been having. What have you been up to these past few weeks? I'd love to hear from you.

Taking long bike rides in the gloaming when the sky is purple and grey
Swimming in the ocean/the bay/the pool
Ignoring my hair, and sporting an unruly mop of waves
Taking a drive with all the windows open
Buying raspberries at a farm stand (eating them all before you've driven a mile)
Tasting new beer
Visiting quaint towns with little thrift stores and sandwich shops
Walking through the heavy heat and being revived by the cold air in a supermarketCollecting shimmering seashells
Lying in the sand without a towel, soaking up the sand
Kissing while swimming in the water (making a romantic scene)Watching the sun set beyond the skyline
Eating homemade rose and pistachio ice creamIt's certainly good to be back here though.


  1. Your summer sounds amazing and the raspberries look delicious. Also, I love how pretty your hair looks in that last picture.

  2. beautiful photos =) beautiful summer!

  3. great ideas
    I wish I can learn how to relax a bit :(


  4. Sounds ideal! I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things after my vacation... but I want to go on another one already. Maybe mini weekend breaks like this will be on the agenda for now.

  5. Oh, I might just faint... :) Sounds beautiful!

  6. Sounds like such a beautiful summer! Those raspberries look delicious x

  7. These photos are beautiful, sounds like an amazing summer. I love the last photo, you guys look great together xo

  8. Sounds like an amazing summer to me and pretty much alike mine. Except I have not been bathing alot, or collecting seashells. Instead, I have been growing a big feathers collection. :)

    Welcome back to blogging!

  9. Beautiful photos! I love the sunset picture!


  10. sounds like an amazing summer..especially the little thrift stores part! ;)

  11. Your summer sounds amazing... way better than mine (thesis thesis thesis thesis thesis).

  12. Sounds like you'd been having an amazing summer so far. I love the photos. I wish my summer's been like yours has! xxx

  13. I loved reading through this post, your descriptions were so evocative of summer time which I always thought was a magical sort of time of the year :)

  14. aaw i wish i could be doing all these things with youu (except the kissing in the ocean one, that i'll leave to you and rich! :p) seriously though, you named so many of my favorite things, and there are lovely photos to go along with them! this is my favorite kind of post on any blog ever! xo

  15. That ice cream sounds amazing.


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