24 August 2011

I feel the earth move under my feet

Yesterday I thought I was having a sunstroke from sitting outside during lunch (I've never had sunstroke, I was just speculating). Turns out everyone in my 15th floor office felt it too. Simultaneously people murmured to one another, "Was that just me?" No one wanted anyone to think they were crazy until we realized, no it was not just you. I collected my things and wandered outside and hung out across the street in a little park and waited until we got word that it was cool to go back in. We were lucky, it was just a little blip in our day. A field trip to the sidewalk. I hope that everyone else that felt it was/is alright.
Now, onto my original post material that I meant to put up last night (but then fell asleep).
I am much much more polite on the blog than I am IRL. Sometimes I get flack from my friends who read it and say, "It doesn't even sound like you." So I'm going to give you some insight to what I sound like in the form of a Gchat conversation I had with my friend at lunch last Friday. Please don't judge us, we talk about our outfits and other crap because its lunch and we don't feel like discussing anything deep or meaningful. Warning, I use a lot of profanity in my everyday life. My new years resolution every year is to stop cursing...ah well...
Kallie:I'm wearing a KICKASS outfit today and I feel really good about my clothes for the first time in a bazillion years. black longish shorts, white tee with the blue boats from h&M, chambray button down, my black low-heel pumps with the bow that look like ferragamo's, and the crystal necklace you gave me. I feel all fresh and chic.
Ida:hi love! i cant wait to see pics of that outfit. im digging my outfit as well. blue crop pants, mustard yellow sheer mullet button up, with cropped tan sweater we bought together.
Me:you sound ADORABLE today.I'm going to change my shorts to the new ones before pics because these are actually falling off of me. They are from when I was a sophomore in college (fat) and FALLING OFF. I looked down and even with my shirt tucked in, I saw my own underpants. AWKWARRRRDDDDD
Ida:but dont you love that feeling?
Me:there are always a DISGUSTING amount of fashiony-thin people smoking outside my building while I'm trying to hide my fritos and run back to my office.
--Take a pause here, we talked about a bunch of work crap which you don't need to see--and then--
Ida: i did however go to sephora and do two coats of leotard optional and a
top coat. so one less thing i have to do tonight
Me:wait did you just tell me you did your nails in a store with sample nailpolish at lunch?
Ida:and yes. yes i did. i tried doing them last night and they got effed up. and i jut dont have time! so i stood there and did all of them. and they look buttfcking amazing
Me:I JUST SPIT MY LUNCH ON MY SCREEN LAUGHING. that is hall of fame shit right there.
ironically, i just got my daily sephora insider email...im using parts of this conversation in my blog tonight so you know.
Ida:hahahahah ok love it
H&M tee, sweater and button down, AA shorts, vintage shoes and backpack


  1. haha i love it! i guess i talk pretty much the same as i do in my blog vs real life...i mean, level of cursing that is. ;) maybe a bit less explanatory and proper?? i dunnoo but i DO know that i love your outfit. :)

    those shoes especially!

  2. What a great outfit! I love this, it looks chic but casual.. I could see myself wearing this a lot!


  3. i should probably join you on that ny's resoloution! haha love the outfit! :)

    jazzlipsandtulips xx

  4. very sweet denim jacket :) so cute!


  5. haha omg kallie, yes. I loved that gchat covo (hiding your fritos and all!). I think that my blog basically sounds like how I sound in real life EXCEPT I am a lot more...tell it like it is/snarkier in real life so I try to tame that (at least for the time being)

    Also, I'm so sorry we couldn't meet up while I was in NYC! I was with my bf and we had different plans to hang out with east coast pals and then the weather got reeeeaaallllyyy uncool. meh!

  6. Oh you're beautiful. x

  7. Very nice pics, like the denim!

  8. You look completely gorgeous! I love your vintage shoes too!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  9. Your outfit it definitely chic and fresh! I'm loving those nearly Ferragamo flats! Oh, and I swear loads more in real life too... xx

  10. Cool outfit! I'm totally in love with your backpack!

  11. I knew it! Beneath the veneer of a sweet, lovely young woman, you're a real character! With a potty-mouth, no less! Now, you're becoming really interesting to me...

  12. haha this is sort of how you talk in your emails! :) I love it! & you! Can't wait to meet you lady, kickass outfits and all. <3

  13. Hehe, I'm the same way. While honestly, I don't curse a ton in real life, I'm definitely more nerdy, whiney, and weird than I am on my blog haha. I love all of the layers in this outfit. And those shoes are awesome!
    Also, I say yes to a museum trip soon!

  14. You're adorable and I'm loving your blog! I more or less sound like myself on my blog except for.......the profanity, as well. I definitely say/type variations of the f word a lot. It's such a habit, I don't even think about it twice when I'm chatting with friends. But I never blog like that!

  15. Uh...this outfit is buttfcking amazing! haha! I loved that convo. I love those ferragamo look a likes on you. You look fiiiinnnneee.
    I have a wee half moon manicure, its just blue and my natural nail color...but a pastel purple would be devine!!

  16. You look absolutely cute. and the outfit is perfect! :) And the haircut is freakishly good on you!!

  17. Haha, well I know you and you're kind of evil in real life but I like you better that way. Blogland is full of impossibly nice people! ; D I actually think I'm fairly snarky on my blog, I have to remember to tame it every once in a while so as not to alienate people!

  18. I really enjoyed your conversation you posted here. So silly! I love those shorts even though they're big on you. They look comfy and are really basic so I'm sure they go with tons of stuff.

  19. Brilliant :)
    I clean up my language on the blog too.. my choice of words can turn some heads in real life. Not good when tech support hisses the c word at her computer.. but all too gratifying.


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