28 August 2011

Hurricane Party!

All in all, Irene has pretty much gone and left us alone at this point. However, since Friday evening most of us have been doing nothing but drinking and preparing (with more drinks) for the storm.
Friday evening Lindsay and I went home from the beach and got ready to go out to Happy Hour at the Nautical Mile. Dave had a rented van from driving his cousin to college, so he drove us down to the bars in style. We toasted the sunset with Corona's and chicken fingers and spent the night dancing to a cover band, talking loudly and killing mosquitos. The bugs have been crazed the past few days (sensing imminent death from gale force winds?).
On the way home Rich and I went running through a field which felt crazy good because it was with my special someone while our sensible friends on the sidewalk called us nuts. After wiping the mud from my legs and eating a handful of olives in Rich's kitchen, I curled up on the couch without saying goodnight and stayed there until the early morning.
At home on Saturday we prepared for the storm, getting all the yard furniture and tools tucked safely away in the shed. We picked all the ripe eggplants and cucumbers and hoped for the best in the garden. We scrubbed the house top to bottom and finished all the laundry in case we lost power and had to stay inside for awhile. There was then the Great Air-conditioner Battle of 2011...it took me three arguments and my grandma backing me up to convince my mom that it was safer to take her 300 pound a/c out of the window in the event of a hurricane. Parenting can be so difficult when your kid is in their 40's.
Once the house was snug and clean my mom and I bought wine, visited with my grandparents, and then headed to Rich's house. We sat on his porch with his family and some friends eating cheese and crackers and having wine. The rain was on and off and we all rolled our eyes at the evacuation orders we received. After all, this is Long Island and storms are nothing new.
My mom left, I stayed and had dinner and hung out until the rain looked absolutely terrible. Lindsay had joined us but once it got bad her dad came to get her and bring her to their friends house where they were riding out the storm. I left just in time because the rain was getting quite bad and it was hard to drive but I made it home to our cozy little house.
My mom and I sat on the couch laughing at ourselves for watching the news and laughed at the news for being so alarmed that they wouldn't even show a re-run of Saturday Night Live. Just as we went to bed we lost power with a terrifying noise that came with it, but all is well now in the morning and we expect sunshine soon.
I only took some pictures Friday night, but then put the camera away to have some fun. Here are Rich and Lindsay at Landshark.Me and LindsayDanny and LouCaptain Lou!Having fun with Linds, and time to put the camera away and enjoy the nightI hope anyone affected by the storm is alright and rode it out as safely as we did. ♥


  1. grrrreat!!

  2. Great report. Glad you weathered it so easily. So did we -- just a few downed tree branches. All in all, no big deal.

    I was disappointed, too, when I saw they pre-empted SNL!

  3. Glad you're safe! Sounds like you had a nice weekend, all in all

  4. i'm happy everyone is alright! you look cute in these pictures! :)

  5. great - great


  6. Yay sounds like fun! Yesterday was super beautiful all day until the evening, where I ignored the rain and wind and went out to karaoke with friends which was ridiculous. today was super fun! we lost power because a huge tree fell down across the telephone wire outside the house, and so we had to run off to starbucks to escape Irene and also play boardgames & drink beer at my friends apartment all day long before heading up to my parents house for chili and peach pie. :)

  7. you blog is fab! love it!

    please enter my giveaway! X


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  9. Woo Hoo! Hurricane parties!!!

  10. Big storms scare the hell out of me, thank god we don't get those around here. Glad you at least had some fun with friends!

  11. You're really living.
    What an odd sentence I suppose, but the ties and connections you've made inspire me to be less shy.

  12. did you end up getting a lot of water? My parents had about 7 feet of it in their basement and I got none but the houses down the street from me were under a lot. really sad.


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