31 August 2011

Light layers

Since I'm not in school or a teacher the end of summer goes past me in a different way than it used to. There isn't back to school shopping (but there is shopping!), there's no mopey feeling of having to set the alarm for an earlier time or that feeling of summer slipping away. Summer for me is still in full swing until the weather changes. I still have a vacation to the beach to look forward to, barbeques, visits with friends, camping, baseball games and a million other summer activities lined up. I do miss that new-school-year anticipation and the smell of brand new notebooks but the season goes on a long time past the first school bells ringing.
So while the part of me that is ready for layers, the other part of me wants to grab a hold of this beautiful summer and not let go until there's snow on the ground. This outfit is a pretty good mix of how I'm feeling, layering summer clothes and wearing things that I can stay cool and move in. But also, a little nostalgia for my old school days in the form of the satchel.
Rich was sweet enough to take my pictures for me while we were out on an evening bike ride. Eaten alive by mosquitoes again though! See, still summer!

vintage Ross 3-speed, h&m lavender lace dress, AA button down shirt, Bloch ballerinas, Halogen satchel

30 August 2011

Summer (food) should be uncomplicated

While the wind was whipping around outside on Sunday my mom and I had a nice dinner together at home. It was so cozy to cook dinner with my mom and hang out around the kitchen filled with a million delicious scents.
The wine was poured first and set out while we cooked. A salad made of cucumbers and tomatoes straight from the garden with feta cheese and olive oil.Salmon baked with butter, garlic and dill. Its super easy to make. Start by melting butter in the oven with garlic cloves. When there are butter-bubbles add the salmon skin-side down and bake for 5 minutes at medium heat, then flip over. Add dill and bake for three more minutes. Thats all!All the best late summer flavors of veggies and herbs from the garden, fresh fish and a nice glass of wine. Everything was flavored very simply, perfectly fresh and uncomplicated.

29 August 2011

In the Wake of the Storm

We weathered the storm in good spirits, however on Sunday there were tornado warnings all day and everything was eerily silent aside from ambulances and fire engines roaring past. No planes or trains can be heard in the distance, and until it was nearly dark there were no cars on the roads. Branches were ripping off the trees and walnuts were raining down on the yard. My mom insisted that I not leave the house, and she's hardly a worrier. I stayed in, and she stayed in. We were so lucky to have had power come back in the morning and we spent the day cooking and eating and checking up on all our friends and family we could get in touch with. The last time we had a hurricane it was days until we had power back. By early evening the wind still hadn't died down, but I went into the front yard for some fresh air and to capture the golden sky and its reflection on the front window. My camera practically blew out of my hand, and I made it a quick shoot.

28 August 2011

Hurricane Party!

All in all, Irene has pretty much gone and left us alone at this point. However, since Friday evening most of us have been doing nothing but drinking and preparing (with more drinks) for the storm.
Friday evening Lindsay and I went home from the beach and got ready to go out to Happy Hour at the Nautical Mile. Dave had a rented van from driving his cousin to college, so he drove us down to the bars in style. We toasted the sunset with Corona's and chicken fingers and spent the night dancing to a cover band, talking loudly and killing mosquitos. The bugs have been crazed the past few days (sensing imminent death from gale force winds?).
On the way home Rich and I went running through a field which felt crazy good because it was with my special someone while our sensible friends on the sidewalk called us nuts. After wiping the mud from my legs and eating a handful of olives in Rich's kitchen, I curled up on the couch without saying goodnight and stayed there until the early morning.
At home on Saturday we prepared for the storm, getting all the yard furniture and tools tucked safely away in the shed. We picked all the ripe eggplants and cucumbers and hoped for the best in the garden. We scrubbed the house top to bottom and finished all the laundry in case we lost power and had to stay inside for awhile. There was then the Great Air-conditioner Battle of 2011...it took me three arguments and my grandma backing me up to convince my mom that it was safer to take her 300 pound a/c out of the window in the event of a hurricane. Parenting can be so difficult when your kid is in their 40's.
Once the house was snug and clean my mom and I bought wine, visited with my grandparents, and then headed to Rich's house. We sat on his porch with his family and some friends eating cheese and crackers and having wine. The rain was on and off and we all rolled our eyes at the evacuation orders we received. After all, this is Long Island and storms are nothing new.
My mom left, I stayed and had dinner and hung out until the rain looked absolutely terrible. Lindsay had joined us but once it got bad her dad came to get her and bring her to their friends house where they were riding out the storm. I left just in time because the rain was getting quite bad and it was hard to drive but I made it home to our cozy little house.
My mom and I sat on the couch laughing at ourselves for watching the news and laughed at the news for being so alarmed that they wouldn't even show a re-run of Saturday Night Live. Just as we went to bed we lost power with a terrifying noise that came with it, but all is well now in the morning and we expect sunshine soon.
I only took some pictures Friday night, but then put the camera away to have some fun. Here are Rich and Lindsay at Landshark.Me and LindsayDanny and LouCaptain Lou!Having fun with Linds, and time to put the camera away and enjoy the nightI hope anyone affected by the storm is alright and rode it out as safely as we did. ♥

27 August 2011

Come on Irene

The week stated with an earthquake and is going out with a hurricane. I had scheduled a day off for Friday so I could go to the beach and relax, but with the impending hurricane I wasn't sure if that was going to happen. We went down to the beach anyway to hang out and when we got there people were sunbathing, surfing and generally enjoying the perfect weather before the storm. There was even someone who's home directly faces the ocean who practically dared the storm to come, even with their windows taped and boarded it showed an absence of panic with preparedness. So we skipped around on the rocks and wet our toes for awhile until it was time to go home and get ready to go out for the night.
My whole outfit is from AA, Fjallraven backpack with Saltwater sandals attached so I wouldn't have to carry them

24 August 2011

I feel the earth move under my feet

Yesterday I thought I was having a sunstroke from sitting outside during lunch (I've never had sunstroke, I was just speculating). Turns out everyone in my 15th floor office felt it too. Simultaneously people murmured to one another, "Was that just me?" No one wanted anyone to think they were crazy until we realized, no it was not just you. I collected my things and wandered outside and hung out across the street in a little park and waited until we got word that it was cool to go back in. We were lucky, it was just a little blip in our day. A field trip to the sidewalk. I hope that everyone else that felt it was/is alright.
Now, onto my original post material that I meant to put up last night (but then fell asleep).
I am much much more polite on the blog than I am IRL. Sometimes I get flack from my friends who read it and say, "It doesn't even sound like you." So I'm going to give you some insight to what I sound like in the form of a Gchat conversation I had with my friend at lunch last Friday. Please don't judge us, we talk about our outfits and other crap because its lunch and we don't feel like discussing anything deep or meaningful. Warning, I use a lot of profanity in my everyday life. My new years resolution every year is to stop cursing...ah well...
Kallie:I'm wearing a KICKASS outfit today and I feel really good about my clothes for the first time in a bazillion years. black longish shorts, white tee with the blue boats from h&M, chambray button down, my black low-heel pumps with the bow that look like ferragamo's, and the crystal necklace you gave me. I feel all fresh and chic.
Ida:hi love! i cant wait to see pics of that outfit. im digging my outfit as well. blue crop pants, mustard yellow sheer mullet button up, with cropped tan sweater we bought together.
Me:you sound ADORABLE today.I'm going to change my shorts to the new ones before pics because these are actually falling off of me. They are from when I was a sophomore in college (fat) and FALLING OFF. I looked down and even with my shirt tucked in, I saw my own underpants. AWKWARRRRDDDDD
Ida:but dont you love that feeling?
Me:there are always a DISGUSTING amount of fashiony-thin people smoking outside my building while I'm trying to hide my fritos and run back to my office.
--Take a pause here, we talked about a bunch of work crap which you don't need to see--and then--
Ida: i did however go to sephora and do two coats of leotard optional and a
top coat. so one less thing i have to do tonight
Me:wait did you just tell me you did your nails in a store with sample nailpolish at lunch?
Ida:and yes. yes i did. i tried doing them last night and they got effed up. and i jut dont have time! so i stood there and did all of them. and they look buttfcking amazing
Me:I JUST SPIT MY LUNCH ON MY SCREEN LAUGHING. that is hall of fame shit right there.
ironically, i just got my daily sephora insider email...im using parts of this conversation in my blog tonight so you know.
Ida:hahahahah ok love it
H&M tee, sweater and button down, AA shorts, vintage shoes and backpack

22 August 2011

Zooming Around In Style

Today when I got home my mom surprised me with fresh homemade pizza on the grill. While I was grilling up some eggplant in olive oil to go with it Rich stopped by with another surprise for me. He's had my blue Ross 3-speed to fix the shifter, and while he had it he added a metal basket! I've been dying for one on this bike so when I take it to the train in the morning I have a place to put all my stuff. He was kind enough to oblige and take my pictures for me while I zoomed around.
My chambray and denim shirts have entirely replaced most of my cardigans for layering. Despite the perfect late summer weather, the office and train still hover around zero degrees. As a former jeans & tee shirt kind of girl, I've always thought blue denim-ish material worked perfectly with just about anything you could pair it with. This summer has been effortless, throwing this top in my purse where it barely takes up space and pulling it out, perfectly rumpled to ward off the air-conditioned chill.
vintage dress & necklace, Bloch flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, H&M chambray shirt

21 August 2011

Giggle Water & Jazz

A few weeks ago my friend Robin emailed me with a link to a deal for a VIP pass to the Jazz Age Lawn Festival on Governor's Island and said, Do you want to go to this? OF COURSE!
Robin and I met many summers ago at theater camp where we sang and danced and dressed up in costume on a regular basis so of course it made sense that as adults this had to happen. The night before it almost felt like we were young teens again, getting ready for the Saturday night social at camp. She sent me cell phone pictures of her hair in pin curls, I detailed the outfit I'd be wearing. My inspiration was drawn from the pictures I'd seen from previous years on The Sartorialist, old pictures from 1920's advertisements and The Great Gatsby.
When we arrived at the ferry in the morning Robin was looking beautiful with her perfectly coiffed hair and bubblegum pink sunnies.We pulled out of the ferry station with Lady Liberty in view and the Brooklyn Bridge behind us.When we arrived everyone made their way to the lawn. Our first order of business was lunch, but there aren't any pictures because I was starved.
After eating, photographers were stopping to take our picture! This has never happened to me before and I was beyond flattered. It became kind of routine during the day for someone to come up to us and say they'd taken a candid shot or wanted us to pose for them and then we'd chat and hang out with them for a bit and exchange email addresses.We even had our photograph taken with an antique camera. I'm really looking forward to seeing those!And the vintage! Oh, the vintage. There were stands selling the most intricate, delicate, beautiful pieces. I stood and admired this lace blue dress for more than a few minutes.
A girl who bought this parasol from one of the vendors insisted I take a picture with it since it matched my dress so well. It was really sweet of her. Some sailors.Because of the passes we had an open bar of St. Germaine cocktails all day long. For awhile I was pretending to be drunk and whispering belligerent things under my breath to Robin but after awhile I was just too giggly to keep it up. I looked it up, and in the 20's the slang for "booze," was actually "giggle water." Appropriate.Robin wore her great-grandmother's bathing costume, cheers to the ladies in the poster in similar attire!There was an orchestra and period dancing as well. We stood behind the ribbons and mainly admired everyone's moves.For the rest of the afternoon we sat in the shade looking at everyone's outfits and drinking bubbly cocktails. Later in the afternoon I ran into Alley who was taking photos of the event.We were snapped back into reality before we even left the island, as a Jersey Shore style party was starting just as we were leaving.It was a pretty perfect day picnicking and drinking. I'll definitely be going back next summer.

18 August 2011

A million bites

What can I say about this outfit? I don't know I don't even like it and I got like 35-40 mosquito bites while I was taking the pictures, and I kept jumping out of the frame. From an outside perspective its actually kind of hilarious because I burst into my house and threw all my stuff on the ground and was screaming for the bug bite goo. I was like a crazy person, got it all over my dress then decided to put more on. Realized there were more bites I missed. I've even got a bite on my FACE! Ah well, I really wanted to show you guys my new dress and talk about how "fall was in the air this morning...blah blah blah" and, "my denim jacket that's as old as the hills." But really, my bug bites remind me that its still summer for awhile longer and I shouldn't write my blog posts in my head before I take the pictures.
Oh, and here's my new dress, its shaped like a mullet. Full disclosure: I didn't actually wear the hat to work. People would have looked at me like I was nuts (not that they don't already).
Willow & Clay dress via century 21, Kimchi Blue shoes, Abercrombie jacket, vintage hat, vintage tote
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