02 July 2011


On Thursday evening after work I met up with Rich and his friends from work at the Standard Biergarten. It's underneath Highline Park which used to be an old elevated train running along the west side of Manhattan. Because I work downtown and they work further up I hung around outside on some pretty yellow benches where I saw a model having a photo shoot, a huge mouse statue and some monochromatic graffiti.It's an interesting place, with a very German feeling to it. When you arrive you buy tickets that you can redeem for beer and giant soft pretzels with mustard. Unlike a regular bar, its filled with tables and benches like a beer hall. Its impossibly crowded, but there's a good feeling and its filled with loud talking voices rather than blaring music and people straining to hear one another.I'm drinking a black ale. Prost!Kristin is Rich's friend from his office. She is a sweetheart and reads the blog. We had some fun talking about make-up and persistent boys (that we fell in love with, of course).Here are two friends of RIch's that don't work with him anymore, but came out for drinks anyway.


  1. Sounds like a really cool place with a great vibe :) x

  2. i love giant beer garden type things tucked away in the middle of the city.
    that dark ale looks yummy.

  3. Wow that graffiti is amazing! I see a lot of insane graffiti in San Francisco and even in my hometown as well, but this is a very different kind of art I've seen on walls.


  4. beautiful pics!!

  5. This looks fantastic! I want a day like this and to find a place like this as well. So fun!

  6. Looks like an interesting place to visit. Very german!

  7. That place sounds so cool!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. Your hair looks very pretty ! Did you curl it a bit or is it naturaly curly?


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