29 June 2011

Red, White, Blue

This is a little geeky, but in the days leading up to the Fourth of July I've decided to dress in red, white and blue. Whenever an outfit in this color scheme comes together in my mind, I think "Well, thats a little 4th of July-ish" and change something. So, over the next few days I'll finally wear all those patriotic ensembles that I've deemed too festive for just any old day.
Vintage scarf, H&M shirt, Betsey Johnson skirt, Saltwater sandals

28 June 2011

Gone cat-lady crazy

Today in procrastination news, my day was mostly centered around cats. I spent a solid 20 minutes being distracted by kitties for adoption at a local shelter that were on their website. Its set up like a dating website with lists and pictures of cats and a short description of their personalities in order to find the perfect match. I can see the commercials now, gorgeous sleek coated cats purring lovingly as a human talks about their search for the perfect pet--cut to enormously overweight cat cuddled in the arms of the human looking lovingly, albeit straining to hold its weight, into one another's eyes (although I'm sure the cat is just wondering where dinner is). What I'm trying to say, is that I spent kind of awhile on this website saving links to cat profiles.
Later in the evening after a nice twilit bike ride, I was exhausted and sitting down to dinner when I saw a tiny cat paw under a cabinet. We always had cats growing up so for some reason in my heat addled brain this did not strike me as odd. I should mention there hasn't been a resident cat in our house in years. Then a little grey and white kitty face peeked out at me. It occurred to me that something was amiss, this is not our cat! I screamed with the full tenacity of my Long Island accent, "MA! There's a cat in the kitchen!" I spooked the little guy and he ran out the open back door.
Moral of the story? The universe is telling me I should get my shit together and stop thinking about cats all the time!
Its appropriate that my post tonight I should debut my new vintage leopard 90's dress I got from Etsy.
vintage leopard dress, f21 sweater, old navy black sweater, cooperative bag, kork ease sandals

Dear Boston,

Over the weekend Rich and I road tripped up to Boston. I don't know if it was the city, Rich or both, but it was one of the best weekends I've ever had.
On Friday we drove up and arrived in time for dinner; we walked over to a bar called 21st Amendment and ate John Kerry's favorite burger (a 21st Burger with caramelized onions, onion rings, applewood bacon and swiss cheese). For me bars are judged partially by their music selection, and we agreed that every song played was great including the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Gin Blossoms all set in the old New England style establishment.
Afterwards we headed over to TD Garden to see Dispatch which was one of my favorite bands as a teenager. I was never able to see them live, so for my birthday Rich bought me tickets. He even surprised me by hiding a tour tee shirt in my backpack to find while I was getting ready! After walking over there we met up with one of my friends and some other people seeing the show for a few beers at Harp.
Unfortunately they wouldn't allow a camera like mine into the venue, but luckily we bought a disposable camera that garnered no objections. We also found out the hard way that TD Garden won't sell beers to anyone under 25 with an out of state license, but we made the best of it with lots of newly made friends to dance with and to get our beers for us. I could go on for days about how wonderful the concert was, and will, when the pictures are developed.
Getting ready for the show
After the show it was drizzly and cool outside and we walked back the the hotel, well Rich walked and I hopped around like an over excited bunny talking about how great it was. We finished the night with a drink in our hotel bar.
Rich chose our hotel The Parker House because he knows I'm a history nerd, and its the oldest continuously running hotel in the country and has had many famous guests and employees. Its where JFK proposed to Jackie Bouvier. Malcolm X once worked in the hotel as a waiter. Plus, its a little bit haunted.In the our first stop was the Mary Baker Eddy Library to see the Mapparium. No one is allowed to take pictures inside, but it is quite beautiful, strange and old with its outdated maps but modern like something from a science fiction movie with its magical blue glow and echo effects on the smooth glass.

Outside the Mapparium in the Hall of Ideas
We hopped on the T and headed back to Boston Common near our hotel and began walking the Freedom Trail, which is an excellent and inexpensive way to tour the historical sites of Boston. We walked from the Common to Faneuil Hall to Paul Revere's house and the old North Church with lots of other interesting stops along the way. A guide map only cost us $1!Park Street ChurchThis guy...
Bruins pride was everywhere we turned>Rich with Samuel Adams outside Faneuil HallIn Teddy Roosevelt's seat at the old North Church, famous for being the place where the signal was sent up igniting the Revolutionary War. So much history.My grandpa is a printer, so when we saw a print shop set up the way it would have been during the Revolution, I had to stop inFor lunch we headed to Quincy Market and met up with Rich's cousin at mexican restaurant where I picked up a few splinters in my hand from a wooden bathroom door. Luckily there was a nurse near the hostess stand that heard me, and spent 20 minutes doing a little surgery on my hand.
It was getting late so we hopped in a cab over to Harpoon Brewery. The last time I went it was for Oktoberfest and I had a fantastic time however, this time was very different. The staff was awful (it really takes a lot to get me to say something like that), they were totally insulting and I will never go back there or recommend their beer again. Rich was pretty upset by how poorly we were treated so we strolled along the water to Atlantic Beer Garden where we relaxed and recovered our good mood.
At the beer garden with the city in viewBy then I was exhausted so we headed to the hotel for a nap before waking up just in time for the Haunted Boston tour. Our tour guide Matt was a riveting story teller, tying the places we were standing to the spooky and sometimes gruesome history of it. The end of the tour was even in our hotel which supposedly haunted by deceased guests as well as the founder of the hotel.
The Massachusetts State House at nightMatt also gave us a recommendation for Stoddard's where we went for dinner and drinks afterwards.Sunday was relaxed with a nice walk around Somerville and breakfast at the Rosebud Diner. We found some thrift stores. the bike shop and a supermarket, which means we found all that we'd need to move there.

Dear Boston,
Thank you for being you. With your perfect early summer weather, cool enough for sweaters and warm enough for sandals being outdoors is heavenly. Your pigeons are aggressive, but your people aren't. You make small miracles happen by separating me and the Internet for three whole days. Boston, you make me so happy, relaxed and inspired. Thanks for one of the greatest weekends I've ever had.
PS-If you could help me find a job and a place to live, we could be together forever.

24 June 2011

Heatwave 2

This photo is from that heatwave we had, but I got distracted and forgot to post the pictures. Since that last bout with full on summer I've been apathetic about my wardrobe to say the least. As soon as the sundresses came out, I've given up doing much in the way of style. Which is why, when its hot out, you should never underestimate the ease and comfort of a pretty sundress. This was my last (ever) Forever 21 purchase that I bought with my stockpile of store credits, and in typical Forever 21 fashion, I had to buy a size up thats too big on top in order for my bottom to be covered. Ah well, it only ended up costing me about a dollar.
F21 denim dress, GAP sweater my mom bought me when I left for college, Saltwater sandals

21 June 2011

And we go back to where we moved out to the places-- heart it races!

Saturday night Ida and Loni had a summer theme party on their roof, complete with a palm tree and mini pool. We drank by the lights of the BQE into the early hours of the morning, dancing until the speakers gave out. It was a bit of a fuzzy evening with drinks and new names and faces. I'm really not much for dancing, with a conspicuous lack of rhythm and tendency to fall over. Ida managed to pull me out a few times and convinced me to swing my dress in a way that looked deceivingly like shaking it on the floor. It was all kind of a giggly sweet night and we didn't make it home until it was almost dawn.
I had a Red Bull and Bacardi with my favorite summer dress.Rich sneaking into pictures with the girls.A dip in the pool.I love pictures of people laughing, and not fake posed open mouthed smiles, but really hysterically laughing.Dance dance dance.Each of us is making a different silly face, it wasn't planned that way.

20 June 2011

Meetup in McCarren

On Saturday I went to the meetup at McCarren in Brooklyn and met some wonderful girls and talked blogs, wilderness survival and thrifting. I was feeling down about my new haircut, and they were all so sweet and said they liked it. Thanks blog-girls!
Liz and AnnaHannah and EmilySome stylish ladies in some classic blog outfit shots.
Emily: It Girl, Rag DollAlley: Stylelikeu and Les Yeux Sans VisageAnna: Hello Anna Li

18 June 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Brianna on winning the Shabby Apple Spanish Steps dress giveaway!

17 June 2011

Blogger Meetup Brooklyn

Blogger meetup tomorrow! See you there! xo

16 June 2011

Southwest vibes

Just before I turned 18 I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Arizona, where I hiked in the White Mountains, saw the Grand Canyon and walked in the desert. Since then I've loved the southwestern clothing vibe, especially as its become so recently popular. This isn't an outright copy of the style, but I added elements; a denim shirt, and an owl (My aunt and uncle had owls that would hang out in their hot tub all the time). Also a necklace I picked up in a souvenir shop at the Grand Canyon.
Uniqlo blouse, Paul & Joe Sister tee via Gilt Groupe, H&M skirt, Kork Ease sandals, crystal bullet necklace from a friend, beaded necklace from Arizona

15 June 2011

Strolling in the sun

I took a nice hour long walk during lunch today out in the hot sun, weaving my way through meandering crowds and down shaded side streets. If you happened to see me, this is how I looked.
*Does anyone have any tips for keeping a 50/50 cotton silk blend from looking like a wrinkled mess by the end of the day?
Kimchi Blue dress, Saltwater sandals, vintage purse, Ray-Ban wayfarers

No more shoes in the spring rain

After work my shoes needed to come off immediately. Then my entire outfit because it was so intensely uncomfortable. My skirt is cute I guess, but not worth having to pull it down and adjust it every 2 seconds. Plus the fly makes the whole thing all, wonky and wrinkly. It needs tights to smooth it out, ugh. Say goodbye to this skirt until the fall.
These pictures were actually taken once the rain had started to fall and the wet ground felt so cool under my feet. It was that kind of rain you read about in epic novels like The Lord of the Rings, in Fangorn Forest. Ok, so maybe I pretended my backyard was Fangorn while I sat in the door on my porch and devoured eggs and read The Two Towers. What, cause you've never done that? Back to the point, it was a perfect spring rain to enjoy barefoot.Cooperative sweater, AA blouse, Lily Pulitzer thrifted skirt
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