03 May 2011

Singing in the rain

Here are my favorite songs from April. Making this mix made me miss doing a radio show. I want to jump in after each group of songs and chat you all up. For example I would tell you that The Architecture in Helsinki album reminds me of Aqua in all its catchy pop glory, so bright you can practically see the colors. It was the perfect mood lifter during the gloomy April days. Then I would tell you how much I enjoy listening to Holly Golightly and the Broke-off's, I might get to see them live in New York. I can only imagine it being like that scene in Oh Brother Where Art Thou when the Soggy Bottom Boys are singing and the crowd recognizes them and explodes. Only not outside in the middle of the day, and probably in a bar. Now I'm just rambling, hope you like the mix and make it to the end because Ellie Goulding is fantastic. I'm off to dance around and fix my hair while singing along.

Oh, and I drew a picture today for Rich. It's us, derr.


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