31 May 2011

"This song explains why I'm leaving home to become a stewardess."

I watched Almost Famous this weekend for the one millionth time. When I woke up this morning I was thinking of Anita in the final scenes of the movie in her corduroy mini skirt and sleeveless top.
Marc Jacobs top via Century 21, thrifted Lilly Pulitzer skirt, BC woven oxfords, Halogen purse

30 May 2011


Living on and island I grew up around boats and growing up my family had a water skiing boat. On Sunday night my friend Doug invited LK and I to join his parents for sailing on their boat, Orion. Though I've always been out on the water, never once on a sailboat. I have to say, Doug's dad did a great job of explaining the physics and the boat's design in order to convince me I wouldn't fall out of it when it was leaned to one side. For awhile I thought I might, but then I just let go and relaxed and enjoyed my beer and joking around with LK. We went out from Oyster Bay and glided across the water just past the wooded north shore of Long Island to a "raft-up" where boats meet up to hang out at little private floating get-togethers. The sun started to set and we watched the first stars coming out, including the constellation Orion.

29 May 2011

Bowl of sunshine

An ideal summer day would consist of just a few simple things;sunshine, laughter, strawberries and if at all possible a cuddly puppy. I think that yesterday set the bar for summer days pretty high. There was a group trip through a bike festival to pick up picnicking supplies then to the park that was like a bowl of sunshine in made of leafy shade trees. Sitting in the high un-cut new grass reading while new friends and old ones surrounded me playing frisbee, talking and eating was exactly the kind of relaxing day I dreamed of in the long cold winter. Plus, someone brought their little sweetie-dog who lounged in the sun and poked around at the watermelon with us. After the sun went down I put my camera away and we drank on the roof and played Kings Cup and danced to our favorite songs from college. Summer is now un-officially here and it feels like a good one in the making.
SchwinnsPicnickersIdaHanging around in the shadeIda and Loni, the sweetest roommates who let me stay in their apartment all the time

28 May 2011

Ukulele girls

This morning while we were recapping the night we listened to pretty cover songs from girls with ukuleles. The perfect holiday Saturday wake up with Madeline Ava and Julia Nunes.

27 May 2011

Shedding the spring

I wish I could show you the tiny white flower petals floating all around me while I was shooting these. If you look very closely you might see one flying past in some of the photos. The mulberry trees are shedding their spring petals and soon tiny berries will appear and thats how I will know summer is here. I wore this simple summery getup to drive Rich to the airport (lucky guy is going to Miami for the weekend) and to run a few errands before I head into Brooklyn for a weekend filled with dancing and picnicking and biking. What are you doing this weekend for the holiday, and even if you don't have a holiday?
H&M sweater, thrifted shorts, vintage purse from the 1940's, BC woven oxfords, vintage hat

26 May 2011

Stirring my imagination

The Locals one & two;work outfitsHelmi Otsalla; glassesMr. Newton one & two; bike+dressKate Foley; Memorial Day Asos Fall 2011 Lookbook; why wait that long?

25 May 2011

Astonished joy

I read the title of the post in a book today and the phrase stuck with me. Say it out loud. Its beautiful. Completely unrelated to what I wore today, but perhaps not. Twirling in this skirt is a joy and I was astonished to find a tutu that doesn't make me look like a 5 year old. My new skirt rounds out my summer wardrobe perfectly and I'll probably be wearing it at least once a week until it falls to pieces.
H&M skirt, DIY cropped tee, Kork Ease sandals, crystal bullet necklace from LA

24 May 2011

Sundresses and backpacks

On Saturday when I met up with Thomas, he took my picture for Klover. His blog is one of my favorite places to find beautiful pictures of fashionable subjects so it was very exciting to see my face there. The car photo is my favorite because purely by chance there was an old Buick that matched my dress perfectly. It looks like a scene from a movie about California. I would be the young naive girl who wants nothing more than to learn to surf like the boys. Living out my Gidget dreams in Brooklyn.
Oh, and if you were wondering; yes I dyed my hair. Its fun and serious at once when its dark like this and according to Thomas it gives me a bit of a Cleopatra vibe.
Vintage altered sundress, vintage belt, Kork Ease platforms, Fjallraven Kanken backpack

23 May 2011

Skin story

I've been sick with an terrible ear infection since last week and have been staying in the house a lot. Its given me a chance to catch up with emails and blogging though. I've had some questions about my skin recently and compliments. If you would have told me two years ago that people would be complimenting my skin I would have laughed at you. Then I probably would have cried and avoided the mirror for days. I wrote about my experiences with Accutane here before, but haven't really written about what happens afterwards.
When I finished taking the treatment last April my skin was perfect but I was constantly worried that my acne would come back. I even had nightmares about it. Eventually I did get a tiny spot, but it healed much faster than before and to tell you I was relieved would be an understatement. Despite my skin being cleared up from Accutane I make sure to take good care of it. I developed a skin regimen that works well for me, and keeps my face clear. Occasionally I break out a bit, and I have permanent dark circles under my eyes (if you have a suggestion I'm open to try it!) but I try not to stress about it too much. I use mostly gentle skin products without harsh chemicals after I found that it was giving me skin irritation and making me break out.
1. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for normal to oily skin (morning and night). The moisturizing formula was a lifesaver while I was using Accutane but clogged my pores afterwards.
2. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (night). The greatest spot treatment ever, its a little pricey but they have sales and specials all the time to get it for a steal.
3. CVS Alcohol-Free Toner (morning and night). I used to use the Neutrogena one, but this is the same thing for a few bucks less. Always use cotton pads because they leave less or no fibers behind.
4. Clinique Youth Surge 15 (for day). Accutane dries your skin out and can make it age much more quickly that it might naturally. This is very light and soft and not at all your mother's anti-aging cream.
5. Clinique Total Turnaround Cream (for night) aids in cell turnover keeps my skin moisturized and smooth.Sometimes my skin starts to look tired or greasy, I work in New York City after all and the air is kind of gross.
1. Milk of Magnesia (TOPICAL!) Do not drink this unless you want to poop your pants. My grandma read in a newspaper that dabbing this on your face and letting it dry for about 5 minutes takes away redness and oiliness. I used it on spots while I was taking Accutane and now its the perfect remedy for shiny skin in the summer.
2. Clinique Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask which I use when my pores look a little gross. Its drying, but using it after the shower and not letting it dry out too much keeps it from being irritating. Any kind of clay mask is nice to use once or twice a week.
3. Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub is an exfoliator I use once or twice a week in the shower, but never the same night as a mask. This one is OK, but I will probably get something new after this runs out without beads or scratchy things because they gross me out.When I was younger I found that certain hair products would cause me to have breakouts from my hair touching my face, so its important to use things in the shower that are as gentle as something you'd use on your face. It never occurred to me before that I use natural or organic shower products, I was mostly drawn to them because they smell fantastic.
1. Trader Joes Tea Tree Tree Tingle Shampoo smells like heaven and keeps my hair soft and clean.
2. Aveeno Naturals Nourish and Volumize Conditioner. Before I took Accutane my hair was thick and dry and super curly, afterwards it was finer, straighter and sort of limp and greasy. This makes it look shiny, thick and healthy without weighing it down.
3. Dr. Bronners Magic Soap in Rose. In the winter I use bar soap because its more moisturizing and liquid for summer because it dissolves dirt and sweat (seeing all the NY grime getting rinsed off is incredibly satisfying). I also switch up the scent every time I buy it because they are all wonderful, but Rose is my favorite.I never really wore much makeup before Accutane, but I think wearing it has more to do with being a "grown-up" than anything else. Non-comedogenic products are essential, and always always ALWAYS wash it off at night. I don't care how drunk you are! No whining about zits if you aren't going to wash up.
1. Lavera Naturkosmetik Lips, I don't know where my grandma found this but I'm going to cry when it runs out. Its chapstick that doesn't feel like its sliding into the rest of my face.
2. Lash Blast Fusion, I don't wear much makeup on the weekends but I always wear this.
3. Clinique Even Better SPF 15 can be worn heavy to coverup spots, or lightly to even everything out.
4. MAC in Tenderling has been my everyday blush since high school. Its worth the price because it lasts me an entire year!
5. Nivea A Kiss of Flavor, a perfect everyday reddish pink, also doesn't feel like its spreading all over my face when I wear it.
6. Sephora liquid liner, goes on easy without smudging and comes right off with Cetaphil.
7. MAC eyeshadow in Orb for days I'm too lazy for eyeliner.

Whew! That was longer than I thought it would be. If you have any questions about Accutane feel free to email me!

21 May 2011

Saturday in Brooklyn

This afternoon I met up with Ida in Williamsburg and we went to East River Park to hang out on the grass and people watch for awhile. We met up with Thomas and took pictures and talked about blogs and cameras. Then we took a long walk in the sun where we had strawberry rhubarb lemonade. It was a perfectly simple afternoon.
Ida and Sven, who is visiting from GermanyLoni, Ida and SvenWIth Ida and our delicious lemonade

First date

Last year Rich and I had our first date, or hang out or whatever we were shyly calling it. It was the first time we hung out outside of the bar we were both frequenting regularly after work. He came to my house with his old Schwinn cruiser and helped me put air in the tires of my 3-speed Ross. I thought it was really cool that he was working as a bike mechanic at the time, it was reassuring to know that he can fix things. That he wants things to work, and not just bikes. We rode to the bay and sat near the water in a field and drank a bottle of wine while making friends with a caterpillar. He tried on my sunglasses. I told him not to break them with his potato head. Then we were kissing. Those perfect kisses with your heart thudding in your throat because the person you're kissing is so new that you feel brand new. We weren't paying attention to the black clouds moving toward us. A thunderstorm broke out and we rode half drunk on wine through the rain as fast as we could. I remember laughing and smiling the whole way home.

19 May 2011

I don't know about truths. A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.

Last night I watched The Brothers Bloom, it was hilariously irreverent and at times a little touching. This is the kind of movie I like, with some mystery and gorgeous scenes. The comedy was a little clunky and the story lost me at times, but I couldn't take my eyes from the screen. The character Penelope is now my style icon, shes got that 60's meets 90's vibe down to perfection.
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