27 April 2011

Baby flowers

I had the nicest lunch by the Hudson River today with Ida. I love that I can just meet up with my friend during the middle of the day and forget about anything that's bothering me at work. There aren't pictures because we were too busy talking about shoes and food and plans for the weekend. Here's what I wore:
H&M (dark grey) tights and top, Target skirt, BC shoes

26 April 2011

Through the cooling twilight

Normally I hate when people talk about the weather, but today was super lame. It was sunny and 80 in Manhattan and I got sunburned on the back of my neck at lunch for crying out loud! I step off the train, feelin' sassy in my platforms, gonna go for a bike ride. BAM! I'm surrounded by fog, freezing cold and can feel my hair curling in the damp air.
Anyway, I have a point! This outfit makes me feel like Daisy from the Great Gatsby. My short flapper inspired hair and an airy summer dress in the cold Long Island fog make me think of Mia Farrow in the 1974 movie. Maybe its just because I've only ever seen it on an old VHS tape, but the whole move seemed wrapped in a fog.
Kimchi Blue dress, F21 sweater, Madden Girl shoes, Abercrombie denim jacket from high school

25 April 2011

In the clouds

The thick fog today called for a pretty Tiffany box blue to brighten it up, and my pale lilac raincoat to keep me dry. I've been saving this sweater for ages, it reminds me of cartoon blue birds, sunny skies and Easter candy. So pretty much an explosion of happiness packed into a sweater that Summer might wear for 500 days. It was the perfect opportunity to wear my raincoat from Ugg to keep me dry while wading through the fog. There are so many ways to style this, but I've started with the most basic, to finally show off the lovely coat. I can't get over the color of it. While I was walking I kept looking down at it thinking how bright and soft it is.
Vintage sweater, AA tee, Gap altered skirt, Target flats, jacket c/o Ugg Australia

24 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Early in the morning Rich and I woke up and drove to a diner for breakfast with the windows down because it was finally warm outside. The little Smartcar we parked next to looks like it can fit inside of Rich's truck.When I went to pick daffodils for the house I found a giant wooden chess piece hiding in the garden. If you know where the others are, maybe we can draw a board and play. You'll have to teach me though because I realized that I've completely forgotten the rules.After being out late last night and getting up early I needed to take a nap.I set the table and decorated the dining room with flowers.I put on my new lipstick from MAC in Pink Poodle by dabbing it on my lips then blending it in with a Q-tip so it stays on like a lip stain and doesn't look too heavy.Hanging out with my grandma before dinner.Dessert was like a sugary rainbow.Rich came over to say hello to my family, and then kidnapped me to go for a bike ride near the pond before it started to rain.We ended the day watching the first episode of 30 Rock, which is of course the best show on tv. Tina Fey is my hero.
Happy Easter!

21 April 2011


I love this shirt from American Apparel. I am not a huge fan of their clothes, but this shirt is wonderful. I love that its just sheer enough for light to pass through, and to see my locket hiding underneath.
AA shirt, Zara skirt, F21 lace tights, Lucky Brand boots, crazy crystal guy necklace

20 April 2011

April showers...

...but finally an hour of sunshine.
Free People dress, BP sweater, thrifted scarf, Lucky Brand boots, necklace from a crystal man in Venice Beach

18 April 2011


New York is so unpredictable this time of year, which is what makes spring so frustrating. It was supposed to rain, so I wore boots and tights and extra layers. It ended up being a gorgeous day. I rode my bike to the train station for and expected to go for a ride after work. The trains weren't running though! After a very long very stressful day Rich came and met me and instead of sulking we got dumplings and waited it out. I even got to meet one of his good friends from college. Unpredictable, but you've got to make the best of it.
H&M dress and tights, altered Gap skirt, BP sweater, vintage backpack and belt, and Lucky Brand boots

17 April 2011

Saturday train

On Saturday we went to Manhattan to Robin's apartment for a housewarming. After three subways and walking through a thunderstorm with sideways rain we arrived at Shake Shack for dinner before going to the party. Another foray into the monsoon and we arrived at the adorable apartment. Robin introduced me to Pimm's with fruit, which is my new favorite drink and her wonderful boyfriend Tom. Seeing Matt, Adam, Chris and Robin was fantastic because we have all known one another since about 1999 at summer camp. The best thing about getting together with old friends is that no matter how much time lapses, its like we all could have been together just a few weeks before.
I'm contemplating the rain and whether or not going out is a good idea. (It is!)The bitter roses, and the delicious cupcakes.Adam, Chris and Rich sampling the beer from Greenport, Long Island.
An owl, glowing with wisdom.Our host Robin contemplating what Chris is saying. Check out her awesome vintage pants and homemade hair flower!

14 April 2011

Tiny wishlist

What I'd like even more than pretty, expensive clothes is some sunshine and warm weather. But I'd be willing to put up with this for awhile longer for those Opening Ceremony shoes.
spring adventures

summer wishlist

12 April 2011

But to take your mind off worldly things

Rich brought me a delicious cupcake with a flower on it from Magnolia Bakery when he met me on the train home. Sweet, huh?
UO top, AA skirt, Lucky Brand boots, vintage ring and bow pin, Coach watch

11 April 2011

Vomit green + ink-stain blue

Really, I'm just terribly cranky today. Luckily Rich came over to cheer me up. I hardly ever let him take my pictures, but today I needed a break and he did it for me. I made him an after-work snack and we flirted while we ate doughnuts and pretzels and I whined like the giant brat that I am. Then I felt better for awhile until I noticed how many people simply title their blog posts after the colors they are wearing. It's cool once in awhile, but a little variety isn't hard. There are song lyrics, poetry, movie+book quotes and I could go on and on. So in honor of all the whimsy and false up-beatness and the bland titles of the blog world I give you my outfit: vomit green and ink stain blue. Or electric green and navy, whatever you prefer.
I'm sticking my tongue out at people staring at me and my bf. My skirt was uncomfortable and wrinkled by the end of the day and I promptly changed into cozy PJ's after this little photo shoot. That is the truth about my day with no false cheeriness or falling back on talking about the damn weather.
Tomorrow will be better. Seriously. That is also the truth.
Lilly Pulitzer thrifted skirt, H&M sweater and tee, Target tights, Lucky Brand boots, Marc Jacobs hair clips
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