31 March 2011


This was the outfit I wore on Tuesday to unpack my boxes in a brand new office. I have to take pictures of my view, its pretty amazing plus since no one has ever been in the space before everything is shiny and clean and new. It was nice that that worked out since my camera+remote was very uncooperative that evening. Don't let the pretty sky deceive you, there was a biting cold wind, which made the pictures without my jacket hard to take without curling into a ball on the muddy grass. Anyways, the whole outfit was a pretty even mix up of vintage and new clothes which can help turn something as simple as black pants and a white sweater into an outfit. Vintage: making over sleeping and picking out my clothes easy since 2006.
Vintage jacket, sweater & shoes, Cooperative bag, scarf from Thailand, UO sweater, BDG pants

**Also, check out the awesome vintage coach bag for sale!

30 March 2011

You asked for it!

Since there was such positive response to my bag in this picture:And so many of you expressed that you were looking for a similar bag, I am using this opportunity to tell you I will be opening a little blog shop soon and have found a similar bag that I am offering on Happy, Honey and Lark as a pre-sale before launching the store.
Classic Vintage 1970s Leather Coach Bag
The interior of the bag contains zippered compartment and the flap closes with two signature brass turnlocks. There is also an "envelope"style pocket on the back of the bag. The bag can be carried by top handle or removable shoulder strap which can be worn cross body. The leather shows some distressing, but has a great vintage worn in look. The right turnlock is looser than the left but it latches just fine (it is vintage after all!). This is the perfect bag for school or work and roomy enough to carry everything you need for the day.
Coach model number 732-0903. Made in the USA.
The special sale price will be $55 USD plus shipping.
Please comment with any questions you have and if you are interested in buying the bag please email me at krfeigenbaum@gmail.com

29 March 2011

Lavender lace

I liked my outfit from beerfest this weekend so much I wore it again on Monday. The dress is another item of clothing that was hibernating since I bought it but it came out for the beerfest and hasn't gone back in the closet since. It came from one of my favorite online vintage shops, Twitch Vintage, and hopefully you'll be seeing it much more often.
Vintage dress and belt, Old Navy sweater, Lucky Brand boots, Steve Madden tights

28 March 2011

20/20 vision was fifty percent off

My weekend was all about craft brews and dainty lavender dresses. The spring beer fest meant a whole lot of fancy beer and pretzel jewelry. I love that when I start drinking I think "Wow, what a great time for manual focus!" Needless to say, it many of my pictures look like beer goggles. Its sad to say, but that many beers means that I can't remember which beers I liked or didn't like. Thank goodness Rich is a human beer-cyclopedia that can remind me of these things. I'm almost positive I loved the "Pointy head" beer with the creepy conehead-gnome hybrid as the tap. That or I just liked its pointy noggin.
RichPointy headed conehead-gnome hybridAJ and LindsRich and Dave Me and Linds with our edible stylish necklaces

25 March 2011

Only kiss me if the light is right

Last day in our temporary building at work, brand new office on Tuesday! These are different shoes because I couldn't move things around at my desk, but when I came home I put on the shoes that I liked more with the outfit. Its been an exhausting week, so now I'm off to have dinner and beers with Rich. Happy Friday!
F21 sweater, AA sheer blouse, BDG jeans, Envy via Modcloth shoes, Promod necklace I bought in the Philippines

24 March 2011


This morning I had a meltdown when I woke up and there was snow on the ground. Actual, accumulated snow. In late March. Doesn't the universe realize that I've already packed away my kitten-mittens and heavy scarves? The knit tights were underneath the regular ones and even the lace ones already. I just threw on a simple color pattern outfit with some warm clothes that haven't gone into winter hiding because my brain was still trying to process what the weather was doing. By afternoon the sun was shining, it was warm and the snow had melted. Enter spring. Again.
Also, this is my new bag. The quality isn't A+ but my entire life and a penguin can fit inside there which is convenient since I often smuggle penguins around with me.
Gap tee & skirt, Dolce VIta Boots, random headband I found in the bathroom, Cooperative bag, vintage belt

23 March 2011

Bazaar bunny

In Istanbul I couldn't help notice how the girls were dressing there and the best place to people watch was sitting in Cafe Sous overlooking the entrance to Istanbul University and the Grand Bazaar (where I got my ceramic bunny who liked my tribute to his homeland so much he came out to vogue for the camera). What stood out most to me was how many stylish people were wearing red and olive green. It was everywhere, and all the women pulled it off without looking like a Christmas cookie exploded all over them. Since it was snowing today I rewound my wardrobe back to the chilly rain of Turkey in February and took a chance on green and red. I'm impressed with myself that I survived the day in these shoes including battling through Times Square to go to a conference uptown before work. My shoes were less impressed with the snow and salt though, I hope those marks come off.
H&M dress and sweater, Jeffrey Campbell oxfords, vintage bag

22 March 2011

Istanbul: Cats

In Istanbul and other cities in Turkey there are stray cats everywhere, and I mean everywhere. At first I noticed a few here and there but by the second day of my trip it became clear that if I didn't stop taking pictures of all of them I'd need to buy another memory card just for cats. I've heard a few theories about the reason for all the strays, the most likely one nowadays is that no one feels they can kill a litter of kittens. Another story of why the cats are left alone is that prophet Muhammed not disturbing a sleeping cat on his vest, and rather than bother the animal he cut off the piece of fabric. If you look closely around certain parts of the city there are small dishes of water and food left out for them by concerned people who don't want them to starve. Some are pretty mangy looking, but near where we stayed they were well fed by delighted tourists who didn't mind sharing their food or breaking up a catfight.
We met this cat outside Topkapi Palace
This cat was hanging out on a raised platform where the altar would have been inside the Haggia Sofia
I made a friend
Sultan (that was what the waiter called him) joined us at our table for lunch
This guy...
Cat hopping around Troy
Pretty cat

21 March 2011


This weekend I made Gremolata which is tasty for dinner, but is perfect to pack for lunch when you're trying to save money.
You will need:
Grape tomatoes
lemon zest
(I added chick peas to make it more filling)
First, wash and quarter the tomatoes and put water on the stove to boil so that the pasta will be done about the same time as the gremolata Then heat up the oil, and add chopped garlic over medium heat While the garlic is browning, chop the parsley into a bowl and scrape the zest from the lemon into the same bow. Use scissors to chop the parsley finer and to let the lemon flavor and parsley mix togetherAdd the tomatoes and chick peas to the oil and garlic.When the tomatoes start to lose their skin, add the parsley-lemon zest. I like to squeeze half of the lemon on top. When the parsley wilts take it off the heat and add it to the pasta. Toss with parmagiano-reggiano or parmesan cheese and eat!

20 March 2011

Officially Spring

Today was the first official day of Spring and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Its still a bit chilly but the sun was shining and the sky was perfectly blue. I dressed up for the occasion and took my old bike out of the shed for the first time since last fall. Its incredibly difficult to ride in these shoes so I won't be attempting that again, but that didn't stop me from going a little picture crazy. This vintage dress has been mine for almost 3 years, but I hardly ever wore it because it was so long. Over the winter I shortened it and like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon it was ready to fly out of the closet. Hopefully now it will have the chance to be on heavy rotation in the coming months.
Vintage dress and matching belt, BP cardigan, Jeffrey Campbell oxfords
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