27 February 2011

Istanbul favorites

I'm back! I meant to blog while I was in Turkey, but the Internet connection was painfully slow and I wanted to be out having fun instead of waiting for photos to upload. There are so many pictures to share, but for tonight here are some of my favorites. Throughout the week I should be posting many many more photos of my travels.
I went on the trip with my one of my oldest friends, Dave.
Blue Mosque from the street below.
Tram stop at Sultanhamet.
Candy at the Egyptian Bazaar.
International drinking games.
The ferry token with a pretty symbol.
Galata Tower from the ferry.

19 February 2011

Sultanahmet and Ayasofia

kallie 008 kallie 017 kallie 018
Sultanahmet Square in front of the Blue Mosque
kallie 006

17 February 2011

"It's a dangerous business going out your door..."

"... You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." -JRR Tolkien
I'm off to Turkey! See you there!

15 February 2011

Valentine's Day pt. 2

I had the best Valentines Day ever. The evening was filled with daisies, kisses and sparkles. What more could I ask for? I'm so happy and lucky I am at a loss for words. This should tide me over for awhile on the mushyness, next year we can just grab burritos and watch a movie.
Here's what I wore to work and then out for our date. Also, I'm shamefully behind on my replies to all your comments, I promise I will get back to you soon!
My work outfit: BP sweater, vintage blouse, silence + noise skirt, AA tights, Nine West shoes, Juicy heart locket
Valentines Day date: BP sweater (yea I have one in every color), F21 dress, vintage belt, Aerosoles booties, Milani "Disco Lights" nailpolish

14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This is my Valentine, Rich (also my boyfriend). We are pretty gross and know that we border on annoyingly cute. According to one friend we are permitted a window of one year after we begin dating to be obnoxiously cute and obsessed with one another. I trust her judgment since she's in her own mushy-wushy romance of her own. Since its Valentine's Day and we are still in that glowing kissy-face stage (and have technically only been together since New Year's) he has already made today extra special and its only 2PM. First of all, he acknowledged the holiday and for my sake is playing along because I've never had a proper Valentine's day. No one has ever just played along on this goofy holiday for any other reason than to see me smile and make my day special.
Special it is. On my way to work this morning I discovered two cards on my car window: A kitty card you might have given your crush in elementary school with a matching pencil stating "You're a purr-fectly stylish Valentine," (he know's what compliments I like best), and another one of a monkey that is "going banana's" over me with a lollipop. Tonight we're going out to a nice dinner together and hanging out cuddling and hopefully making out.
Most of all, I'm happy that he's stuck around long enough with me to make it to Valentines Day. I didn't make it easy for him. When we met last May I had just come out of a very strange and draining relationship and wasn't interested in boyfriends. I'll admit I jerked him around and was totally unfair by seeing other people and pretending to not care and yet when I rekindled our friendship after a month of not talking and made it clear that's all it would be, he still wanted to see me.
The more time we spent together the more I fell in love with him. I still didn't want a boyfriend though. Months went by, all my friends referred to him as my boyfriend while I vehemently denied it. I knew the direction my feelings were going in and I fought it hard, and wasn't always nice to him.
I'm not sure what changed exactly, but having someone so fun and wonderful around making me so incredibly happy all the time must have worn down my bitterness.
He always says that he's lucky, but I know that I'm the lucky one because he fought with me for my affection and won by a mile.

Happy Valentine's Day Rich! Don't be mad that I posted this!!! <3

13 February 2011

Revisionist Western

I've recently developed a curiosity for western movies since my grandpa lent me his favorite movie Blazing Saddles, which pokes fun at them. In particular, Revisionist Westerns which don't necessarily follow the "good cowboys fight the evil Indians." These stories favorably depict Mexicans and Native Americans, women are featured in stronger or more prominent roles and have a more realistic tone. Movies included some modern movies including 3:10 to Yuma, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and There Will Be Blood. These movies made their debut around the time of WWII and have continued to be made today.
But the real reason you're here is probably to see an outfit. My vintage cowboy flannel paired with a thrifted school-girl skirt felt very much like a revised Western outfit. Not your typical cowboy boots and turquoise, but I felt it had a Western flare nonetheless.

vintage skirt, belt, boots and shirt, GAP sweater

12 February 2011

Powder blue at sunrise

The sunrise was gorgeous yesterday morning through the pine trees in my backyard. Before going out to take pictures I thought it might be nice to grab this hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. There are pictures somewhere in my moms house of me at age 5 with my teddy bear running around the woods while I'm wearing this exact chapeau. Just slightly moth eaten and a little misshapen, it still makes my mom go Awww, whenever I take it out of the closet. It didn't work out to keep me from squinting, but the warm sunlight felt wonderful on my skin.
Powder blue is popping up all over in spring collections, so its a good thing I snagged this lovely blouse from H&M during their winter sale for $10. Its the perfect shade of sheer sky blue that I think looks lovely with jeans. Yea, the jeans, which hardly ever come out to play made an appearance. Casual Friday has me hooked and fiending for more, after a long week its so nice to sit unladylike in my desk chair while I work while dreaming about the huge beer that awaits me afterwards.
vintage hat,cardigan and shoes, H&M blouse, BDG jeans, Express necklace

10 February 2011

Kind words

Thank you all so much for your kind words and your thoughts on my previous post. I'm making it my goal to respond to every one of your comments. As promised Happy, Honey and Lark is almost back to business as usual. My camera came back from Canon tonight and is all fixed up. This will be my last day borrowing my wonderful boyfriend's point and shoot, thanks Rich!
I've been having a love affair with dark green this winter, and my latest trip to Savers was a success. This dark green top was just waiting for me to buy it at only $3. I love the way velour plays with the light, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter. Its so perfect for the bitter cold winter days to keep warm and cozy. It was freezing when I took these this morning, I ran inside right after for an extra scarf, a heavy coat, and a fuzzy hat.
H&M shorts & peplum blazer, velour top from Savers, Lucky Brand boots, thrifted scarf, handmade fringe necklace from my friend

09 February 2011

February 4th

First, I'd like to start by saying don't mean to offend anyone with what is written here. It's simply an attempt to organize my thoughts. This is a truthful account, I did not fabricate or omit anything written here. Tomorrow my blog will return to its normal state of affairs trying to spread a little happiness.

Friday night after work I met my boyfriend at a midtown Manhattan bar called The Ginger Man for fancy schmancy beer and a hot dog with bacon. On our walk back to the train we took a detour into Macy's on 34th Street so he could show me a tie he liked. As we were headed down the very wide, main walkway two girls were walking toward us. Right toward us. In NYC (and usually the whole US) its typically polite to walk the way you drive, on the right side. We were walking hand in hand on the right.
The two girls walked straight into us, one saying,"Make up your fucking mind." As if we had done something wrong.
Both of us indignantly said, "Excuse me."
I'm going to pause right here. Did anyone say anything about skin color? No. Was this a very big deal? Not really.
One of the girls turned around and started screaming, "What the fuck did you just say to me? What the fuck did you just say to me you white fucking bitch?! Yea walk away whitey! Walk the fuck away!"
I turned around because I wasn't one hundred percent sure she was yelling at me. When I did figure that out, I was going to walk over to her and ask her to stop. There was a security guard, fighting with her never crossed my mind. It must have crossed my boyfriends mind, because he dragged me away before I could say anything. Sure, we'd been drinking and I was tipsy, when added to adrenaline could signal to someone that a fight might ensue.
She proceeded to follow us screaming (in a store with security guards), "Yea walk away you white fucking cracker. Walk the fuck away. You thought you was gonna fight me? Fucking white cracker bitch." You get the picture.
I yelled back, "This has nothing to do with being white. Its not even about being white!"
She ran into the revolving door with us where Rich pushed me through the door and stopped her as she pounded on the glass still yelling about how I was a "white bitch," and he told her to stop. "It's over. Stop. We are leaving."
The Macy's security guard stood there. Chuckling. Also black. Agreeing with this girls actions by not stepping in.
We walked out, Rich leading me from my lower back, walking me across the street.
Then everything went starry. Then dark.
She had run up behind me in the middle of 34th street and punched me in the face from behind. Still yelling, "You deserve what you get you white fucking bitch."
Rich pushed her and her friend off me.
I wiggled free from Rich and saw a cop car mercifully turning the corner and started pounding on the hood. "Please stop, she just punched me in the face," I yelled not realizing their windows were down.
The cop rolled his eyes at me. "Stop yelling in my face."
Two police officers get out of the car and restrain her from hitting anyone else. Another cop car pulls up. Witnesses come forward and confirm my story that the girl had come up behind me and hit me, unprovoked. No one actually mentioned the words she was using while she was swinging.
Out of nowhere she pushes past the police officer, points in my face and screamed, "She called me a n----."
I feel sick and dizzy just writing that. At the time, I immediately burst into tears and I felt my hands shaking with rage. The indignation I felt was beyond words. That is an epithet that I would never hurl at anyone under any circumstances, and I have been known to toss the dreaded "c" word around from time to time.
An officer put his arm around me and walked me to the curb, engulfed in steam from a hotdog cart I cried, "I would never say that. She chased me. She hit me. I did not say that."
Somehow the officer passed me off to Rich who pulled me across 7th Ave. He was telling me that the cops needed us to leave. We were told to walk away as though nothing happened.


In a post near Christmas I wrote about how magical I think Macy's is. I will never set foot in there again.
I used to believe that police were there to serve and protect. The NYPD proved me wrong. Apparently accusing someone of using a horrible word trumps assault. Fear of being thought a racist by not believing the truth drives the police to only protect certain people is what I've learned. People who clearly don't understand that their actions ought to have consequences.

Did this girl not see that she was insulting all the people, of every race that believe in true equality? By playing the system in this way she made a mockery of equality.

I knew a teacher once who reprimanded a student who then wrongfully accused them of using that word, and the teacher was forced out of their position by the principal. No questions asked.
In middle school a girl I had been friends with wrote "White piece of shit" in my locker with a sharpie. I knew who it was because she was the only one with the combination. When I was told I would have to pay for the damage, I asked "Why would I write that in my own locker?"
I've had friends tell me the reason they got into a better college than me is because of their race. Because they are considered a minority.
My grandparents survived the Holocaust and came here because America was a place of hope. Hope for a better life for their children, my father. I was always taught to believe in that hope.

The cycle of racism and blame makes me dizzy and sick. I'm just so disappointed in the world in a way that I have never felt before.

Also, my face really hurts, its stinging with emotion and a purple bruise.

08 February 2011

Ice cream flavors

I painted my nails like ice cream colors tonight, which is kind of ironic considering I used to hate dairy. Even ice cream grossed me out. I finally started to like ice cream in my teens and cheese in my twenties but milk and yogurt are pretty much always out. Milkshake has never even crossed my lips because the texture looks so weird and unnatural.
Every time I look down my nails make me smile thinking about chocolate and strawberry ice cream.
Its been cheering me up immensely because I'm still mulling over the weekends drama and whether or not to post what I wrote about it here. I'm worried about being judged by people I don't know, thinking I deserve what happened, telling me to stop asking for pity. Its not really about that, its about me needing to get it off my chest so some of this emotion can dissolve.
Camera things:
1. Canon has assured me that I will have my DSLR back tomorrow evening so regularly scheduled blog fun can resume. Let me tell you, I have plans!
2. Do you wonderful readers know another site besides Puricute for Purikura? It never saves mine. *sadface*
Mod Squad-Essie and Hot Cocoa-Rimmel

07 February 2011

There's stars in my eyes and there's sun in my hair

All winter I have been wearing the same two pairs of boots nearly everyday, and they are sadly wearing out. For weeks I have been searching for a new pair of boots with all the sales going on. On Sunday morning I went to Century 21 with my friend and had given up hope of finding something that I loved enough to buy, since that is my new measure for making a purchase. We walked quickly down the aisles, not seeing anything worthwhile. Then I saw the corner of a purple box with what looked like roses printed on the inside. On the bottom of the last shelf in the shoe section they were lying in a bed of roses in exactly my size. Take that winter blues!
The luckiest find in a long time. Boots from Lucky Brand.

The giveaway winner is Courtney Erin of Sartorial Sidelines, congrats lady! Jo will contact you about your rosette soon.
PS- Can you guess where the title of my post came from?

06 February 2011

Weekend fixations

This weekend started out with some drama that I will try to write about another time, but I'm still to upset to put it properly into words. I wore this outfit all weekend which included a lot of hanging out in my house and watching movies on Saturday. On Sunday everything was sunnier, literally, the weather was breezy and warm and there was some seriously bright sun. It made me feel a whole lot better. That and not wearing any makeup or doing my hair. It was the perfect way to collect all my thoughts and feelings by not focusing on my appearance. On top of that my boyfriend was sweet enough to lend me his camera until I get mine back from Canon, he's the best.
Interesting side note, my great-grandma brought my mom this sweater when she went to Ireland in the late 1970's. I also named this coat "Return of the Jedi,"and always refer to it as my Jedi jacket because with the hood up I look like Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine.
Nerd girl out!
Vintage sweater from Ireland, vintage Levi's shorts, oldschool GAP coat, AA tights in Bordeaux, Smartwool socks, vintage boots, Halogen purse

05 February 2011

Dress Red

The number one killer of women in the US is heart disease. Since so many bloggers are women, this outfit is particularly close to my heart. Friday was National Wear Red Day in order to show support for women and to promote heart disease awareness. Fashion designers came on board with the effort in collaboration with the federal government in 2003, with a red dress campaign to display dresses at Fashion Week, expanding into a fashion show of red dresses every year since. Read more about it here.
My office collected money to fight heart disease and encouraged everyone to wear red. I accidentally wore my red dress the day before so I put together a red-heavy outfit for heart health awareness.
J Crew hand-me-down sweater, AA dress, AA tights, vintage Etienne Aigner loafers, Kirra hat, VIA coat, Gap hair clip
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