13 January 2011


This has been such a hectic week and I feel like I've barely had a minute to breathe. The weekend couldn't come sooner, plus its a three-day weekend which makes it that much better. Today I already broke my resolution by wearing stripes, but I paired it with a pretty sweater that has mismatched buttons to spice it up. The tee shirt underneath was inspired by Amanda's most recent look. It sort of reminds me of the late 90's, probably because I always wore baby tee's under tank tops since I was a tween (not that they had that term then). Oh man, remember G&G, or when Topshop was still affordable? G&G was this awful store in the mall that was like Forever 21's slutty little sister. I'll never forget in 1999 Topshop blew my 12 year old mind because I was able to buy a really fab black moto jacket and a baseball tee with a mouse on it with my own money. Plus it made me seem cool to have clothes from London when most kids had never left the country yet. Speaking of leaving the country, I have some plans that I'll share with you soon! Anyway...the 90's. Yeah! I'm gonna listen to some Gin Blossoms and work on that GeoCities site...ha. Goodnight kids.
F21 dress, H&M tee-tights-and socks, Free People sweater from high school, Kirra hat, scarf was a gift, Old Navy coat- I'm its 3rd owner, and Seychelles boots


  1. This is such a cute series of looks - and I love your red jacket. I hope you have a really relaxing weekend.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. you are so cute. i like the last one the best. i miss gin blossoms.

  3. omg. i totally remember G and G! hahaha! flash back! you couldn't have described it better! thanks for that.

    and i miss hole. and smashing pumpkins.

    love the shoes.


  4. I adore this look! The stripes look perfect so don't worry about that resolution! ;) Ohhh It was a sad day when Geocities was no more, that was pretty much my teen years right there!

    Ayesha x

  5. cute outfits...I'm so excited for the 3 day weekend. School started this week for me and I'm ready to have a little bit of relaxation.

  6. Is that your kitchen? So cute!!!!!!!!
    I love the macth with red and withe!!!! and the dress is lovely!

  7. Aw great outfit, you look all cosy! I too remember when Topshop was (kinda) affordable, ah those were the days! :)

  8. Ha! Your writing is funny. My first personal-website was on Geocities. :)

    You look fabulous, of course. My favorite part of the outfit are the cute socks peeking out with white dots adding a dash of surprise.

    When you're done with that coat, can I be its fourth owner? :)

  9. Oh, and one more thing... I love your cabinets! So playful and saturated with color.

    It used to annoy me when I did outfit-shots in my kitchen and people would admire my room more than my clothes, but I got over it -- and now I'm committing the same crime. Guilty as charged, your Honor...

  10. Love your outfits! You have such great style.

  11. Oh man, geocities. :) I spent the 90s writing angst ridden websites.
    I was just listening to Bush and Nirvana today feeling like an oldster.. maybe I should throw in some Silverchair for good measure? *We'll make it up to you in the year 2000*... LOL

    Love the look. Super cute dress and I adore your cardi :)

    btw as for useless info: the term tween was coined in the 1940s :)

  12. hahaha geocities. You're adorable.

  13. Awww, this outfit is lovely! Hehe, i miss the 90's, geocities sites used to be the best ;D xxxxxx

  14. i do get the nineties vibe from this! this whole get-up would look really cute with lace up boots, too (and maybe even more 90's?).

    and to answer your question - nope, i didn't go to penn state. i actually went to temple. however, my best friend (jennifer way) went to penn state and i visited her up there all the time.

  15. Ah, the 90s. You should also be singing that song Barbie Girl by Aqua I think! That would really complete the scene. ; D

  16. yay i love the nineties, i love how you showed the different stages of your outfit
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  17. look at you being all cute and stuff! Totally 90s done right with the layered tee with a dress (I rocked that look too!) In california, the sluttier forever 21 aimed for tweens was called Charlotte Rousse and I always begged my mom to take me there and she would never! Probably a good idea in hind sight :)

    also, is that your kitchen?!?! It's adorable!!! I want to see more pictures!


  18. just found your blog. so cute!


  19. you are such a doll love! very very pretty <3

  20. Ahh you look gorgeous! I especially love the second outfit :) xoxo

  21. Hi, and they were yummy :) You always look so nice :)

    I have a scarf just like yours ;)

    Lots of Love,


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