31 January 2011


The title of this post makes me vom a little in my own mouth its so cheesy. Tomorrow is the first of February and Valentines day is upon us again. Typically I try to ignore the whole thing. 2011 is going to be different. I'm going to totally embrace the holiday like a love sick high schooler in a movie that ends with a school dance. Paper hearts, love songs, pink and red sweaters galore. Winter depression has sunk me pretty low, so low that the prospect of going out and having drinks exhausts me and anything that isn't happening on the couch is like something on TV, and only vaguely real. To turn that around I'm surrounding myself with happy, cute and potentially vomit inducing Valentine's Day enthusiasm. It will probably only last through Wednesday, but here's to trying.
My outfit today was put together around my pale pink cashmere sweater that I picked up at Savers a few years ago for about 5 or so dollars. Its the color of spring flowers, but since its winter I needed to bring it back down to reality with wool shorts, tights, and tall boots made for walking the icy SoHo streets. The single greatest thing about "dress shorts" is having the freedom of movement that comes with pants, without any of the discomfort. Skirts can actually be quite uncomfortable on the subway if they don't completely cover your butt when you sit down, but this isn't the case with shorts. No ice-butt for me, thanks.
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30 January 2011

Radio programs

Today I went with my mom and grandma to hear a recording of Selected Shorts, "Funny Fiction" hosted by Isaiah Sheffer. If you've never listened before its wonderful, like being a little kid and being completely absorbed by someone reading out loud to you. My favorite reading was David Rakoff reading "Your Mother and I," by Dave Eggers. I can't wait until they play it so that I can say, "Hey thats me laughing!" My mom is kind of obsessed with NPR so by proxy I am as well. In the car growing up it was the only station that was allowed to be on.
Afterwards we had awesome meatloaf at my grandparents house where I took my pictures. Speaking of my pictures, have I mentioned how much I hate my point and shoot? My boots are brown and my dress is black, not that you can really tell.
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29 January 2011

Point and shoot

And so we meet again Nikon Coolpix circa 2006. Until I get my DSLR back I'm going to be using this camera. On the bright side, its light to carry over the snow. Today I ran errands: dropped off thrifted clothes to be altered and looked for a new pair of shoes for work. You know how when cheesy people say, "When it rains, its pours?" Its true. My car broke too. This is what I get for getting an absurdly low Honda. Ah well. The first outfit felt really boring after I ran errands so I changed into my cozier second one. This sweater was my mom's in college and is incredibly cozy and warm. Perfect for sitting in bed eating mac and cheese watching Gilmore Girls until I go out tonight.
Vintage Esprit sweater, Zara sale dress, Liz Claiborne tights from Century21, Envy boots from Modcloth

27 January 2011

Whining and wine

I had a snow day today and the first thing I thought was: What a great opportunity to take some photos and put together a few shoots that have been rolling around my brain. First on the list was a few early morning shots of the sun rising over the 20 inches of fresh snow. But wait! The pictures are hopelessly overexposed and there's some awful black blob across the top of the picture. I take a few pictures of the table to test it and see: Error 99. The dreaded Canon Error 99 which could be a number of problems. Crying, stomping, flipping out and general hysteria ensued. Last time I sent my camera in for work it took three months and cost me a lot of money so this was a pretty intense tantrum. Luckily I was able to get these shots later in the day, but between each one there was an "Error 99".
In the afternoon my mom and I dug out and bought wine (she felt really bad for me) and I chilled out for long enough to call Canon and sniffle my way through a conversation with Erwin from Canon Tech Support. He eased all my fears and calmed me down to a rational level. It will ship to the camera hospital tomorrow and I will have it back in plenty of time. In time for what? You're probably thinking I'm a total brat for throwing this level of freak out but... I'm going on vacation in a few weeks! Anyone who's saved long and hard for a DSLR can tell you, having it break sucks, having it break before a trip is worth a level 10 meltdown.
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26 January 2011


I had some kind of bug yesterday and had to stay home from work. Today I felt a bit better, but still needed to bundle up in sweater tights and two layered sweaters. The second sweater replaced a blazer so it still looked professional even though I wore it mostly for snuggling in. Not much to say other than I'm still under the weather. The actual weather might be a factor in that, its been so dismal and cold. Right now there's an icy thunderstorm but Rich is here suffering bad TV and my blogging so I'll keep it short.
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Petit Bateau striped sweater, Old Navy long sweater, Club Monaco skirt, Steve Madden sweater tights, Dolce Vita Boots, Halogen purse

24 January 2011

Giveaway with Jo!

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23 January 2011

Time for stars

The sky was such a beautiful color when I took these, and they are edited as little as possible to show the watery, pale colors as true as was captured on the camera. Stars were just starting to peek out as the sun went down and my pink house and the orange sunset sent a lovely warmth across the snow. Winter skies have such a mysterious, magical quality. My favorite vintage dress reminds me of twinkling little stars scattered across midnight blue.
I wore this on Thursday to work, and again on Saturday to run errands because it was so comfy and nice.
vintage dress, Express sweater, Hue tights, H&M leg warmers, vintage Banana Republic belt, Dolce Vita boots

21 January 2011

I was chicken about cooking chicken

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have the taste buds of a seven year old and I'm a very inattentive cook (by that I mean I boil water and walk away until I remember that I'm cooking).
That being said, this year is the year I change that. Learning to cook and eat well is a goal I've set for myself. There's no specific things I want to make or try eating, but in general to expand my scope.
Monday my office was closed for MLK Jr. Day, so I decided that I'd cook dinner for my mom and Rich. There's a great cookbook I found in a used bookstore that breaks down how to cook staple foods right down to "properly chopping an onion."
Cleaning the clucker was terrifying and I probably would have made a great vegetarian. After rinsing it in cold water, trimming the fat around the cavity (aka its butthole, but this is a POLITE blog) and patting it dry with a paper towel, it was placed in the pan.
My mom pointed out that I put it in upside down. Thanks, Ma.
After setting the oven to pre-heat at 450 degrees it was veggie chopping time. I used an onion, a leek, a few carrots, a beet, 6 garlic cloves, and about 12 golden finger potatoes. I stirred in some olive oil, salt and pepper.
While chopping veggies I chopped an extra onion and garlic cloves. I stuffed the chicken with the onion and jammed the garlic cloves under the skin along with a butter/salt/pepper mixture. The whole chicken was then smothered in butter and a freshly squeezed lemon (which was also promptly stuck up its butt).
Everything went in the oven for an hour.
Since I knew I couldn't leave the kitchen for awhile so I made some lemon dill rice as an extra side dish: Boil 2 cups of broth and a garlic clove, add rice and simmer until the liquid disappears. Remove the garlic clove and add a few table spoons of chopped dill and butter.It was delicious and no one died from eating raw meat: SUCCESS.

20 January 2011


glass glitteringFrostmy pink typewriter
I am so ready for the weekend.

19 January 2011


I have a secret: I collect garden gnomes. It likely started when my friends and I took one from someone's lawn in high school as a prank. If you're reading this, sorry I took your gnome. The gag grew into a running joke and people started giving them to me as gifts. Altogether I've probably got about 17 scattered throughout my house and photographing them is on my list of things to do. They all have names and my mom and I joke about their personalities based on what their faces look like. The first time I saw Amelie a few months ago, I got so excited about the gnome I was practically jumping up and down checking out the collection to see if there was one that looked like her father's. Gnomes, man. Love them.
Today I put on my outfit and was so pleased and excited with it in a way I haven't been in weeks. The Tokyo Forest-girl style was floating around in the back of my mind and came through in the autumnal colors. My gorgeous floral-embroidered sweater was hanging in my mom's closet for too long so I adopted it and wore it for the first time. This outfit made me smile all day, and I couldn't figure out why. While I was taking pictures I realized that the colors corresponded perfectly with garden gnome attire!
H&M dress, F21 sweater, AA tights in Cocoa, Nine West shoes, Marc Jacobs hairpins, vintage locket
Yes, I own the gnome in a box. His name is Geoff, and he doesn't get out enough.

18 January 2011


Better known in English as Mori Girls, they are the girls that imagine life in the forest at a slow pace, away from the big city. This Japanese style is defined by floaty dresses or tunics in beautiful fabrics and textures, often in many layers. Preferring natural fabrics to synthetics often in autumnal shades. My outfit today was inspired by this fascinating style thats made its way to New York all the way from Tokyo, Japan. Of course, I work in an office and modified the outfit to my lifestyle. Interestingly enough, I relate to the Mori-girl more than a hustle-and-bustle New Yorker; longing for a slower pace of life, delighting in small wonders, and exploring quaint new places would be an ideal day.
My dress reminds me of a monochrome winter forest, and yet in the past I had worn it on job interviews with a blazer for a much different effect than today's ensemble. The Thai silk scarf I bought in Bangkok kept me warm through the day. I made sure to layer cotton tights and socks to keep warm with some dainty boots that hint at outdoor adventures, but are probably better suited for a large city park. In North American forests if you're lucky you might spot a moose. This pin from Alaska (complete with tiny gold nugget eye!) was the finishing touch to my American take on the Japanese style.
GLAM dress, BP sweater, Thai silk scarf, knit HUE tights, H&M socks, vintage boots, vintage belt

Long weekend

I just had a very long weekend and needed to take a blogging break. Its really important to step back from things and re-think them for a few days. Between being really busy catching up with friends, and especially catching up on sleep, the blog took a back seat. This gave me some time to think about where I want to take Happy, Honey and Lark and I have some exciting things coming up. I am really going to try to make my outfit pictures better. Back when my blog didn't have many followers I didn't care if my pics were rushed, but now I am really conscious of it. Taking indoor shots can be really hard because of lighting and the fact that there isn't really much space inside to take them, but I think its important to improve. Here is what I wore today (and the photos that got me thinking that I need to take better shots). Its sort of silly, but I'm currently very stressed by the fact that you can't tell my boots are brown* or see the vibrant colors in the tunic**. Perhaps this can be my New Year's resolution since I never made one: improve photographs of outfits!
*edit:when I got to work and checked the pictures they looked completely different, then I realized that I need to make the screen brighter on my laptop...DERR *headsmack*.
**I love that you guys like this tunic. Its so old, my mom used to wear it in grad school and to her African dance classes, so its got a lot of sentimental value.

13 January 2011


This has been such a hectic week and I feel like I've barely had a minute to breathe. The weekend couldn't come sooner, plus its a three-day weekend which makes it that much better. Today I already broke my resolution by wearing stripes, but I paired it with a pretty sweater that has mismatched buttons to spice it up. The tee shirt underneath was inspired by Amanda's most recent look. It sort of reminds me of the late 90's, probably because I always wore baby tee's under tank tops since I was a tween (not that they had that term then). Oh man, remember G&G, or when Topshop was still affordable? G&G was this awful store in the mall that was like Forever 21's slutty little sister. I'll never forget in 1999 Topshop blew my 12 year old mind because I was able to buy a really fab black moto jacket and a baseball tee with a mouse on it with my own money. Plus it made me seem cool to have clothes from London when most kids had never left the country yet. Speaking of leaving the country, I have some plans that I'll share with you soon! Anyway...the 90's. Yeah! I'm gonna listen to some Gin Blossoms and work on that GeoCities site...ha. Goodnight kids.
F21 dress, H&M tee-tights-and socks, Free People sweater from high school, Kirra hat, scarf was a gift, Old Navy coat- I'm its 3rd owner, and Seychelles boots

11 January 2011

Wardrobe resolutions

As I was going through my photos putting together my favorite outfits from 2010 a realization hit me. I wear a lot of the same things. This year I am going to branch out and diversify my style. Here is what I'll aim to change:
1. More patterns (less stripes). I love patterns and mixing patterns/textures/colors, but mostly I just wear stripes. I've actually lost count of how many striped shirts live in my closet.
Going from this:Adding simple illustrated designs like this Marc Jacobs dress and Miu Miu clutch. A girl can dream right?2. I really, desperately need to update my shoe collection and start switching up my footwear once in awhile. (Please refer to my favorite work-day Aerosoles booties in all my pictures with stripes!) Low heels are my favorite since my commute is so long. I especially like these Irregular Choice, Aldo, and Seychelles options.
3. My favorite color is yellow. It always has been and always will be. So why don't I wear more of it? These are two gorgeous sunshine colored dresses I'm lusting after from ASOS and Alice and Oliva.4.The most interesting challenge I'm presenting myself with is to buy clothes I really love, not just like because its stylish. If its not exactly what I want I won't buy it in an attempt to buy less. I'd also like to start buying more vintage or thrift store clothes to reduce waste. Perhaps its time to organize a clothing swap too!

What are your sartorial changes looking like for 2011?
also: go check it out, Amanda from The Upside of Wonder nominated me as a blogger to be featured!
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