05 December 2010

New York, New York

Its easy to forget how other people perceive this city, especially the ones who visit to take in all it has to offer. Why would I spend a day wandering the city, looking at the beautiful decorations in a department store, looking at a giant Christmas tree when I can just go another time? But the thing is, I never go another time. In the whirl of holiday parties, work, going out with friends, that other part of New York goes unnoticed and I'm always left wishing I had partaken in some of the traditions that make New York at Christmas so magical.
On Saturday I woke up, had my tea, and headed into Manhattan as a visitor. I'll admit it was difficult to let myself relax, battling crowds is a particular hell that I reserve for workdays and the non-commuter set on the train practically gave me an eye twitch (the woman in front of me, loudly and in detail was describing the lingerie her roommates boyfriend bought for her). Eventually I blocked it out and sat looking out the window with my head on Rich's shoulder.Our first stop after getting a hotdog for lunch was Macy's Department Store. Macy's at Herald Square at any other time of the year is gross, but at Christmas its pure magic. The regal decorations give shopping there a sense of occasion: riding up the original wooden escalators past gorgeous displays of sweaters, cookware, and Santa's Workshop, glittering ornaments and pine garland bring back childhood memories of special holiday trips to Macy's. If you can't visit this Christmas, watch the original Miracle on 34th Street with Natalie Wood for a better idea of what I mean.After wandering through Macy's trying on cardigans and silly ties we walked up 6th Avenue past the bead stores and MJ Trimming Co. I'd never gone in to any of these shops because I kept pushing it off but I'm so glad I finally did because now I have some cue projects to work on. We made a detour at Crumbs Bakery for a red velvet cupcake and sat in Bryant Park near the ice skating rink soaking up some winter sun. Once the cupcake was gone it was time to head up to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree. We walked past Radio City Music Hall and over the 5th Avenue taking the long way around and seeing gorgeous decorations and St. Patricks Cathedral. The tree was beautiful at 30 Rock, but the ice skating rink wasn't open yet and it was getting cold so we didn't stay long.The insanity of the crowds on 5th Avenue had finally pushed me over the edge and I was cranky, hungry, and tired so we stopped in a cozy deli to warm up and have sandwiches. When we were done it had gotten dark outside so we wandered over to the west side, Rich showed me his office building and we caught a subway downtown. Its so fun to see the buildings where my friends work, though in a few years we probably won't even care, but its our first jobs and its still exciting. Also, since this is a fashion blog, I'm going to point out how much I like Rich's look with the button down under a thermal shirt with a similarly colored hoodie. Boy layers:excellent.In Soho I showed Rich where I work, and we wandered around cute stores, including Pearl River Mart where I bought some cute little goodies, and we wandered through Chinatown and Little Italy. We stopped in a tiny store that sells nothing but jerky, and if you know me, you know I love beef jerky! It wasn't exactly the kind I'm used to from a plastic bag (and typically eaten while waiting on a supermarket line), it was more like thin grilled and seasoned pieces of meat. Finally I had to stop to use a bathroom, and I found the universal bathroom stop (Starbucks) and got on line while Rich went to get us a Gingerbread Spiced Latte. The man in front of me let his two friends cut the line while everyone else waited and I nearly lost my mind due to a full bladder and serious indignation. I made it really clear that it was unacceptable to cut a bathroom line and they gave me a dirty look when I left but hopefully these 50 year old men realize that what they did was pretty rude. After that I realized that I had been pretty cranky and turned it around while walking around Evolution and looking at all the taxidermy, fossils, and crystals. We window shopped and walked over the cobblestone streets, and I even saw a cute "Meow!" sign outside Creatures of Comfort, but exhaustion finally overtook us and we headed home for a long nap and drinks at the pub. Overall it was pretty fun to be a tourist in New York City, but I think I've had enough for one year.


  1. I've always wanted to see NYC at xmas time, but I think this post perfectly captured just why being a tourist is so frustrating: lines, rude strangers, crowds, endless walking, overpriced food, etc.

  2. I've wanted to visit NYC for a few years now, but the intimidation of transportation and cost has held me back. I loved the pics of you and the boy having your Big Apple adventure! So cute!

  3. wow what a fun time! these photos are gorgeous <3 I love your blog!


  4. I adore the way that you write. Honestly, you sort of remind me of a cuter, vintage Carrie Bradshaw writing about life in the Big Apple.

    You are lovely.

  5. I can see why that would tide you over for a whole year! It seems so super-saturated... On a side note, I love the niche that cupcakes/dessert items occupy... it allows you to feel like you're treating yourself to something really grand and special for less than $10. Anyway, lovely pictures! Rich seems like quite the stylish fellow, too.

  6. I would love to visit New York someday. In the meantime, where are you going after being a 'tourist' for a year there?

    That red velvet cupcake looks awesome... *drool

  7. NYC is very high on my places to visit list! Thank you for the beautiful tour in the eyes of you :)

  8. words cannot express how envious i am that you live in new york. it is my biggest dream in life to live there...that city is so amazing, there is nowhere else like it! i am hopefully heading there in feb/march, maybe we could meet up :)


  9. I love Evolution!! That store is so cool. It was WICKED crowded when I was there over Thanksgiving weekend though.

    NY is definitely one of my favorite places. My dad was born and spent most of his childhood living in Manhattan & my mom is also from NY. I've visited the city more times than I can count but I'd love to live there someday. (:

  10. Oh my!! This looks amazing and I bet it isn't quite as crowded as when I went in summer! You look so pretty in all of these and that red velvet cupcake makes me miss america! (not Miss America... I mean long for America)

    Ayesha x

  11. I'm so pleased to read your words as I got a feel for what it must be like to be amongst the Christmas crowds and enjoy the sites and sounds of such a diverse city.
    I live in a wonderful city too but I have not been able to walk it for a long long time due to illness. I miss it. Something about Christmas always makes the stores so appealing doesn't it, like you said about Macy's it's the tradition.
    Happy christmas, glad I came across your blog sweetie!
    Kat x

  12. I do this every year, hopping on the LIRR and visiting the same sites you did. Why should tourists get to have all the fun?!

    It is great fun to read your old posts. I also visited the North Fork this Fall (for pies and wineries) and recently went to Jones Beach. Seeing your similar adventures makes me think we probably walk past each other on the street. :)

  13. I love that green tea drink. It's so refreshing when it's extra cold.


  14. the pics make the city look even more magical than already imagined. i want to go!

  15. I've always wanted to experience where I live as a tourist.
    I've always wanted to live in New York. I've been living in America for almost 4 months now (I'm a British girl!!) and I'm starting to realise that I probably couldn't live this far from England, but New York looks like it would convince me to stay.
    I'm going there for the 21st Birthday in March with my family. I can't wait.
    Also- your photos are amazing. What camera do you have?

    Charlotte xxx

  16. I'm off to NYC next Christmas for my belated 21st birthday present and can't wait. Your photos have made me so impatient to get there! Love them!
    Belle xx


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