30 November 2010


Today I had a really excellent lunch with my friend Ida at a cute little cafe near our offices. It was cold and rainy so chicken soup was the perfect remedy to our chilly's. I will have to find out the name of it tomorrow and share it with you in case you come to SoHo and get hungry. My favorite part was the glass patio, because it was like sitting outside without getting cold or wet but getting to sit in full daylight all the same.
vintage dress, UO bumble bee sweater, Liz Claiborne tights, thrifted flats

29 November 2010

Almost December

Since I'm feeling pretty under the weather and its almost December I thought I'd share some red images with you. Sorry for the dinky post, I'm pretty wiped. Happy Monday!
all images from weheartit

28 November 2010

New York Post(ed)

Last Monday there was a photo of me in the NY Post! Juggling! I was quite disappointed that they didn't get anyone else in the photo, especially since I am hardly there anymore. There should have been a photo of the guys who can juggle clubs and pass them back and forth to one another. That is really something to watch! Juggling in Bryant Park was the best part of working in midtown while my office was there but since we've moved to SoHo its just too far and my lunch breaks aren't anything special.

27 November 2010

Tip-Top Thanksgiving

Here is what I wore to Thanksgiving dinner where there were 16 people all having a huge dinner at my mom's boyfriend's house. Both of our families were there and it was wonderful. I always wanted to have a huge holiday dinner with lots of kids and grown-ups and wine...well, we always had a lot of wine but usually its been a small party with my grandparents. What made it even more special is that as I was headed out the door I stepped out into the first little snow of the year. I practically worship snow and was so excited and smiling so hard I almost cried. Quite the successful kick-off to the holiday season.
Via coat, Penn State scarf, Halogen purse, gifted-thrifted sweater, Express tee shirt, Betsey Johnson skirt, AA tights, Envy shoes from Modcloth, Juicy Couture necklace
I realized after taking the pictures that you can't see the detail on my skirt! I took one just to show it off, though the color is actually a very pretty cream color with a hint of pink. This was such a steal, only $25 at the Betsey Johnson outlet store (from more than $300). Also, drawstring which is essential for enjoying such a momentous day of feasting. It had to be let out (at least twice!).My mom completely outdid herself this year. Our dinner was incredibly tasty and sustainable. About 80% of the food came fresh from a local farm. The turkey was delivered special from STAR Farm in Kentucky where the birds are truly free-range and raised completely organically as part of the slow food movement. Lately we haven't been eating meat because of the questionable politics and health detriments behind industrially processed animals so this was a very special meal. Of course, since we've been eating so many local in-season veggies my mom made a TON of side dishes and showed off her skill in perfecting veggie heavy dinners.
My mom and grandpa with our beautiful turkey.A fresh cranberry centerpiece.The reason I wore a drawstring skirt...The amazing side dishes: green beans sauteed with garlic and oil, fennel and leeks in cream sauce, grilled cauliflower and bacon, roasted root veggies.List of what I'm thankful for: family, friends, my amazing job and the people I work with, kisses, beer, yummy food, and blogging.

26 November 2010

Going bar hopping with old friends

Where I live the night before Thanksgiving is a huge night of fun and partying when everyone is home for the holiday. Catching up with old friends, bar hopping, and staying out all night. I meant to post this before I went out Wednesday night, but oh well. Here is what I wore out to see a cover band with my friend and drink beer. Kinda boring, just a dress with leggings and boots but it took me forever to work my hair into this ponytail, but that just tells me its time for another haircut if it can make it up at all.
H&M dress, BP cardigan, Dolce Vita boots

23 November 2010

New York by FORK

Yesterday night I went with my mom to the WNYC Radio New York by FORK event at The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The museum itself is on the Intrepid, an aircraft carrier built during WWII and docked on 12th Ave and 46th St. Inside the Hangar Deck there were tables set up with wines, cheeses, chocolates, breads, and so many more delicious goodies. I was too hungry to take pictures of the food. Please forgive me, I arrived hungry straight from work. My favorite things were the FizzyLizzy sodas in fuji apple, Divine Chocolate raspberry bark chocolate, and Tom Cat Bakery baguette. The highlight of the night was meeting Leonard Lopate, the host of The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC. He always interviews the most interesting people, and I always feel more intelligent for listening in. I was fortunate enough to see him interview Mark Bittman, a New York Times food columnist who is the man behind some of my favorite recipes. In his own words he is a "home cook who loves food and writes about it."

22 November 2010

Cozy night at home

On Saturday I had a small party at my house. Before it started I went out to dinner with Rich at my favorite restaurant on Long Island. The food is delicious, and you can draw silly things on the tablecloths. Doesn't everyone judge restaurants based on their crayon selection? Everyone came over still exhausted from the night before and we got cozy in the living room. Sometimes it feels so good to stay inside and eat lots of delicious food and listen to everyone talk. I'd forgotten just how nice it is to be with them altogether. Growing up is so strange because we've all gone in different directions, but its nice to know that we can come together and its as though nothing much has changed between us. Sam brought her so-sweet French boyfriend with her, and it was nice to get to know him and get a glimpse into her life in Paris. She also brought us some cheeses and wine to taste.
Sam and RemiRemi and Rich. Everyone was comparing their thumbs!Sam and Lindsay. You can't learn to roll your tongue, its a genetic trait. Lindsay and I can both do it!Lynn and KimRichSpongebob?Remi, Sam and meSnuggle!xoxo

21 November 2010

Friday night at Blue Haven

On Friday night my friends from high school and I all met up at Blue Haven bar on Houston Street because Sam came for a visit! She moved to Paris in January, and this is the first time we've seen her since then. At first we meant to meet up for happy hour, but all her friends from New York were pouring in, and we were having too much fun to leave. Plus, the beer selection wasn't huge, but it was excellent and we couldn't just leave any untasted!Lynn and meSam and KimCourteney drinking her beer.Reginald looks like he might be angry about something, I think he's probably saying something really funny though.
I was able to pick Rich out of a crowd on Spring Street. He was the only person in a suit because he works uptown. Oh well, boys in suits are my weakness!
Got Guinness?

18 November 2010

Something new in some old things

This is my outfit from last Wednesday, I'm playing a bit of catch up because I've been so busy! Lots of exciting things are happening soon. I wanted to try mixing flowers with stripes that I've been seeing everywhere. I wasn't thrilled with the white tights but as I always say, its just clothes and you can change them tomorrow! Lately I've been clicking through my blog looking back on the changes in my style over the past year, its interesting to see. Last year I probably never would have tried something like this with a flouncy black floral dress, thinking it would have been too over the top. This dress has seen some serious change in style, take a look here and here.
Target dress, Petit Bateau sweater from Printemps (2005), Aerosoles boots

16 November 2010

Screens all day

I sit at a computer all day for work, and my favorite hobby is blogging and I can't escape the screen! What else is there to do but make it as beautiful and organized as possible? Here are a few past desktops, and my brand new one I made last weekend. Show me how you readers have personalized your screens, I'd even love to post some here as inspiration. Just send me an email with a screenshot attached!
This is the last view I had of my iBook G4 when I said goodbye and bought my new MacBook. You can see one of the Matryoshka dolls says "job hunt", and my new computer was a reward to myself because I landed a great job from that search. Maybe she was good luck.It was the middle of summer, and it was miserably-melty-molten hot every single day so I made my screen cool and refreshing to see whenever I popped open my new laptop. It reminds me of the way air feels while riding my bike fast near the water.At work I found myself with another new screen to look at! As much as I like my work, I would have loved to be outside riding around. Thank goodness I was able to bike as part of my commute to work when the weather was fine and the days were long.I made this for the fall, because soon I will be decorating trees with beautiful things and lighting it up, but not quite yet. A good compromise was made here, its not quite Christmas, but decorated trees are on my mind. (The photo is by Tim Walker)
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