12 October 2010

What to wear to work?

It can be such a difficult question when you are the new kid in the office. What do I wear to work today?
My office is far from fashion forward and I know that even my more "toned down" outfits raise eyebrows. I'm a little worried people might think I'm crazy, and since I'm new and its my first job I just want to make the best impression that I can.
For now we are located in midtown, and I'm looking forward to when we move downtown to SoHo where when you step out the door of the office its like stepping into a magazine editorial. Ok, that could be exaggerating, but it will be nice to not feel quite so out of place. Maybe if people outside the office are having more fun with their clothes, the people inside will be inspired. Midtown however, is a sea of super-slim pencil skirts, suits, and sweater-sets. I know what you see on the blogs, and there is a lot of fashion up there, but really, the majority of people around Bryant Park are tourists and suit-zombies.
I would like to offer my advice on what to wear as "the new kid" when you want to stand out, but too much.
Last Monday the weather was awful, complete with downpours and a cold breeze so layer was a must. Versatile, but fun printed dresses like this one with a gingham pattern can be taken from the picnic to the office with the right accessories. I love color, and playing with different combinations. Keeping the colors far enough apart with neutral in the middle keeps it playful, without being distracting.
While I'd love to bust out my beautiful heeled oxfords more often, a 3 hour round-trip commute, plus a full day of work takes its toll and I'd like to be as comfy as possible. The solution: Aerosoles. Sure, I know you're thinking they're your mom's (and maybe grandma's) shoes, but they have come out with some great styles lately that are also incredibly wearer-friendly. These ankle boots set me back $20 at an outlet store and are more comfy than sneakers. They are perfect for stormy days, keeping my feet dry from puddles and rain. They don't look bad either.
H&M dress, H&M sweater, Target navy blue tights, Aerosoles ankle-boots, Thai silk scarf from Bangkok
Here is another patterned dress with light layers for transitioning between the chilly office to the steamy subway platforms. Keep it simple, especially when wearing vintage to work, no one will take you seriously if they think you are wearing a costume. Its also fun to accessorize but I hate to be distracted at my desk trying to get work done by anything extra that needs to be adjusted. That old rule of take off one accessory before you leave the house really only applies to work ensembles. (The funny faces are because just before I took these pictures I fell down the deck stairs and got mud all over my knees.)
H&M trench, F21 sweater, vintage dress, vintage pin, Hanes tights, Nine West shoes
Here is another simple, comfortable outfit for work. Very simply, a well made classic skirt with some kind of twist (in this case, extreme high waist) and a simple top with flats. Little details can make a simple outfit feel more special, even if its worn for its comfort over style.
Zara skirt, H&M top, HUE tights, BP flats, BB Dakota Bomber jacket


  1. omg the polka dot dress is just perfect on you!! Lovely xxx

  2. I am in love with your wardrobe. ;)

    Seriously, if you ever want to do a clothing swap, let me know!

    PS: I emailed you the questions.

  3. oh man, that gingham dress fits you so well and I love your trench coat look! I always wonder how I'd deal with working at a place where the dress code is definitely not anything goes, I suppose its a way to be more inventive with your looks :)


  4. So many cute outfits! Love the blue dress! it is beautiful!


  5. Great advice, Kallie! Thanks for the tips:) I think the way you dress isn't outrageous at all for work! You definitely have a knack with color and patterns and I think this combo could still be office appropriate. Forget the stares hehe Keep doing what u're doing!:)


  6. You look really great in all of the pictures...especially in the buffalo plaid with the bottle green scarf, and striped French-inspired shirt. I like your slightly vintage style :)

  7. fabulous post sweetie,
    you look wonderful in all these outfits x

  8. You are nice and wonderful in the romantic appearance!!!)))Your blog is magnificent, dear friend!!!)))
    I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!)))

  9. hmm, I'm totally in love with that green silk scarf and you know it ^^
    It's perfection!

    You look lovely with all the outfits***

  10. these are all lovely outfits, but my favourite is the second one :)

  11. Suit-zombies! Haaaha.

    I am with a lot of the other commenters in LOVING outfit #2.

    Also: Can't wait for your move down to SoHo either; very different sartorial story down here!!

  12. LOVE all the office looks, I really like that black jacket, it's so cute!

    I totally wish that you worked with me! lol, I hate feeling like an odd-ball at that place when I am in fact toned down! Keep the posts like this comin', I love inspiration for work :)

  13. Oh what a bummer about falling! :O Awesome outfits as always! I'm lucky in that my work is very casual, but I can dress as cute or laid back as I want (seriously, people wear yoga pants... not too cool). Love your bomber jacket!

    Also... come on over & enter my giveaway!

  14. I love these outfits you've put together. So very envious of H&M, I wish we had it here in Sydney!

    Keep up the sweet job on your blog!


  15. i looove the blue polkadot outfit! it's adorable!

  16. great post, I think its a fine balance between keeping your style integrity, but being respected in the office too. There really is a boundary and thank you for acknowledging it. A lot of blogger outfits are great fashion-wise, but half the planet (not just the office) would find them zany haha! It's necessary to look professional not like someone out of a film, but keep a quirky detail or two in there.

  17. I adore your style!! very cute blue polka dots skirt!


  18. I love every outfit, as always! the blue one and the black and withe dress are so cute!
    You' ve got always great ideas for dressing!

  19. kdjfkjsadlf You are soooo cute!
    I love that blue dress on you!
    And the grey F21 sweater is adorable.

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