03 November 2010

Must Hear Right Meow

Sometimes at work my musical selections fall into a specific category. Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, Acid House Kings, Tilly and the Wall, Noah and the Whale, Madeline, etc. for a day that needs an infusion of pretty voices and happy tunes. No Age, Small Black, Broken Social Scene,Sigur Ros, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, etc. when I need to concentrate and get my work done.
Lately though, I've just been on YouTube hunting down songs that pop into my head that I NEED to listen to at that moment. If I don't find the song I want: disaster. My focus is totally lost, I drift around through my work like a little tea-sipping zombie until I hear it. Here is a list I've compiled of my "MUST HEAR RIGHT MEOW" songs. Enjoy with headphones and the understanding that if this was LiveJournal and I could choose a mood right now it would be 'spastic.'


  1. Ahh we have such similar music taste! My pride and joy is that I met Camera Obscura 4 times!

  2. Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

  3. Firstly, I love the title of this mix! Secondly, dead end street is such a good song!!


  4. Must Hear Right Meow will be playing in my office tomorrow whether the boss likes it or not.. hehe No but really, this looks like a great mix. I'm excited. :D

  5. Oh Yayy! I need a new playlist!!! And I love the ones I know on here, so I'm sure the rest of the picks are awesome too!
    Thanks so much for your nice comments! :o)

  6. Nice playlist! :) Also, your title reminds me of Super Troopers! Epic!

  7. Love the title :)

    I go through phases where I have to listen to certain songs to be productive and I end up having about ten songs on loop ha!

  8. Definitely gonna check this out! We have quite overlapping taste in music, it would seem :)


  9. Great playlist! I'm so sick of listening to the same things all the time. Thanks for the recs!


  10. I'm listening to your playlist right now as I update inventory here at work! We need happy music like these! I love yer selection! Thanks for sharing, Kallie! ;3

  11. this mix inspired me to get off my bum and clean my house! i love sharing music so much and you have great taste. I had never heard of Icarus...that was awesome. Reminds me of a local musician GRIMES in montreal who is around our age and producing the coolest music. her live show is jaw droppingly good.


  12. oh and that link leads you to a link for downloading that is on her myspace.


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