06 October 2010


The Spring 2011 Valentino collection is a combination of lace, velvet and moonbeams. Like being outside in a field under a full moon when all the color is sapped out of everything except for silver, black, dark grays and hints of golden stars. This is why I fell in love with fashion; to wear something and feel like I'm somewhere else, like in a dream filled with starlight, moonlight, or anywhere else beautiful and imaginative.

photos from Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. The collection is truly amazing! The colors, shapes and textures, really feeric and feminine**
    Also, thanks for sharing those fab photos of the Fair! Loved the details and that house is really something!

  2. Kallie I think this collection was made for you! I could see you wearing any of them and looking adorable.

    Yeah I get annoyed with fb too. My mom is addicted to it and it worries me. She always gets mad when I don't respond to something she posted. poop.

  3. That first dress is so amazing!



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