31 October 2010

Happy Hallowe'en

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend, filled with candy and/or beer. I have been dreaming of my costume as Little Red Riding Hood since last year. After last Halloween I became totally inspired by the story and her cute little cape. I was originally going to make one, but since there was no time I bought one and customized it with bluebird patches from the craft store and blue grosgrain ribbon. The inspiration for my costume came from here last October.
Anthropologie dress, Calvin Klein stockings, Envy shoes via Modcloth, vintage picnic basket
So did anyone else dress up? What did you do?

30 October 2010

Oh Lazy Days

I haven't really slept, and I haven't put on any makeup but here it is. My lazy day go to outfit. I'm not sad to see summer go. With the cold air I don't feel as drained and dazed, but I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to shorts. Because I'm bottom heavy I was convinced that the "shorts and tights" thing wasn't for me and that was OK. There are some trends that I just can't pull off and look good. When I finally found the perfect pair of vintage Levi's at Goodwill I thought, "what the hell." So here it is! I can wear shorts and tights, but the shorts need to fit the right way, which means my ratty long jean shorts have been folded away until next summer and these will stay out through the winter to wear when a skirt doesn't feel quite right.Also, this is the last picture you will see of my ponytail for a long time, say "au revoir!"
Vintage tee/Levi's shorts/sweater, H&M tights, Target flats

28 October 2010

Autumn reds

Yesterday I had a half day at work while our offices make the move over to Tribeca. When I got home I took the longest, most rejuvenating nap and when I looked out the window it finally looked like fall. That means its time to clean out my closets and pull my favorite fall dresses out of the attic. The only thing missing is a chill in the air, its about 75 degrees here. Downright balmy and warm, but at least there's the smell of fallen leaves. I showered and put on a clean outfit before going out to dinner. Did you know that I am a Panera addict? Well, I am. I could eat baked potato soup everyday. Then I watched Pirate Radio, only the greatest movie ever. Because combining life on a boat plus 2 hours of rock and roll are perfection. Coincidentally, my dress fit the occasion, and for once I didn't plan that!
Vintage dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, F21 lace tights, Dolce Vita boots
PS: Here is the tumblr! (Please note that there are an absurd amount of inside jokes involved in this endeavor) FridgeDoor
*Edit: I wasn't going to say anything but the only editing done to that last photo was some color correction because it was hopelessly over exposed, and a year ago I wouldn't even take pictures anywhere near my face. I know I've been done with Accutane for awhile, but sometimes I still forget and I will see myself in a mirror and think "Who is that?" It is such a new feeling to be confident and there is still some getting used to but I really like it.

24 October 2010

Late 60's Halloween

Saturday night I went to a Halloween party, and since my costume is not entirely complete I decided to put on one of my favorite vintage dresses, and be a Beatles fanatic circa the late-sixties. Then there was far too much beer and I forgot to take out my camera! But before I dashed off into the night I managed to take a few photos. I really need to learn how to take better indoor shots. I'm reading a book about it so I can finally stop whining. (OK technically, my mom took some of these!)
vintage dress, Hanes tights, Payless bag, JC mary-janes
Happy (early) Halloween!

21 October 2010

Fridge Door

Every year that my college roommate and I lived together we would decorate our doors with clippings and notes and things we wanted to share with one another. The fridge was always covered with some celebrities, cute animals, "what not to wear," notes from the kitchen elf, and other various little bits of our lives. Since we've been apart (me in NY, her in PA) its been impossible to share these things. Inspired partially by So Much to Tell You and also the need to put things somewhere other than our desktops we have started a tumblr called Fridge Door to digitally replace our sharing space. Here is what you can expect from us:

19 October 2010


Hello! Sorry for the little hiatus, I had a very busy few days and not enough time to catch up with the blog and all your sweet comments. Today was beautiful and I sat outside in Bryant Park reading Dracula and soaking up some sunshine during lunch. I was perfectly comfy with the fall chill in my favorite sweater and an outfit inspired by Alexa Chung, even though her shoes are too cute for words and mine are so plain.
Here is how I salvaged a necklace when it snapped by tying it in a knot to become a Y necklace! I know that I can probably fix it very easily, but its much prettier this way.
Bow necklace from Sydney Mac in State College, PA, Gap sweater, Fletcher by Lyell blouse, Gap skirt, Hue tights, Aerosole boots, H&M trench (the most perfect fall coat ever!)

16 October 2010

Little blue flowers

A few weeks ago Jo, from up a tree, cup a tea mailed me a little package from her Etsy shop. I had never won a giveaway before so it was extra exciting! She sent it to me in a recycled bag, and a recycled paper note. I love how she is so conscious of waste and re-use! The beautiful blue flower pin is gorgeous, and so well made. I loved reading her sweet note and I can't wait to wear her creation with pretty scarves and dresses. I'm off to go have adventures with my friends! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

14 October 2010

Citrouilles pour tout le monde (même les zombies)

Over the weekend I went to the northeastern part of Long Island (the North Fork) with some friends for pumpkin picking. It was such a wonderful day right from the beginning. Sleeping late, green tea and pumpkin spice lattes, a gorgeous drive east on Sunrise Highway, and seeing all the beautiful houses and farms along the way. Did you know that Long Island can sometimes look a little like Pennsylvania? It made me warm and fuzzy inside to be far away from crowded streets, looking at wide expanses of farmland.
The pumpkin patch at Krupski's was adorable, and they had a great selection of pumpkins. I just wish they would have let us actually cut our own from the vine. I suppose they don't really want people wielding knives, despite the potential entertainment.After choosing pumpkins there was a haunted corn maze that we made our way through. Jackie and Louis held hands, to be sweet, though it wasn't very scary. There was an abandoned tractor in the maze surrounded by wildflowers that looked almost painted against the perfect blue sky. Zombies followed us around, we found out that aside from jumping out and scaring people and making little kids cry, they keep a mini-keg out in the corn and forgot their lighters and politely asked to borrow one. Zombies, polite folk.
Further out east in Greenport we had lunch at the cutest organic sandwich shop where I had a yardstick made of violet flavored marshmallow as an appetizer. We wandered around the beautiful little town down to the docks to look at the sailboats.

In a knickknack shop I found the cutest salt and pepper shakers! I would mix up the animals instead of just choosing a pair of rabbits or owls. There was no purchase though because they were a bit pricey.The best part of the day was a beer tasting at Greenport Harbor Brewing Company. My favorite was their fall beer, Leaf Pile. Local craft brews cannot be beat. If you are ever in Long Island you have to come out here.The day ended near my friend's favorite beach where there is a beautiful Labyrinth and a million shimmering shells. After the sun went down we started driving home, but the day wasn't complete until we stopped for pumpkin flavored ice cream! It ended perfectly when I passed out in the car on the ride home from the combination of a sugar crash and happy exhaustion.

12 October 2010

What to wear to work?

It can be such a difficult question when you are the new kid in the office. What do I wear to work today?
My office is far from fashion forward and I know that even my more "toned down" outfits raise eyebrows. I'm a little worried people might think I'm crazy, and since I'm new and its my first job I just want to make the best impression that I can.
For now we are located in midtown, and I'm looking forward to when we move downtown to SoHo where when you step out the door of the office its like stepping into a magazine editorial. Ok, that could be exaggerating, but it will be nice to not feel quite so out of place. Maybe if people outside the office are having more fun with their clothes, the people inside will be inspired. Midtown however, is a sea of super-slim pencil skirts, suits, and sweater-sets. I know what you see on the blogs, and there is a lot of fashion up there, but really, the majority of people around Bryant Park are tourists and suit-zombies.
I would like to offer my advice on what to wear as "the new kid" when you want to stand out, but too much.
Last Monday the weather was awful, complete with downpours and a cold breeze so layer was a must. Versatile, but fun printed dresses like this one with a gingham pattern can be taken from the picnic to the office with the right accessories. I love color, and playing with different combinations. Keeping the colors far enough apart with neutral in the middle keeps it playful, without being distracting.
While I'd love to bust out my beautiful heeled oxfords more often, a 3 hour round-trip commute, plus a full day of work takes its toll and I'd like to be as comfy as possible. The solution: Aerosoles. Sure, I know you're thinking they're your mom's (and maybe grandma's) shoes, but they have come out with some great styles lately that are also incredibly wearer-friendly. These ankle boots set me back $20 at an outlet store and are more comfy than sneakers. They are perfect for stormy days, keeping my feet dry from puddles and rain. They don't look bad either.
H&M dress, H&M sweater, Target navy blue tights, Aerosoles ankle-boots, Thai silk scarf from Bangkok
Here is another patterned dress with light layers for transitioning between the chilly office to the steamy subway platforms. Keep it simple, especially when wearing vintage to work, no one will take you seriously if they think you are wearing a costume. Its also fun to accessorize but I hate to be distracted at my desk trying to get work done by anything extra that needs to be adjusted. That old rule of take off one accessory before you leave the house really only applies to work ensembles. (The funny faces are because just before I took these pictures I fell down the deck stairs and got mud all over my knees.)
H&M trench, F21 sweater, vintage dress, vintage pin, Hanes tights, Nine West shoes
Here is another simple, comfortable outfit for work. Very simply, a well made classic skirt with some kind of twist (in this case, extreme high waist) and a simple top with flats. Little details can make a simple outfit feel more special, even if its worn for its comfort over style.
Zara skirt, H&M top, HUE tights, BP flats, BB Dakota Bomber jacket

07 October 2010

Eliot Porter: October 7, 1956

"Trunks of Maple and Birch with Oak
Leaves, Passaconaway Road, New Hampshire"
This was taken on October 7, 1956
Eliot Porter (1901–1990) introduced color to landscape photography. In so doing, he created a new way of viewing the world that today has become commonplace. An artist with strong scientific and environmental interests, Porter took up color in 1939, long before his fellow photographers accepted the medium, to produce more accurate photographs of birds. Soon thereafter, he expanded his focus to celebrate the colorful beauty of nature in general. Over a fifty-year career that includes works from Maine to China, he built a broad popular reputation based on thousands of richly hued prints and twenty-five books. His work energized environmentalists, drew accolades from museums, and created the foundations for today’s color nature photography

06 October 2010

Happy Bloggers

I wanted to thank Theresa from despising life is so passe for awarding my blog, even though I'm shamefully slow at doing it. I was pretty surprised since I've been feeling kind of sluggish and bored with the blog lately. Since starting my new job and the whole debacle of losing my html template I've just been lazy. I realize that I have barely written more than a sentence in the past few weeks and that makes it just a little bit worse since this was the outlet that I wanted to use to write for myself.
The stipulation of receiving the award is to state 10 things I like, but you know what I like already. That's the point of the blog. Derr.
Since rule breaking is fun I'm putting it to you, Bloggers I renominate for this recognition, how do YOU motivate yourself? What do you love about keeping up with a blog, even when life or self-doubt pulls you in another direction?What keeps you coming back for more?
1. Tess from Quintisentially Quirky, for her excellent writing and honesty. Lately I've really enjoyed her insights about living abroad in Scotland.
2. Jenny from FASHION MADE ME FUNKY. Not only does she make a recent reference to Sailor Moon, but she pointed out that our blogs could be sisters. Truth. Only hers is way cuter.
3. Amber Rose from Laughing With Broken Eyes because that girl knows how to capture a feeling. Plus she reminds me of myself at 18, only way more in touch with her feelings. Whenever she writes about her dad in the military overseas my eyes tear up, and I just want to hug her. I've never met her, but shes always in my prayers.
4. Fleur-de-lis (who's real name is a mystery to me), has a gorgeous blog dedicated to art and beauty. She's such a supportive blogger, and always takes the time to really read and appreciate others write.
5. Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream, who is inspiring in so many ways. She took a hiatus from blogging and now she's back and better than ever. I can't wait to see what kind of confectionary treats she makes, more of her crazy tights collection, and anything else she shares.
6. Kirstin at Crimson Rosella, I love her lady like looks and seeing what she comes up with while she's studying in Australia and dealing with the opposite seasons from her native Canada.
7. Sara from She is Sara, because I want to hang out with her! Her Michigan adventures, amazing style, Zooey Deschanel twin-ness, her adorable dog Louie. In my opinion the sign of a great lifestyle blog is wanting to hang with the writer.
8. Soph from Owl vs. Dove. Her blog is honestly one of the most inspiring I read. Do you know when you can't figure out what to wear in the morning and you just want someone to tell you what to do? Sometimes I pop onto her blog and look through her back entries for the answer.
9. Smash from milk teeths. I love her vintage looks because they aren't always girly, but sometimes more outdoorsy and comfortable looking. Her Etsy shop is pretty awesome too and California has never looked more enticing to me through a camera lens.
10. Ruta from Look Ugly in a Photograph. She takes vintage pieces that the average person might overlook and makes them look totally chic and "on trend," which is a sign of her creativity and eye for style. She just started a tumblr with some gorgeous stuff too!
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