30 September 2010

Well known facts and other bs

It is a well known fact that only the "full figured" or "plus size" models eat, and apparently they are also gluttons. Insert eyeroll, because this isn't clever. Thank goodness Crystal Renn is smokin' hot and looks really playful in these shots or it would be outright offensive instead of just a little weird. Plus whats up with the Cruella fingernails. Yikes.
My size 8 ass really wants spaghetti now.

28 September 2010

Holy Bruce Wayne, Batman

The title of this post really has nothing at all to do with it, I just heard it on Gossip Girl and it made me laugh really hard. I think it had to do with Chuck Bass renouncing his Chuck Bass-iness, can you imagine him without his sassy-ness? (Yes that was meant to rhyme) I also thought it would be appropriate because this post is about spending time with my friends Ida and Brianna. Ida also watches GG and when we first became friends last spring there was major bonding over our mutual hatred for Little J (I'm so happy I haven't had to see her raccoony face yet this season).
Making cute faces with Ida
Last Friday night Brianna and Ida and I had a roof picnic with hamburgers and a blue concoction called a "Titanic Fishbowl" that matched Brianna's lagoon colored locks perfectly. There were even alphabet gummy candies swimming around in it. Nineties classics were blasted and scratchy on a shower and we talked about how the colors for the lights on the Empire State Building are chosen. Of course we talked about boys and jobs and last weekend's adventures but mostly we just enjoyed the last heat of summer and that burst of energy and excitement you can only get on a Friday night after a long week of work.
These are two of my favorite girls in New York. No, the whole world.
At the start of the picnic with our Pop's burgers and crazy blue drink
Brianna and Ida, making faces and hiding from the intense flashBrianna is checking out the view of Manhattan while I look spooky in the candlelight"K" gummy for Kallie! Nick got one too but I don't think he was quite as excitedAnd the night went on and on until we ran out of blue Titanic and abandoned our picnic
H&M top, 90's Gap velvet shorts (I found them in a bag in my attic, I am so lucky because the Madewell ones are a little out of my price range for now), BP black flats, Hue tights
Later in the night some other friends showed up to join us before making our way out in Brooklyn or in our case crossing under the BQE to grab drinks at Union Pool. Its a little skeevy but its close enough that we can run back and forth between Ida's apartment and the bar. Plus, they have a taco truck inside the deck area.
On Sunday I slept quite a lot before we headed out to get things for another picnic. It was a long night. This time we sat in a park and enjoyed the sun, lounging around and going over the night. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon, with baseball games behind us, cute puppies, and delicious berries.
Brianna, with Ida and I reflected in her shades
Olives right out of the jarWe had a Canon-Nikon battle; Ida takes the most beautiful photosTeehee.

27 September 2010

The World to Come

Ben Ziskind knew that the million-dollar Chagall painting once hung in his family's home when he stole it, and he and his twin sister Sara know that they can't give it back. The history of the painting, and the writing tucked into the frame by a mysterious author known as The Hidden One are intertwined with the lives of the twins. From Russia, to New Jersey, and back again it is a story about the meaning of people in our lives, and finding whats been lost. While delving into the lives and heritage of the characters, Dara Horn explores folklore and history tying the power of art and storytelling together in this world, and the world to come.
As a little girl I used to worry what would happen after everyone in my family died. It was not that I was concerned about death, it was that my family is both Catholic and Jewish. Would we all go to the same place, or would I eternally be caught somewhere in the middle? Will I be alone? Where would my mom go, and would it be the same place as my dad, and would it be the same as my grandparents?
I grew up and realized that I had no control over it, so I shouldn't worry, because I can't live without these people. And of course when I am dead, that won't be a problem. Occasionally, I still get the tiny panic in my chest because no amount of logic can change love that will last long after I am gone.
The World To Come ruminates on the idea that there is a place before life and after death and it is the same for each and every person. There your own family would teach you what you needed for life, and then you would come and teach the next generation alongside them. It was such a beautiful thought that even if that isn't what comes next, it is soothing to someone who worries about being eternally separated because of a family with more than one set of beliefs.
Over Vitebsk 1915, Chagall

24 September 2010


Target dress, Aerosoles, thrifted belt, H&M peplum blazer, disheveled because its a zillion degrees!
Here was Thursday's outfit. I'm just trying to beat the heat. Will it ever end? I'm out the door as fast as I can to go meet up with my girls for a fun-filled weekend. Have a great Friday night. xoxo

22 September 2010

Septembery feeling

Here are some of my favorite late summer/early fall images that give me that Septembery feeling. Crunchy apples, sweaters at the beach, and the first hints of fall.
All images from WeHeartIt unless stated otherwise.

20 September 2010


I'm heading out to have drinks with my friend right now, but here's what I wore today. This is one of my all time favorite dresses, and one of the oldest. I bought it for my first internship a few years ago and it has seen many days and a few reincarnations of my style. I hope it makes it though the next one, it's too great to give up!
F21 dress (and the original belt it came with), vintage scarf, H&M shoes, Goody headband

19 September 2010

Favorite girls

A few Friday's ago I went out with 2 of my favorite ladies, Ida and LK. We started the night by hanging out at Ida's apartment and on her fire escape looking at Manhattan. After that we headed over to that crazy island where we were so caught up in the evening we forgot to take any pictures. Sometimes the best nights are the ones out with your girlfriends having drinks and wandering New York City.

17 September 2010

Get all your ducks in a row

Yesterday when I got to work I had an email containing a lovely surprise! I was going to get to leave work at 2pm to go out and do whatever I wanted. I wandered around H&M sighing about all the things I would love to adopt into my closet, but decided to catch a train home early rather than start trying things on. I was so excited to be home early and a few extra hours to do "afternoon" things I usually can't do unless its Saturday, like go get my nails painted! (I got them done in Lilac.) When I went to get in my car I found that a raccoon must have been using it as a dance floor.I was supposed to go for a bike ride with my friend on the beach but it started raining and instead we got pizza and went to the party supply store. I bought a new wallet.Lindsay got some gum.She also got some exploding confetti that we set off in the rain.Rich got a helium balloon, for decoration and not at all to sound like a chipmunk.We lined all our ducks up in a row and had a beer at the pub. Whew, and now for Friday night adventures! Have a lovely night!
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