27 July 2010

Case of the Monday's

I had a case of the Monday's yesterday so I threw on my favorite comfy dress and made it work appropriate with accessories. I've never really been big on accessories. I'm typically drawn to clothes more than the extras. I love a shirt with an interesting cut, a dress in a rich color or beautiful pattern, and I could go on for days. Exotic locations were on my mind when I put these necklaces on, somewhere quiet, warm, and far away from the big city.
Promod dress via Manila, thrifted belt, gold necklace UO, coral colored beads F21, Steve Madden sandals


  1. i like your outfit! it's very cute and comfy! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. That dress is so adorable and comfy looking! I also love the multiple necklaces. They definitely give it an exotic vibe. :)

    Love your blog btw! Following. ^^

  3. ur so cute! love how you aded the belt on the dress :)

  4. I wish I knew how to pile on the necklaces like you did! I'm always not sure which pieces go together:)

    Cute dress too btw!


  5. Thanks so much for the kind words. Only time can soften pain now...
    You look adorable in your outfit*

  6. Kallie you look amazing :) I love the belt and necklaces, I really should start wearing some more of mine :P

  7. The accessories are a BEAUTIFUL touch. I love how easy but put together this feels. :]


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