29 July 2010


Blue and black. Some people love it, some people hate it. Personally, I think its lovely. Here's Wednesday's outfit:
H&M dress, Charlotte Russe slip, Steve Madden shoes (yea, I'm wearing not-socks, whatever), Marc by Marc Jacobs pin
I'm so incredibly exhausted from this week. I'm very very excited for tomorrow night! I won't tell you what I'm doing just yet, but it should be a ton of fun.

27 July 2010

Case of the Monday's

I had a case of the Monday's yesterday so I threw on my favorite comfy dress and made it work appropriate with accessories. I've never really been big on accessories. I'm typically drawn to clothes more than the extras. I love a shirt with an interesting cut, a dress in a rich color or beautiful pattern, and I could go on for days. Exotic locations were on my mind when I put these necklaces on, somewhere quiet, warm, and far away from the big city.
Promod dress via Manila, thrifted belt, gold necklace UO, coral colored beads F21, Steve Madden sandals

22 July 2010

A party for Summer

On Tuesday the place I work threw a huge party to celebrate summer. We went to a beautiful place north of Manhattan and spent the day sipping iced drinks and relaxing in the heat. I met some very nice people, but it was nice to come home to my pretty backyard that smells like pine trees and sunshine.
I wore my linen romper so that I could keep cool and not have to be too dressed up. I added the hat later because I was afraid that my face was getting red from the sun. The silly blue bracelet was to identify our group, it had cute little tropical fish on it and I wish I had gotten a picture.
Lark & Wolff romper, Fake $5 keds, and Kimchi Blue hat

20 July 2010

Step one: Job. Step two through infinity:navigating this thing called adulthood

I kind of suck at blogging. As I have said so many many times I am in the midst of starting my career so its been a little touch and go. I'm reluctant to announce what it is exactly so I'll just say: I work in media, its very interesting.

Finding something to wear in the first week at a new job can be stressful for someone just out of college with a closet full of jean shorts and hoodies. On top of that, 100 degree F temperatures didn't help much. as exciting as it is to start a new job, you want to make a good impression on the people that you will be seeing every day. Another huge factor to take into consideration is comfort. Its very hard to be comfortable in the kind of heat we are having in New York, and even harder because of the overly intense air conditioning that turns an office into a refrigerator.

Here are some tips for a good first day of work outfit using what I wore on my actual first day of work as an example:
Let me begin by saying that when you go for the interview it is important to take a quick mental note of what the people in the office are wearing. Are the men and women in suits? Are the women wearing tailored dresses and pumps? Just very quickly assess what kind of attire they are in because I guarantee that the employee handbook will be vague (i.e. business casual, which everyone has a different definition of). In picking out my own clothes for Day One, I recalled what I saw the youngest person wearing: tank top, sweater, knee length skirt, flat sandals. I worked with this in my own closet.
Top: Cotton tunic with some pretty lace at the top which worked well because while it was practical in the heat, it also covered my tattoo.
Skirt: Just above the knee for modesty, and a lightweight fabric to keep cool in the blistering sun. I removed the matching sash and replaced it with a belt to keep the skirt up and make it look more polished.
Shoes: Simple, comfortable black flats. Its best to wear the most comfortable shoes possible. With a new commute (mine includes biking to a train) and walking around the office, its hard to be pleasant and winning if you want to rip your feet off.
Bag: Roomy and sturdy. I know that every sorority-girl and their mom has this Longchamp bag, but I highly recommend it. Mine was a gift, but for someone in their first job this is an investment that you will not regret (especially in Manhattan). I took it on every interview and now I use it to cart all my sweaters back and forth from the office. My favorite feature is the long handles that I can loop over my shoulders and wear it like a backpack while biking. See it here two different ways.
F21 Tunic, Gap skirt, thrifted CK belt, BP flats, Longchamp bag
Here is another outfit from my first week. This one is a little more playful because as I settled into the job I felt that I could wear something a little more me. I love this outfit because it is just so nice and airy on a hot day. You can't go wrong with ultra-walking friendly oxfords (mine are a $15 Etsy score), a lightweight dress, and a cotton tote with a pictures and poems about the Redwood Forest in California. The main reason for the bag switch is that while the Longchamp is chic, its not all that breathable hanging off my shoulder in all this heat. The cotton bag kept me much cooler while walking the steamy Manhattan streets.
I did make one mistake I will try not to repeat, as tempting as it is; I was too hot to bother with makeup. A little mascara and blush that I can re-apply when I need to will make the overall look more sophisticated. Please note that the hideous hair-tie on my wrist was actually in my hair for my bike ride home and I forgot to take it off.
H&M dress: See the dress as a skirt here, thrifted belt, Bass Oxfords via Etsy, souvenir tote bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs hair clip (my all time favorite accessory!), $12 WalMart watch which will be discussed at length in an upcoming post

05 July 2010

Family History pt. 1

A few months ago I visited my dad in North Carolina and after years of hinting and wondering about the old photos that my grandparents were rumored to have had, we finally went into the attic and found them. Lovingly tucked into empty chocolate tins, wrapped in tissue paper, there were the young faces of my grandparents and their families that they lost in the Holocaust. Both of them were Jewish and from Eastern Europe, they came to Italy after the war where my dad was born and then moved to Brooklyn. On a modern personal note: they didn't have jobs or even speak English when they moved to Brooklyn, so to all the haters who think I can't do it: kiss my ass. I come from brave stock.
My Hungarian great-grandparents, whose names we don't know and there is no one left to remember.
My grandma Rose's sisters and mother, only Bertha (with the braids) survived WWII.
Grandma Rose and the writing on the back of her photo.

My grandparents' wedding in Italy after WWII.
With one of their friends on a beach in Italy.
Swimming in Italy
My grandparents swimming and the writing on the back of the photo. Can anyone translate that? I would be eternally grateful.
Rose and Joseph in Italy, and Rose with one of their friends (I think it might be her brother-in-law) on an Italian street in Naples.
Two photos of my grandma and my dad in Italy.

02 July 2010

Nothing says patriotism like a weapon

I love a good excuse to dress up, and the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Lighting things on fire and BBQ'ing on a warm summer night are an unbeatable combo. I was rifling through my drawer this morning running my hands through fake pearls, rhinestones, and beaded indian jewelry from the southwest trying to decide what to wear with my simple blue and white outfit. Then my eyes flicked over to the other side of my drawer when I saw my pocket knife. Whats more American than wearing a knife around my neck!? I mean, my revolutionary forefathers would be proud (my mother's family actually came here in 1640, so I have some insight).
I'm kidding, I'm kidding. It did make a nice necklace, albeit one I wouldn't wear on the subway.
5$ target tee, Delia*s skirt circa 2003, 5$ fake keds from WalMart, ribbon+Swiss Army Knife

01 July 2010

Second skull

Here it is, my new helmet! I finally found one I didn't loathe in Target of all places, to protect my head on all my biking adventures. Its a Bell kids helmet in reflective black chrome. *Imagine a super deep Christian Bale as the Dark Knight voice* Just call me Batman.
Anyway, I really should have had one ages ago, better late than never!
UO shirt snagged from the sale rock for $9, red ribbon, Delias pants, fake $5 keds from WalMart
I was going for something a little patriotic in honor of this weekends holiday. I love the tiny horses printed on this shirt, like they are running across a pale blue prairie.
My apologies for the terrible picture quality. I will have my DSLR back in about 11 days according to Canon.

Kafka on the Shore

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore. Quietly mysterious, this book moved me in so many ways. At times I couldn't look at it, and others I couldn't put it down. Tugging at my heart strings were the cosmically linked characters: A 15 year-old fighting a terrifying prophecy, a man like an empty page who speaks to cats, a fading woman, androgynous and anonymous guides, and a library with something like magic to bring them all together.
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