29 June 2010

Beating the subway sweat

Today I had another interview in Manhattan and the thermometer was hovering around 90 degrees F and I knew that I'd have to take the subway after riding my bike to the train station. I also knew it was going to be a long hot walk back home afterwards. I made sure to layer my clothes accordingly.
Appropriate meeting attire:
H&M safari jacket, Gap Body tee shirt, Gap skirt, Liz Claiborne handmedown shoes, Longchamp bag
This is what I had hiding in my purse:
Vintage scarf, thrifted belt, Steve Madden sandals
For traveling to and from the interview I made sure to tie my hair back to keep cool.
H&M racer back tank, Gap skirt & accessories from above plus my Ray Bans
I put these items in my bag and surprisingly they barely took up any space.

28 June 2010


Dear GAP,
Why are your sizes so awkwardly off? I am not a 0. I am not a 00. This skirt is a 0 and its hugemongous. Please return your sizes to normal. I would really appreciate it, because now I'll just be depressed next time I pull a size 6 off a normal store's rack.
F21 tunic as a top, Gap skirt (thank goodness for gift certificates because this skirt is the most perfect shade of blue I have ever seen in my life)
Also, how had I never read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli? I can't put it down.
The best thing about sushi is leftovers. You can unselfconsciously stuff it in your mouth, pull it apart, and splash your soy sauce without thinking that the waitress is laughing at your terrible table manners.

20 June 2010

Ben Stein Knows Best

I haven't been blogging because I've been in my bed/backyard/on my bike/in my car/walking around thinking about what it is I want. I'm so unsure. Sometimes I'm sure, and other times I'm not. I feel like I should have done this in college, or even last summer...but I guess I'm just a late bloomer. I was sitting on the couch waging my inward struggle with myself watching news with my mom when this video came on and made me feel so much more at peace.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

12 June 2010


After work on Friday afternoon is my favorite time to nap, read, and write. One of my favorite things to do is open the window, and let the sun come through the curtain with all the street noise, and to read until I fall asleep. No music, no television. Just me and the sounds of my busy street and bright afternoon sun.
When I woke up I popped on one of my favorite records: The Kinks: One for the Road, and turned the volume way up. I was inspired by Allison's recent post.
While the Kinks were playing I started dinner. Sometimes I like to read while I cook to pass the time while I wait. Right now its Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.
Local legumes.
I also like to drink wine while I cook and read. Also since I haven't made an outfit post in ages:
Aqua Bloomingdales dress circa 2006, Target Swiss dot button down, Vans
Edamame, quinoa cooked in miso broth, vino.

10 June 2010

The Practical Cyclist

Chip Haynes' book The Practical Cyclist could not have come at a better time than when I found it in the library in early spring. It was the kind of motivation I needed to dust off my ride. This book makes very clear early on that it is not a bike manual, it does however explain things like changing a bike tire and when or when not to go down the the local bike shop and flirt with the cute mechanic...errr I mean ask them for help. It is like having a long one-way conversation with Uncle Chippie, as he refers to himself in the book, minus all the nodding and smiling it might require in person. For someone who hasn't ridden in years-- or in my case a couple of long winter months, its a quick and informational read with some great tips about safety, changing gears, and dealing with the elements (including stray dogs).
I highly recommend this for people like me who were not born bike savvy, the know-it-all's may want to steer clear though.
If the book doesn't motivate you to pedal, here are some fashionable bike pics I've been hoarding:
I dont own these, sorry if they are yours.

09 June 2010

Gimme, gimme, gimme...

I just couldn't resist a good Abba reference.
This is a list of ultra-girly things I want, but can't have because I bought a new computer. Ps-I bought a new computer!!!! I am so happy. Yay for my brand spanking new MacBook. I will be blogging regularly again, and soon my camera will be returned and it will be even better. Life is all rainbows and unicorns today!
opening ceremony

Jamie T- Kings & Queens

02 June 2010

Apologies and small adventures

Hi lovelies, I am so sorry its been so long since I posted. First my camera broke (devastating) and now my computer is practically dead (exasperating). As a disclaimer, I took these pictures on Sunday while reconnecting with my point n' shoot, and my computer is so slow that it took me twoish days to edit them in my free time.
My wonderfully summery and delicious Sunday:
This clock is very much broken, but the radio works. I woke up at 1pm after staying out all night having fun with my friends and listened to NPR while I cooked up some food.
I had fried eggs, crackers with olives, cold steak, and grapes and a massive cup of iced green tea. This article in The New York Times Magazine was fantastic (and my friends IRL know I used to hate M.I.A.) and the pictures were STUNNING. I also just stumbled on this article in which she freaks out at an NY Times reporter for portraying her in a "less-than-flattering" light. I dug out my too-big aviators to read with.I fell asleep in the grass and it was perfectly calm when I woke up. A light breeze, a silent phone, and my hand still holding the magazine.This is my new friend, she came over to meet me while I was asleep, and when she saw my eyes open decided to introduce herself by walking onto my hand.I smelled flower somewhere in my backyard, when I went to investigate I was stopped by my shadow saying hello.I met a gnome coming out of the vegetable garden, he hadn't seen the flowers I was looking for, but he did tell me that the garlic is almost ready to be picked.When I found them, they were the most perfect white peonies with a hint of pink in the center. If smell could be conveyed through the computer, your screen would smell like heaven. My quiet afternoon couldn't last forever. The phone started ringing, there were plans and friends to be made once the sun went down. Its summer though, and every day holds promise to be more beautiful than the one before.
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