24 May 2010

Broken camera

So not only have I been working like a maniac to make a career change, but I also broke my beloved camera, Lars. It fell off the tripod last week and I have no idea how long it will take to fix. I am incredibly sad. I have a few pics from the weekend I took with my ancient point and shoot, but I'm still too depressed to acknowledge that my DSLR was dropped on its head (actually, it works OK, I just don't have use of the flash and for some reason it won't upload photos which could easily be caused by my computer slowly dying before my eyes). I am so worried that it will take forever to fix and I will not be able to use it at all this summer. This is the summer my life is supposed to change, and taking pictures/photography classes are a part of that! The fact that my computer probably won't last much longer doesn't help matters.
So, anyway, a few months ago I picked up my first copy of Foam Magazine. It was without a doubt for the early-teen surfer girl set but the writing was witty and there was a hilarious article about the pros v. cons of fixed gear bikes. There was also an amazing editorial with Grace Gummer dressed in the most glorious summertime clothes. With Memorial Day weekend coming up for the American's its the perfect time to break out the cropped tops, sandals, and rompers. Here's a little inspiration to help kickstart the first official weekend of the summer season.

19 May 2010

Wagon Wheel

2 years ago this song changed my life. I thought that I was unloveable, and then I realized I wasn't. I started painting again, riding my bike again, reading books, and all the while this song was in the back of my mind or playing in the background. Have you ever had something,seemingly meaningless, that completely changed your life in an instant? I would love to know what it was.

16 May 2010

Delicious things

This weekends activities can be directly described in food and drink.
On Saturday morning LK and I got breakfast and I had a "candy coffee" with bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel but I was very disappointed that my egg lacked the proper amount of dippyness. We had a picnic on the boardwalk and enjoyed some proper May weather.
Petit Bateau sweater, Big star cutoffs, $5 Walmart shoes
Later on I got a haircut and went to dinner with a friend in Brooklyn where I ate my own weight in lettuce and cheese. I didn't take pictures, but there was amazing BBQ chicken later on that night too. When I got home Sunday morning it was Dickens and dippyeggs followed by a sunny afternoon of yard work. After hanging out with my friend who is currently in Germany via Skype for 3 hours (while I ate mashed potatoes) I had a dinner date with LK. At the supermarket there were no chicken burgers (or ground chicken that didn't look shady) so we settled on hot dogs and eggplant for the grill with tomato and mozzarella cheese for a side. We added some fresh basil and feta from a local farm to finish it off. I meant to grill outside, but there was no propane in the tank so I just used the Panini maker, which worked out pretty well.
Vintage top, MJ skirt, vintage apron, white zin, NEW HAIRCUT!

13 May 2010


The weather today was freezing cold, windy, and rainy. It was the universe taking back those beautiful summery days we had in March. At least I had an excuse to wear one of my favorite vintage coats. I don't even know what's going on with my hair, at least I am scheduled for a snip this weekend!
"Rover Coat" vintage, BP flats, Fire Brand jeans, terrible hairz

10 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Sometimes I think I should write a book called, "Hilarious Conversations With Mom." My mom, affectionately known as Jillybean and sometimes Jill-asaurus-Rex has absolutely no filter whatsoever. Sometimes she and I have the most ridiculous conversations. Here are a few recent gems.
While we are standing in the bathroom one night flossing side by side-
Mom: I feel so awesome when I floss. So fresh and alive.
K: I can floss between my wisdom teeth and my molars.
Mom: Thats real cool.
I won't even go into the details that led to this one:
Mom: Sometimes I think you might be a Republican.
K: *blank stare of horror*
Mom: It scares me.
We are standing in the kitchen listening to NPR:
K:I picture him British. With a monocle.
Mom: *Puts her finger to her eye in the shape of a monocle and says in a terrible high pitched accent* A monocle like THIS!?
For a long time its been just me and mom, living in our crazy pink Victorian house. Sometimes we fight, but since I've gotten older it seems that we are finding more things in common than just living together. She's my favorite person to talk to, and if I can be anything like her someday I will be so so lucky.

07 May 2010


I had a meeting in Manhattan today and this is what I wore. I clean up nice sometimes. Right now I'm exhausted from this week, so on to the pictures.
H&M peplum blazer, vintage dress, vintage briefcase, GAP eyelet flats

06 May 2010


This is just a simple work outfit that I dressed up with a gorgeous necklace my friend made. Its a lovely fringe dyed with India ink and really helps to take my basics up a notch. I've never been one for accessorizing but the necessity of wearing durable outfits for working with little kids can get boring, so I'm branching out into the world of accessories!
I also tried a new technique for taking my own pictures, so thats why they are a little fuzzy and I'm clearly moving around in them. This experiment was a failure in my opinion. I set it on continuous shot and in that light I didn't want flash so that I could catch the shadows from the trees, this resulted in a lot of strange motion being captured. Live and learn, right? Everyone who is more camera savvy than myself tells me it takes a lot of practice, so lets chalk these up to that.
Old Navy Sweater, H&M tank, Delia's jeans, BP flats, Balenciaga purse, handmade necklace
Necklace up close, photo credit to: Theycalledmethehyacinthgirl

03 May 2010


Yesterday I experimented with print-mixing for the first time, and had a great time doing it. I heard on the local morning news (clearly its important enough to make the news) that the easiest way to mix prints is to use a unifying color, and I found that black worked for my purpose. Perhaps this outfit is a little over the top for me, but I can just see myself wearing it on late spring picnics and pulling a sweater over it to sit by a fire in my backyard. Most people hate the dresses/skirts with sneakers combo, but I feel more comfortable stepping out of my box if I don't feel like I might break an ankle while doing it.

02 May 2010

May Day

The title of this post could also be, "A Series of Small Disasters." LK and I tried to go to Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) in Brooklyn yesterday but it didn't work out due to traffic, wrong turns, and starvation. The directions were awful, there were wrong turns left and right, the line was huge, a lack of parking, and at the end of the day we spent 6 straight hours in the car without seeing one cherry tree. Instead of being annoyed, we went to the Long Beach and enjoyed what was left of the beautiful weather on Long Island.
Ray Bans, thrifted belt, jumper I designed and had made in Thailand last summer, and check out my sweet Barbie towel!
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