29 March 2010

Oodles of doodles

9 years ago when I was 14 I spent my days drawing futuristic cities on Mars complete with armchairs and hover-elevators.
As I got older the all day doodle-fests escalated. When I was 15 I didn't pay attention much in school... obviously. This was the year I drew a moon dwelling that put the Mars settlement to shame, and wrote my name and band names over and over and over.
It got a lot more intense as high school went on. More to come another day.

Did you ever fill your plan book with pictures hoping that your life would look like what you drew? Looking back on high school, I can see exactly what life looked like through my eyes in these pictures.

28 March 2010

All Tomorrow's Parties

Technically, this is last Sunday's party outfit shots. I have been an awful blogger this week because I have pneumonia and a sinus infection. I couldn't afford to skip work for 3 days (like my Dr. told me to do) and pay for 2 new inhalers and antibiotics at the same time so I refused to acknowledge being sick until last night. Now I am in bed, worse than I was 3 days ago, with the soft whirring of my humidifier, SoapNet on the TV, and a huge cup of tea. OK, on to the pictures...
Gap shirt, Target skirt, Bass thrifted oxfords via Etsy (yay new shoes!), BP tights, vintage sweater
I wasn't originally wearing the tights or sweater but at the end of the party the mini-summer ended and it was mid-March again complete with grey sky and 40 degree weather.

24 March 2010


As a kid I was equally terrified and bored by Disney's Alice in Wonderland. I later realized that if there is so much hype around something, I should probably give it a shot. I started reading the Lewis Carroll classic last April. Yes, it took me almost a year. I started it during the craziest time in my life as I was finishing up senior projects and graduating college, and then shelved it until a few weeks ago when I pulled it out of a box still packed from my apartment.
I am of a completely different opinion now than I was when I saw the cartoon. I found it childlike and beautifully written. I would pick it up and leaf through a few pages before bed, or read a chapter while drinking my tea in the morning. I loved going with Alice on her little dream adventures (even though I found her incredibly stupid, I had to remind myself constantly that she was only 7). Here is a little Alice imagery to inspire you...

All that being said, when will I find the time to see the new movie?

22 March 2010

The first weekend of spring (party!)

Every year my mom throws a soup & bread party. Her and a friend each make 4 soups and the guests bring bread, cheese, beverages, and sometimes spoons. Its my favorite kind of party, filled with excellent conversation and delicious things to eat.
This year our party went green and guests who came with their own mugs for soup were emailed an e-cookbook of the 8 different soups. This year we had vegetarian carrot-ginger and mushroom-barley soups. There was also a potato-garlic, cowboy soup (its sweet potato based!), and my moms famous chicken chili. Those were my favorites, and really the only ones I can remember right now.
The best part might actually be the leftovers we are always left with...I highly recommend the drunken goat cheese if you happen to be raiding my fridge.
Ok, so I know most people don't actually listen to the mixes, but if you EVER listen to one, make it this one.


21 March 2010

Green beer

St. Patrick's Day celebrated right. I wish I had pictures of all the Daffodils in Astoria last night, they smelled so good.
Ali, me, LKAli & LK

20 March 2010


On my birthday I said bring on summer, and apparently my wish came true (even if its only for the weekend). Its 75 degrees, brilliantly sunny, and completely wonderful. I spent the day napping outside, reading, listening to She & Him (getting ready for their new album this week), and driving with my windows down. I meant to ride my bike (I have Soffee shorts underneath my skirt and this was the whole point of the sneakers) but napping was so much more essential.
Juicy necklace, H&M top, UO skirt, old converse

Also, thank you INBERT-streetstyle for this award! It was so sweet of you, thanks! It really seems like the perfect day for this one...

19 March 2010


A typical work outfit
Gap sweater, H&M tunic, Delia*s jeans, converse, crazy Mexican bag my mom was convinced I'd never use...aka my college bag
Enjoying some sunshine at lunch

The first crocuses

Going out tonight
pink vintage dress, CK thrifted belt, Marc Jacobs black cherries pin, HUE tights, BP flats
Have a wonderful Friday night!!

**Also, what size photo do you like better? The bigger one or the smaller ones?

18 March 2010

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

When I got David Eggers' Pulitzer Prize nominated "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" for Christmas I took one look at the front and back covers and stuck it on a shelf. The description of "manic-depressive" a few inches above the title didn't do much in the way of motivation.
When I finally picked it up a few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised, then later I became increasingly bored and kind of annoyed. At some points I even referred to it as "A Heartbreaking Pain in the Ass."
The book opens with a lengthy dedication, a guide to the metaphors explaining the major themes of the book, explanations, and even a note about what pages should be skipped. I was entralled with the fact that from the copyright page onward there were details and hints about what was to come. It was all layers and excitement.
Based in fact with added daydreams/nightmares, the book tells the story of 21-year old Dave who finds himself raising his 8-year old brother after his parents die of different diseases within 32 days of each other. He subsequently moves to California with his older siblings who pop in and out of the story, but his young charge, Toph, is the grounding theme. As Dave floats around in his memories of his Midwestern childhood and 1990's San Francisco, there is always Toph pulling us back to reality.
He raises his brother, drives him to parties, attends parent-teacher confrences, tucks him in to bed, reads him stories, and worries if he is screwing him up for life. Conversely, he thinks this is all a grand experiment in which to do it better than his own parents with their own child, he goes out to bars, dates and sleeps with various women, and starts a Gen X magazine called Might.
At one point he auditions for MTV's The Real World San Francisco (the infamous Puck makes an appearance in Dave's life!). He writes about growing up in Lake Forest, Illinois near Chicago, his friends, parents, happy/sad/scared presenting it in interview style in place of the audition interview.
After this point his style of writing and too many literary devices starts to grate on me. As his life is no longer careening toward something, the book stagnates and the writing is almost too much to keep going. However, I do because I have to know what happens to Toph. Clearly Eggers is well enough to have written this book, but what about his brother? I keep going for him the way Dave does in the story.
At a whopping 400-something pages the book finally ends, Toph is still growing up, and his brother loves him. I am exhausted after reading this and having to read other books on the side just to get through it. Perhaps that is the point though, that brilliantly, Eggers presents us not only with the story but also the feelings he felt at the time of these events. Somehow, instead of simply procuring emapathy with his words he actually forces us to feel as he did.

17 March 2010

St. Patrick's Day

In honor of my Irish-American heritage I give you this. I'm too exhausted to put something more substantial together.


16 March 2010

Put It Together

This post could also have the title: Way Too Many Pictures Of Me.
Picking out an outfit is probably my favorite part of the day when I don't have to go to work and I can be as creative as I want. I don't have to take 4 year olds into account! I can wear a skirt! I have my own little process for picking something out. I will use yesterday as an example. It was murky and rainy and dark, it was a day for pink!
F21 tee, UO skirt, HUE tights, Dolce Vita boots
Clearly, my face says that this isn't working. Moving on...
Banana Republic cashmere sweater via Goodwill
This pin is so sweet and cute I practically get cavities.
I don't like cavities
I've been dying to try the denim jacket+leather bomber combo I saw on the Sartorialist. Merry and Pip agree that the hair and the outerwear looks good.
Abercrombie jacket circa 2002, BBDakota bomber via Ebay, H&M scarf
This process usually takes about 10-15 minutes. So how do you get creative? Pick out a fun outfit? How often do you watch Lord of the Rings? Can anyone count how many gnomes there are in this picture?

I would also like to thank fleur-de-lis for giving me a "Love Your Blog" award. I actually love her blog too! You should check it out, because any blog that involves heraldry and art history is worth reading.
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