23 February 2010

Sputnik Sweetheart

This little book by Haruki Murakami is so beautifully written its hard to believe that it was translated. Sumire (Japanese for Violet) is a solitary and disgruntled dreamer. Longing to become a writer, she reads Kerouac and writes endlessly. Her one friend and our narrator, "K," explains to our child-like heroine the complexities of life lived in societal norms. When Miu, an older woman, enters Sumire's life she becomes the white-hot blinding sun in Sumire's universe and she will do anything to stay in that orbit. The trio grapples with loneliness and alienation in their own hearts and the greater world around them while their stories unfold. When Sumire mysteriously vanishes on a small island in Greece the boundaries of our reality and that of dreams blur when Miu's haunting secret is revealed.

22 February 2010

10 points of happiness

I am taking a cue from A Daisy Chain Dream and posting about 10 things that make me happy. I gave up pessimism for Lent, so this is perfect!
1. Friends. What would I even do without them?
(LK, Kim, Sam) New Year's Eve 2010
Summer parties at Penn State with Juli
2.Music. Even the sad songs can make me happy. Here are some of my all-time favorites.

3. Tea. I drink a lot of tea. Sometimes more than six cups a day. Black tea in the morning, Chai at work, Green at lunch, mint or fruity decaf in the evening. Its even better when I'm reading Austen novels (which also make me happy).


4. Bike rides. Catching a breeze in your face, quick and graceful. A good bike ride can make you feel like you are flying down the street.

Long Beach, L.I. in November
5. Fairy lights. They're sparkly and make everything look warm.
My bedroom at college
My room at my parents house

6. Food on sticks. Kebabs, candy apples, ice-pops. If I can dig up my favorite kebab recipe I will post it, its buried in a box of things for summer.

Do Better
7. Travelling. Planning a trip, trains, planes, cars, I love it all.
Sunset at Narita Airport, Japan (2009)
Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand (2009)
Sam, Lynn, Kim, and me waiting for our flight to London (2005)
London (2005)
Paris (2005)
8. Ice skating. I skated for 13 years and going skating always makes me so happy I'm smiling for days.
9. Twilight. I don't feel guilty, so it's not a guilty pleasure, but I'm always absurdly happy whenever my friend posts pics like this on my Facebook wall.
10. Getting mail. (I just got the most hilarious and wonderful postcard from Sam in Paris. Thank goodness my postman isn't squeamish).

So what makes you happy?

21 February 2010


(Gap shoes & sweater, Delias jeans, threadbare Grateful Dead tee shirt I've had my whole life, vintage felt hat)
Too tired to dress in anything but jeans and a tee shirt. It was such a beautiful day.

20 February 2010


(BP sweater, UO mens tee & skirt, HUE tights, Seychelles booties, bracelet made from pieces of an old typewriter)
I got my hair cut, the bangs are kind of intense. Like something out of anime. Also, my nameplate says "Kalyn," because Kallie is just my nickname.

Music to get through the weekend

Atlas Sound-Walkabout
The Weepies-Painting by Chagall
paper bird-none of the above
Coralie Clement-salle des pas perdus
Asobi Seksu- New Years
Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin-Glue Girls
Charlotte Gainsbourg-Me and Jane Doe

17 February 2010

Ants in your pants?

So I put together another variation of yesterday's outfit, and I wore it all day, then took pictures when I got home from work. When I saw the pictures I realized it was horribly unflattering and rather than looking "thrown together cool" it looked more like "I overslept and yanked on clothes in the dark." Does that ever happen to anyone else?
Pants are so tricky when you are short with a big ass. Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos in my inspiration folder of outfits with pants.

16 February 2010

Trying something new

I was inspired by Lucky Magazine's editorial "Winter Blooms," to try a new look for work. Normally, I hate wearing pants and begrudgingly wear them because I have to for my job. Today, I tried to make it a little less dismal by trying out my own version of this. Since the snow is never ending,variations of this are going to be on heavy rotation.
Homemade bow headband, AE sweater, F21 thermal, Old Navy cords, Sporto duck boots

15 February 2010

Chinese N.Y.(F.W.)

So I know Chinese New Year was yesterday, but in honor of the holiday (and NY Fashion Week) here are a few of my favorite looks from some Chinese designers. 喜發財.
Ma Ke, Exception de Mixmind (For some annoying reason, half of the first picture got cut off) I really love the color palate here and there's something girly yet utilitarian about the looks that isn't flowery or campy.
Jason Wu via Style.com Spring 2010--frothy, floaty, and dreamy
Somewhere I read that his inspiration for these designs was the "Little Prince." A little 80's for my taste but the little details; cuffs, bows, and buttons take it down a notch.

14 February 2010

A Valentine's Day story

Her room is small and slightly too warm. He isn't there much; she likes seeing his bag in the corner and hearing his voice fill the space.
He says to her, "Are you sure its alright that we stay in?"
"Everyone out there is looking for what we have in here."
They sit on the bed and lean against the wall, it feels cool in the too-warm room. Her legs are draped over his, their hands lightly touching. Above them there are glowing fairy lights and the television glows. When he's paying close attention to the movie, she peeks over at his face. Sometimes she reaches out to touch it with her fingertips.
At the end of the movie she is sitting on his lap.
"I have to tell you something," he says. "I love you."
This is the first time of many he will say it. She buries her face in his shoulder and her heart feels like it might explode.
Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day.

13 February 2010


(Express sweater, H&M tee, CK thrifted belt, Delia's skirt, H&M tights, Tretorn boots)
This is me thinking: OMG its so cold, and why won't this skirt EVER stay ironed? I need a new navy skirt.
(Steve Madden coat, my umbrella I bought in a thrift store in first grade)
Much warmer.
In the spirit of Valentines Day, I'm wearing my Juicy Couture heart locket.
Today is for making cards, drinking tea, and reading.

08 February 2010

pink and red

I got a bit frustrated with "iMovie and the Eggs," so I started daydreaming about Valentine's Day.
valentines day

valentines day


I thought I would share some of Jing Wei's art with you, because 1) I love it and 2) it has eggs. Back to regularly scheduled blogging soon and I will leave you with this: I made a video resume using stop motion animation and eggs (keeping me away from my beloved blog). I can't wait to show it to you when its completed.

02 February 2010


Need I say more?
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