08 January 2010

a dead balloon

photo credit: the sometimes crafter
Do you ever feel like these balloons? I feel like these balloons right now.
I applied for a job I would be ecstatic to have, and there's a kind of rush in writing a new cover letter and reviewing your resume. Adrenaline pumping, the high of possibility driving my hands over the keyboard.
After I hit send the adrenaline stops as though on cue when the wave of nervousness hits me. Then I steel myself for rejection, and try to convince myself that there is something better out there. In this case, I don't think there is. And so, I'm stuck somewhere between bracing myself for a let-down and being nervous because there might be some possibility.
And thus, I am a dead balloon.


  1. I feel like them far too often.

    feel better x

  2. I feel like deflated balloons far too often than I care to admit.

    Good luck on landing the job! I do hope you get it and that you feel better soon :)


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