31 December 2010

2010 January to June

In January I was taking Accutane and stayed in listening to records and reading books, but also finally bought a Canon Rebel xSi and started taking pictures everyday.Homemade Valentines for my friends with lots of sparkles and delicious tea.My mom and I went to a Jane Austen exhibit at the Morgan Library for my birthday.We had a small party at my house with my grandparents. This was the most perfect cake ever.I hung out by the ocean even when it was cold.There was a hurricane the night of my birthday party and we lost the electricity. We had drinks by candlelight on a stormy evening.I visited Penn State where I went to college and got in all kinds of trouble with my friends there for a PSU drinking holiday called "State Pattie's Day". Green beer in green cups for the real St. Patrick's day at AJ's apartment a few weeks later.In April my mom hosted a soup and bread party at our house. She provides the soup and everyone comes with wine and bread to share.I found my old drawings from high school. How did I manage to get into college when all I did was draw all day?There was a Bunny Show at Old Bethpage Restoration Village and got to pet the bunnies and walk old houses.Just as the flowers were blooming I took a trip to Old Westbury Botanical Gardens.Lindsay and I tried to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanical Garden on May 1st, but we ended up driving around in traffic all day. Finally we just went to the beach.I ate lots of delicious breakfasts and read a lot, and decided to quit my job that I hated (but there are no photos) and finally began to pursue my career with the enthusiasm I had been lacking. Then I took a small vacation from blogging to have a million adventures in Brooklyn and Maryland, meet new friends, see new things. When I came back to the blog world I had finally gotten the job I'd been hoping for and my whole world changed.

30 December 2010

Christmas dress

Would you call it cheating if I wore this over a week ago? My friends and I threw a get together in Brooklyn bar with Christmas cookies. We are all kind of ugly-sweatered out so it was fancy dress. It was so much fun I forgot to take pictures though. Here's how I looked.
Vintage velvet dress and matching belt, BP cardigan, CK via century 21 dot tights, Seychelles booties, Gap hairclip I got when I was about 7, Cover Girl NatureLuxe gloss balm in Anemone

My second snowday

On Tuesday I got dressed for work, but the trains were barely running again so I got another unexpected day off. When I peeked out my window past my paper snowflakes I saw a countless number of real ones. Part of my sidewalk needed to be cleared, so I put on all my snowclothes and went back outside.My mom worked on a sewing project in the house while I went to see Tron. It might have been a good movie if it weren't boring. Luckily since Jeff Bridges was one of the stars I was able to entertain myself by inserting Big Lebowski quotes whenever he spoke. All I needed was a white russian for it to be a decent movie. When its cold and snowy the perfect food is fondue. When I came home from the movie Rich and I hung out with my mom and ate delicious melty cheddar cheeses on broccoli, mini roasted potatoes, French bread, and kielbasa. Of course there was also yummy beer.Once again I had to go out and shovel, this time to dig my moms car out of the snowy driveway. Luckily I enlisted some help and snapped a picture of my ultra-unglam snow gear.
A&F jacket from 2001, random old snowboarding pants (brand?), Sporto duck boots

Happy snow days!

29 December 2010


When I woke up to go to work Monday morning everything was buried under heaps of snow and the trains weren't running. I felt like a little kid who has just found out school is closed. After spending most of the morning shoveling snow, I wanted nothing more than a cheeseburger from the diner. The roads were still mostly covered in snow so Rich came to get me in his new truck.This was the only way to safely get around when the roads all looked like this.We looked like this. My house looked like a dollhouse in the snow. Ok, it always looks a little like a dollhouse.
(All pictures taken with my new 50mm lens!)

27 December 2010

Christmas Eve recap

Merry (belated) Christmas to everyone! Here is what I wore on Christmas Eve to eat a ton of shrimp, drink mimosas, and open gifts. I opened the last doors on the Advent calendars, because we have one with chocolate candies and another that I've had my whole life with tiny wooden ornaments for each day of December until Christmas Eve. I hope everyone had a wonderful day!
H&M dress, F21 pearl sweater, AA tights, vintage Selby shoes, Payless purse

Before my vacation

There was no plan to take a vacation from blogging, but the holidays are a time to relax and have fun. Also, blogging + wine usually makes for some kind of consequence (usually a drunken rant). I've gotten a bit behind on this, but here is what I wore on the 23rd (or was it the 22nd?) to go to work. This was a great work outfit, and I'm finding that these tailored shorts are a nice alternative to dress pants with a little more versatility. Adding tights or a fun belt makes them fun but since they are so tailored its still office appropriate. Plus, if you haven't tried shorts with tights, you should just because its so comfortable, like a skirt you can run around and climb fences in (or in my case jump up and down on the bed). As a warning, this post also contains ridiculousness and my fantastically cute Sanrio Chococat watch.
Gap princess tee, H&M wool shorts, AA tights, (black flats not pictured from Target), H&M sweater, Juicy necklace, Sanrio watch from McDonalds via Ebay, Gap bow belt from their HUUUUGEEE sale they've been having
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