13 December 2009


With so much going on I've felt uninspired and lazy. In my free time all I've wanted to do lately is wear my sweatpants from high school, drink huge cups of peppermint tea, eat chocolate chips out of the bag, and read Jane Austen books while watching Beverly Hills, 90210 on SoapNet. I'm a simple woman. In my current state as a couch-potato I whipped up a Christmas wish-list.
1)Jefferey Campbell "Uniform" Oxfords. Masculine style, dainty details.
2)Zeitgeist Booties from ModCloth. Perfect for my country mouse-city mouse lifestyle. A sturdy build and heavy-duty treads for wandering around my backyard or down by the beach, and stylish enough for going out to a show or a party.
3)BB Dakota dress. It has so much potential. I have a vision of wearing this dress on a snowy day over a white collared button down, my new oxfords and white lace tights.
4)The Royal Tenenbaums on dvd. Good for being reclusive.
5) Entourage on dvd. Even better for being reclusive.
6) Benefit Maybe Baby perfume. This is my "signature" scent. One part sweet, one part sassy, just like me.
7)Bumblebee necklace. I'm not a fan of the saying on the card, I just want that cute, fat, little bee around my neck.


  1. that red dress is adorable!

    i love choc chips straight out of the bag yum!

  2. I love The Royal Tenenbaums, one of my favorties! And those oxfords are really great, I'm looking for a pair for Christmas

  3. I have been known to eat chocolate chips out of the bag as well :) Royal Tenebaums is a classic and is the perfect addition to a couch-potato weekend!

  4. I hope you get what you wished for and more! The red dress definitely has a lot of potential!! And the bee necklace is perfectly whimsical!

    I love the Royal Tenenbaums too, such a delicious movie:)

  5. Hey I like those shoes & the bee is very cute!

  6. the red dress i fierce ! id want to wear that for new year or even in christmas with black tights :D

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  7. lovely lovely blog ^^

    xxx kissmequick

  8. i happen to doing the same thing as well...reading, watching soaps like 90210 etc...and relaxing. I am definitely a big fan of the oxfords. adorable!

  9. I love how the wes anderson dvds have reversible covers, real photos with the cast/sets/etc. and then the cute little illustrations. :) makes them look like little children's books


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