09 December 2009

Holiday spirit

H&M dress, Gap sweater, Chloe shoes *theres something wrong with my digital camera and the tights are actually black
A hint of red and a few Christmas songs always help me get into the holiday spirit. How about you?


  1. Props so being able to pull off those green tights so beautifully and effortlessly :o) !

  2. Oh it definitely helps! I love your outfit, so pretty!! I'm looking forward to listening to christmas songs all day long, watching christmassy movies and decorating the house with christmas deco:)

  3. I love your outfit,

    I'm sick of Christmas songs right now having had them played full blast at me all day ;)

  4. What a cool dress! I love those shoes and the cardigan with it! That is such a great combination!

  5. that is a fun outfit! i love your brown shoe. You are gorgeous!

  6. i'm with ya! red and xmas music definitely helps me get into the holiday spirit:D this year, i'm loving sequins, as well, for the holidays:D great outfit!



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