14 December 2009

Holiday laziness

I awoke Sunday morning cheery and filled with holiday spirit. Ready to take on the mall to pick up gifts for the ones I love. I got dressed, put on mascara, and laced up my booties. I braved the wind and rain and got into my car only to realize I forgot my keys.
H&M top, GAP skirt, Alloy tights, Seychelles shoes
After an artful break-in, I realized I would rather put on my favorite tee shirt and wool socks and do things around the house. I spent most of the day cleaning and embroidering ornaments for my Christmas tree.
Altered thrifted flannel, Moosehead Beer tee
I didn't get my chores done but I spent a warm, cozy Sunday making crafts and watching Christmas movies. It was the perfect day.

**edit** I was just perusing Julia Allison's blog and I saw this picture of a proposal. I figure skated for 13 years so it is particularly touching. If I saw this in person I would weep, if it were me I would melt through the ice.


  1. love the beer t! hehe

  2. Both outfits are cute and cozy! I can't wait to spend some time watching Christmas movies like the Holiday or Love actually:)

  3. Love your striped top!
    And that last photo is so wonderful!


  4. i both love your outfits in different style.
    nice photo. christmas is really around the corner.


  5. Oh, sounds like your week is going as well as mine is! I'm glad you had a nice relaxing day...and I'm melting just looking that that romantic pic! I'm such a sucker for stuff like that!

  6. seriously, you and your boots are meant for each other.

    hahahah! bout the keys!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  7. aww that proposal is ridiculously adorable. love the white tights - very festivee :)

  8. Although I'm a sucker for stripes and that first outfit is sharply put together, I'm a bigger sucker for boyish outfits so I'm really diggin' that second one. Favorite tees and button-ups are one of the best things to wear together everrr.


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