30 December 2009

In my Christmas stocking

Since I am having issues with my little point and shoot, I drew you some pictures of what I got for Christmas. Don't get too excited, I haven't drawn anything in years. Lots and lots of love!

28 December 2009

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

In 3-5 business days this beauty will be mine. I can't wait.

27 December 2009


I am in the process of buying a new camera. Suggestions welcome. I'm having a difficult time blogging without one.

25 December 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas shopping, parties, wrapping gifts, being by the tree. All good things about Christmas Eve.

17 December 2009


Tees and bags with pretty details, soft colors, and folkloric embroidery. Necklaces with flowers, corked bottles, and crystals, Locher's of Paris creates the kind of things a modern day Alice would find in Wonderland. That is, if Alice smoked Marlboro's and used the word "fuck" liberally. Hidden in the adorableness of the designs reside little quotes like "I love porn" and "Petit coquine." The flowers delight, and the bold statements surprise those who take the time to look, which is what makes the brand so appealing.
These are some of my favorite items from the website which is one of my favorites. Its aesthetic is beautiful, with the tiny wallpaper-flowers. I just love to visit and drool over the merchandise.

14 December 2009

Holiday laziness

I awoke Sunday morning cheery and filled with holiday spirit. Ready to take on the mall to pick up gifts for the ones I love. I got dressed, put on mascara, and laced up my booties. I braved the wind and rain and got into my car only to realize I forgot my keys.
H&M top, GAP skirt, Alloy tights, Seychelles shoes
After an artful break-in, I realized I would rather put on my favorite tee shirt and wool socks and do things around the house. I spent most of the day cleaning and embroidering ornaments for my Christmas tree.
Altered thrifted flannel, Moosehead Beer tee
I didn't get my chores done but I spent a warm, cozy Sunday making crafts and watching Christmas movies. It was the perfect day.

**edit** I was just perusing Julia Allison's blog and I saw this picture of a proposal. I figure skated for 13 years so it is particularly touching. If I saw this in person I would weep, if it were me I would melt through the ice.

13 December 2009


With so much going on I've felt uninspired and lazy. In my free time all I've wanted to do lately is wear my sweatpants from high school, drink huge cups of peppermint tea, eat chocolate chips out of the bag, and read Jane Austen books while watching Beverly Hills, 90210 on SoapNet. I'm a simple woman. In my current state as a couch-potato I whipped up a Christmas wish-list.
1)Jefferey Campbell "Uniform" Oxfords. Masculine style, dainty details.
2)Zeitgeist Booties from ModCloth. Perfect for my country mouse-city mouse lifestyle. A sturdy build and heavy-duty treads for wandering around my backyard or down by the beach, and stylish enough for going out to a show or a party.
3)BB Dakota dress. It has so much potential. I have a vision of wearing this dress on a snowy day over a white collared button down, my new oxfords and white lace tights.
4)The Royal Tenenbaums on dvd. Good for being reclusive.
5) Entourage on dvd. Even better for being reclusive.
6) Benefit Maybe Baby perfume. This is my "signature" scent. One part sweet, one part sassy, just like me.
7)Bumblebee necklace. I'm not a fan of the saying on the card, I just want that cute, fat, little bee around my neck.

12 December 2009

wool sweater

Last night it was cold enough to wear my favorite sweater. I bought it on Ebay one freezing cold day in State College, PA, after walking home in the snow and listening to Sigur Ros on my iPod. Its 100% Icelandic wool, with the sole purpose of keeping me warm.
Samband of Iceland sweater, AA black dress, random leggings, Dolce Vita boots

09 December 2009

Holiday spirit

H&M dress, Gap sweater, Chloe shoes *theres something wrong with my digital camera and the tights are actually black
A hint of red and a few Christmas songs always help me get into the holiday spirit. How about you?

07 December 2009


I really want it to snow. It finally feels like winter, the air is still and has that *snow* smell to it. All the anxiety, exhaustion, and sadness I've been feeling would be buried by the snow. If I could play in a snowstorm it might rinse it all away. When it melts (which happens quickly here) it could take all these feelings with it. My paper snowflake is the closest thing I have, so I'm going to keep it close until I get the real thing.
Victoria's Secret jacket, H&M hat, BP tights, (Jefferey Campbell oxfords)

05 December 2009

Christmas just came early

Mom: Do you want this? I'm getting rid of it.Me: *stammering incoherent thanks*

sweetest thing

This is the sweetest thing! Casey from Sing Before Seven gave me an award for my blog. The rules of the award state that I will write seven interesting things about myself and nominate 7 other bloggers for this adorable little award. Sharing the love, I'm all about that.
1)My house is a cacophony of color and it puts an easter egg to shame. Occasionally someone will slip a note into our mailbox telling us how driving past brightens their day.
2)My first boyfriend and I were talking on the phone one night and he said "I think you'll really like this song." And he held his phone up to the radio and played "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure. My 14 year old heart heart found its favorite song of all time.
3)In college I did a radio on Sunday nights called the Indie 500. We played the best new music we could find, with the occasional Spice Girls song thrown in for nostalgia. Mostly we ate Chinese food and talked about anything and everything while I played Cooking Mama 2.
4)I read one book deemed "intelligent" followed by one supposedly "unintelligent." For example, I read Ayn Rand followed by Harry Potter. Right now I'm reading everything by Jane Austen (again).
5)I have a tattoo of a quill pen on my back as kind of a talisman against a lack of creativity. I know someone on the Internetzz has a similar one. I got yelled at once about in an online community which made me really self conscious for awhile. Coincidences happen though.
6)My comfort food is lentil soup.
1 pkg carrots, 1 pkg celery, 1 onion, 1 pkg hot dogs, 1 bag dry lentils, 7 cups water, 4 or 5 veggie broth cubes. Chop vegetables (include celery leaves) and add to water. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for one hour. Eat.
7)A little after the new year I'm opening a vintage shop online. I'll keep you posted!

And I will pass it along to (I'm only doing 4 because I need to go do my Christmas shopping!):

02 December 2009


I got this skirt about two weeks ago, and have spent the past fortnight day-dreaming about its possibilities. Let me first say, it is exquisite. The cotton/elastane blend is thick and sturdy, but it still has the swirl of a tutu. It can be easily dressed up or down, and the trench style is so interesting on a skirt. I love it. LOVELOVELOVE. Did I mention the length? Just below the knee usually makes me look short but the ultra-high waist and the double rows of buttons solve that dilemma.
Anyway, here it is a few nights after I got it with a very simple ensemble.
Fornarina skirt, H&M heels, AA tee, BP sweater, super-awkward-pose

01 December 2009

sunset bike ride

We rode to the supermarket along the boardwalk to pick up some supplies for Josh's kitty (Pussenheimer, as she is currently known), and then to get pizza for dinner. After riding back to his apartment we watched Little Britain. It was a perfect ending to the long weekend.
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