20 November 2009

in the backyard

Vintage puffer vest, vintage wool blazer, CK belt, Marc jacobs bag, Urban renewal skirt, Gap shirt, Dolce Vita boots
I've had an epiphany: I don't want to be a journalist.
So good thing I figured that out after I finished college.
I'm going back to school...*insert Adam Sandler as Billy Madison singing*
Also, I'm not sure if its my camera, computer screen, my eyes or what but do my pictures have kind of an un-clear quality to them?
**edit: I think it might be the compression to the photos. does anyone know how to make them less compressed?
***edit: I think I figured out the problem


  1. I was a journalist when I first finished university. It's a very hard but ultimately rewarding job. I'd love to go back to it one day. What do you think you'd like to do instead? Writing is such a magnificent career to pursue. I wish you all the best! :)


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