18 October 2009

Sunday baking

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so today I baked her pumpkin muffins (chocolate chip, walnut, and plain) and gave her a birthday present (shh! its a salad spinner). I'd offer a recipe for the muffins but lets be serious, I got a box of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Muffin Mix and added the toppings. I was too tired to make them from scratch.
Also, because its rainy and cold I bundled up in my coziest skirt and sweater.
Sweater:BP Skirt:Free People Tights:Liz Claiborne Boots: Born
(Check out my awesome Pride and Prejudice towel hanging on the door. Its part of the first chapter printed in towel form. Its like a hug from Mr. Darcy every time I get out of the bath.)


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