26 October 2009

indian summer


Indian Summer by pedro the lion
Last week from out of the cold drizzle came the sun, and with it came warm autumn days perfect for bike rides to work and taking a walk with a friend near dark.
(10-20-09)homemade skirt inspired by this collection, BP sweater, thrifted CK belt, target flats
(10-21-09)Kimchi Blue dress, Born boots, an obscene amount of hair that needs to be whacked off


  1. great outfit . love the boots very much !!

  2. Kallie, two beautiful outfits...

    ps. I'm so glad you managed to sort out the meds. Good work!! x

  3. loving the colors in your first outfit! just found your blog and i love your "about me" description... haha, describes me to a tee. =/

  4. wow, what gorgeous outfits, I love the bright colours

  5. You look lovely, Kallie. Hope your mood has improved a bit.

  6. i love the first one! cute skirt <33

  7. Thank you for the comment on our blog, Kallie. Anyways, I saw a skirt similar to the one you wear in your first pic at forever xxi (creepy, right?!). I love the colors, seems like something you could match with everything :D

    By the way, Pride & Prejudice ANNDD Everything is Illuminated? Are we twins, or what?! I love Jon Safran Foer, and my favorite author of ALL TIME is definitely Jane Austen. Ask Kelly!



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