06 October 2009

Boston Boston Boston

It was a long drive, but it was worth it. Buzzing on Red-Bull, LK and I made the drive after work last Friday to Boston. We sang along to new favorites (Madeline- White Flag) and old favorites (Taking Back Sunday- Cute Without the "E") all the way across Massachusetts. Unfortunately, letting a camera flash go off in the car would have blinded LK so there are no pictures of our trip there.
A little after 10 we went out in Davis Square in Somerville and went to a bar called Joshua Tree. I was VERY disappointed that U2 wasn't playing. I fortunately was enjoying my drink enough to grow a mustache and dance to Salt n' Peppa, mocking the useless DJ.
And here is Spel, he was kind enough to let us crash at his house for the weekend.
When we woke up the next morning we went and had breakfast at a little tiny diner and then made our way to the T station. On the way we stopped in some little stores and got presents. We navigated our way through Boston and finally made it to the Mapparium. Once we were there we realized it had closed early for the day. Instead of getting upset, we went over to South Station and made our way from there to Harpoonfest!
Once there, we got into the spirit of Oktoberfest and traded our drink tickets in for a drink which led to this conversation.
LK: Its a good fall beer.
Kallie: Yea, because it makes me fall over.
While waiting for Spel to meet us we took a free tour of the Harpoon Brewery where we got samples of beer and learned how the place was run.
Looking for food and trying to stay dry in the rain.
After having a dinner of delicious German potato pancakes and a few more beers, we went to Harvard Square for drinks and on the way I got in a shouting match with a bear.
On Sunday we walked around before leaving and took some pictures of the town. I just want to point out that the very last picture in the grid is actually the same colors as my house! It endeared me to Somerville entirely and convinced me I could someday move there.
But there's no place like home...


  1. wow that looks like such a fun-filled weekend! and the photo documentation is wonderful. great pictures!

  2. looks like someone is having/had fun!

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