18 September 2009


I went to Manhattan today to meet with someone who is going to help me search for a job. I've gotten myself into the maelstrom, so to speak. Then I went to the Met and literally, went into the Maelstrom, by Roxy Paine on the roof garden. It was the perfect day to sketch and listen to music.
As I walked through the Vermeer show listening to Sigur Ros, I remembered why I love art history. Its not something I can put into words just yet. Maybe someday. The Afghanistan show, which I didn't expect to spend a lot of time looking at ended up taking me a few hours because I couldn't stop sketching. It was incredibly inspiring. The art was a culmination of the ancient world becoming smaller along the silk road, the way our world has become smaller on the "information superhighway."
I am so awkward when someone I don't know takes my picture...my apologies for looking extremely uncomfortable.
dress-vintage, belt-thrift, (not shown: tights-cvs, shoes-BP), bag-Longchamp

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  1. seems like such a lovely day. I love art galleries, they're so inspiring...


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