19 September 2009

Baby Blue

This is my baby. Picked up at a garage sale last summer for $45 and given new tires, its the best ride in the world. I really need a rack on the back, but I've been pretty lazy about it. It is (I think) from the 1960's, and was well loved and then forgotten. When I bought it, name tags dangled from under the seat and the lock on it, but it was covered in rust. I've left it slightly rusty because if it looks older, I think it might be less likely to be stolen. I use it to run errands around town and get to work in the mornings, and I've heard stories about people stepping into a store and coming out to find their bike gone. I'd be devastated if it got stolen. Even if I get the bike I've been lusting after, I will still ride this one all the time.


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