29 September 2009


I hope that everyone I met in Manila this summer is alright and so are their families.
pictures from june 2009

27 September 2009

Short and sweet, like a fall day

Certain songs always remind me of the first days of fall. The chill in the air at night, long shadows in the afternoons, slow long walks around State College or on the boardwalk. Click play to listen.

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

1. Psycho Killer By Talking Heads
2. Take A Walk On The Wild Side By Lou Reed
3. Broad Ripple Is Burning By Margot And The Nuclear So And So's
4. City Calm Down By Architecture In Helsinki
5. Pioneers By Bloc Party
6. Is There A Ghost By Band Of Horses
7. Paper Thin Walls By Modest Mouse

24 September 2009

In a world without the car

Today at work while I was daydreaming I thought about what it might be like if there were no cars or busses. Of course since I was spacing out, it wasn't logical, but rather just a few fleeting thoughts...
Forget the bus stop. There would be balloon stops. Swipe your MetroCard, proceed through the turn-style and wait for your balloon to drop down and pick you up.
Simply for convenience people would live closer together, and trains would be closer to their homes. If you place your bed near the window, you could literally roll out of bed onto the train.
Bikes would rule the roads. They would be used in place of cars for almost all trips. Wouldn't that be nice?
I love the picture of the couple leaving their wedding on bikes. If I ever get married I hope that I can do that!

19 September 2009

Baby Blue

This is my baby. Picked up at a garage sale last summer for $45 and given new tires, its the best ride in the world. I really need a rack on the back, but I've been pretty lazy about it. It is (I think) from the 1960's, and was well loved and then forgotten. When I bought it, name tags dangled from under the seat and the lock on it, but it was covered in rust. I've left it slightly rusty because if it looks older, I think it might be less likely to be stolen. I use it to run errands around town and get to work in the mornings, and I've heard stories about people stepping into a store and coming out to find their bike gone. I'd be devastated if it got stolen. Even if I get the bike I've been lusting after, I will still ride this one all the time.

18 September 2009


I went to Manhattan today to meet with someone who is going to help me search for a job. I've gotten myself into the maelstrom, so to speak. Then I went to the Met and literally, went into the Maelstrom, by Roxy Paine on the roof garden. It was the perfect day to sketch and listen to music.
As I walked through the Vermeer show listening to Sigur Ros, I remembered why I love art history. Its not something I can put into words just yet. Maybe someday. The Afghanistan show, which I didn't expect to spend a lot of time looking at ended up taking me a few hours because I couldn't stop sketching. It was incredibly inspiring. The art was a culmination of the ancient world becoming smaller along the silk road, the way our world has become smaller on the "information superhighway."
I am so awkward when someone I don't know takes my picture...my apologies for looking extremely uncomfortable.
dress-vintage, belt-thrift, (not shown: tights-cvs, shoes-BP), bag-Longchamp

17 September 2009

Happy New Year (5770)

I've been so lame about blogging. I think I am finally settled into my new work schedule from 9-7, but its a rather long day. This is an early wish for the new year. L'shana tova! I'm going into Manhattan tomorrow for a meeting then spending the day at the Met staring at the works of Dutch masters and ancient art of Afghanistan. I'm very excited. Hopefully my camera isn't being difficult and I can get some shots.

11 September 2009

Pedaling Revolution

I just finished Pedaling Revolution:How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities by Jeff Mapes. He looks at how bicycle transportation for everyday use is wheedling its way into American culture and changing it. It also looks at the European street systems used to promote bicycling in countries like Holland and Denmark. Mapes is a political writer from Portland, Oregon and sometimes the book drones on about the nuances of local politics (which after four years of journalism training, I can't stand). Good thing there's no law saying you have to read every page of a book. This is absolutely worth reading for the interesting parts about saving money, enjoying your commute, and pointing out interesting facts and people involved in the cycling movement.
I was even inspired to ride my bike every day to my first week in my new job. The office is only a few blocks away from my house, and I worry about my bike getting stolen (I lock it up in the parking lot behind some cars) but its actually quicker to ride my bike than to drive because of auto traffic. In the book it points out that people who ride in Europe don't bother with the weather or specific clothes for commuting by bike. If they can ride with an umbrella in the rain, so can I.

08 September 2009


The first apple of fall. On September first it got chilly at night and the oppressive August heat finally lifted.
I have two new jobs, they aren't glamorous or fun, or even what I went to school for. I guess its OK for the time being.
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