31 August 2009

Poo, no PSU

 I was more than ready to leave Penn State last spring. I was making the trip back to New York more often than the walk to the State College bars. With the stress of my impending graduation, pushing myself to get the highest grades possible in order to give my GPA an extra nudge upward at the end didn't help me want to spend any time in that happiest of valley's. For me, it was the valley of memorizing dates, interviewing subjects, writing articles, and reading long into the night in those last few months.
I lost sight of the things I loved about being there. I miss sitting in the tress on Old Main's lawn, drinking Natty Lights while making the epic trek to the stadium, drinking coffee in the library, and walking walking walking everywhere all the time. I noticed so much more around me when I walked, and I took it for granted.
More than anything, I miss hanging out with my friends...

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