13 August 2009

APW 09 (day 3)

(August 2, 2009)
The morning did not start well. The blackout shades all hotel rooms have were drawn and hid the dismal raining grey sky from view, so when the front desk called to tell us we had to check out in a half hour, it was the mad scramble to get it together. Luckily, Josh had the presence of mind to ask them for an extra half an hour.
Neither of us wanted to spend the day in the rain again, already too tired to shower or even walk around. We decided to get lunch at the mall and see a movie until the weather cleared. That wasn't going to happen anytime soon. I passed out in the car for a few hours while Josh played games on my computer. Finally we saw Funny People which I guess was funny in a poop-joke kind of way, but certain aspects made me really uncomfortable (infidelity, sleeping around, etc). Normally I'm not phased, but the combination of exhaustion, grime and hunger didn't help.
When we left the mall the sun was peeking through the clouds and the rain seemed gone for good. We headed over to the festival for the last time with the specific goal of seeing Coldplay.
When we arrived the mud puddles were now ankle deep and I heard a familiar song. We arrived around 8pm and I heard the soft soprano of Lykke Li drifting after us while we searched for burgers and ice cream. The next few hours were a complete blur of battling through mud and thousands of people just as cranky and exhausted as us.
The Coldplay crowd was unfriendly and unyeilding. I said excuse me to a very tall, imposing man and he looked me in the eye and said, "No. Should have gone around." Civility was waning. It could have been the weather, the length of the festival, and a whole slew of other problems presented to the masses. I personally think that because Coldplay has such a wide fan base you end up with people who never go to concerts and have no idea how to handle it.
Anyway, I was blown away. It was one of the best bands I have ever seen live. The cover Chris Martin played of the Beastie Boys' Fight for Your Right played on piano led to a giant audience sing-along. At one point they marched to a small stage in the middle of the crowd and contracting "trench foot" according to Martin to play an acoustic version of Green Eyes and Michael Jackson's Bille Jean.

pretty guitar on a big screen


"you've got to fight for your right to party... ohh I messed that up..."

Green Eyes

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