12 August 2009

All Points West 09 (day 1)

(This occurred on July 31, 2009 and I am a terrible blogger for taking so long on this one)
On the first day of All Points West 2009, it poured buckets on us. As we handed our tickets over to be scanned and got the pat down from security a monsoon began as if on cue. Cameras+water=bad, so pictures taking was limited. In some ways, I can be thankful that I ignored my desire to snap-snap-snap foregoing it to dance around in the mud and sing along as loud as I could.
I only caught the tail end of Fleet Foxes which I was disappointed about, but Jersey City is a difficult place to navigate and it took us longer than expected to arrive at the park (including crossing a bridge and ending up in God-only-knows-where) then taking the scenic route through town a few miles out of our way because none of the signs correlate to the directions we were given and the roads have more than one name.
After Vampire Weekend braved the worst of the storm, the clouds opened into a watery blue-grey sky, and the sun made Manhattan glow red just in time for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Giant blue-eyed eyeballs floated above our heads, bouncing like something from a kids' Halloween movie.
After they finished we decided to leave, supposedly Jay-Z was unforgettable when after his set that included Beastie Boys tributes he chatted it up with the crowd. After a day of trudging through the mud all I wanted was french fries and a bed.
The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and their floating eyeball

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